1. X

    Supermicro H13SSL-N and fans oscillating between low and high speed

    Hi everyone, I've just build a hell of a monster with an Epyc 9334 QS in a Supermicro H13SSL-N. Not really knowing how all this worked yet, I grabbed some Noctua fans, as I had on my last build, but it seems even adjusting the thresholds either does nothing, so they keep oscillating, or has the...
  2. BackupProphet

    What to do when you upgrade your Supermicro BMC too far?

    I recently upgraded an X9SRH motherboard to BMC version 3.61, I got the green screen (missing red color) and extremely slow delay. Installing CentOS over the BMC was a really awful experience. I see that I have an older BMC firmware for another X9 motherboard on my file system, can I downgrade...
  3. D

    H12SSL-I Stuck at "bmc initiating"

    Hi All! A green hand here. I bought an OEM H12SSL-I to set up my first server. It was working fine until some meddling with the bios. Result? It cannot boot up and stays at "bmc initiating" forever! Now, I can't enter bios or ipmi console no matter how I tried. Any advise to make it work again?
  4. M

    Supermicro X11SCH-F - Remote control not working via BMC

    Motherboard Supermicro X11SCH-F. BIOS and BMC Firmware latest: Firmware Revision: 01.73.12 Firmware Build Time: 05/10/2021 BIOS Version: 1.6 BIOS Build Time: 05/25/2021 There is a problem with this motherboard. Remote control via BMC stops working if you do BIOS settings. After saving the BIOS...
  5. K

    IBM x3650 (7979) Server BMC NIC not working

    Hello, I got a hold of a few IBM x3650 (7979) 2RU Servers (with 6x 3.5 HDD space). The servers work perfectly. The only issue is, the integrated management interface does not work, more accurately the network card gives no sings of life (no lights turn on when the network cable is plugged...
  6. R

    Asrock Rack X570D4U BMC Init Failed

    Hi, on a new X570D4U the BMC is giving me nothing but trouble. It came with the latest BIOS and BMC firmware P1.20. - I was originally able to access the BMC via its web interface. - However, it would reset every ~10 minutes or so (heartbeat stopped, fans ramped up, the virtual devices in Linux...
  7. S

    Questions on OpenBMC

    Are there any users of OpenBMC around? Or does anyone know which mainboards are supported? Or how easy it would be to port it to a new mainboard? Does it depend on the mainboard at all or is just having support for a common BMC chipset like from Aspeed enough?
  8. C

    [RESOLVED] SM MB X9DRi-LN4F+ no VGA output

    Except for the VGA, I think the mb works. I have cleared the BIOS, tried different CPUs, different memory, different vga monitors and cables. The MB boots and the fans scream. I get one beep and then in about 60 seconds the fans slow down. I checked the VGA jumper (JPG1) and no matter which...
  9. P

    Datto MD70-Datto (Gigabyte MD70-HB0) BMC issues

    Hi everyone. I`m a long time reader, first time poster. So far I've been successful in finding solutions to some of my home server build issues here from questions that other users have asked, but now, I am a bit stuck. I have a Datto MD70-Datto dual socket LGA2011-3 motherboard, which appears...
  10. R

    Fix for X9 motherboards IPMIView remote console opening and closing straight away.

    So I bought a X9DRI-LN4F board a wile ago and use it as the basis for a home FreeNAS box (running a couple of VMs as well as normal storage server duties). The problem I had with it was that after connecting to the BMC with Supermicros IPMIView and trying to open the Remote Console, it would...
  11. S

    Heads-Up: Supermicro Unique IPMI Passwords

    So, I ran into this tonight with a new X11SPL. Apparently in November 2019 Supermicro started programming in unique passwords for IPMI access. It's no longer ADMIN/ADMIN. The username is still ADMIN, but the password is printed on a sticker on the board. BMC Unique Password Security Feature...
  12. B

    EPYCD8-2T: two questions about Linux and IPMI

    Hi, I just built a system with a 7282 and an Asrock Rack EPYCD8-2T. It seems to be rock solid with Lubuntu 18.04 but here are a couple of question I really hope you could answer since I'm driven crazy with them. 1. OS-independent: I just cannot manage to have the IPMI working over the...
  13. G

    Dell C6100 XS23-TY3 2U 4-Node (8 CPU) one node BMC works other 3 not so much.

    I have a C6100 that I bought a few years ago. It's a workhorse. Lately however I have come to require setting up the BMC for management. All of my nodes are the same XS23-TY3 with the same Bios 08.00.16. Their BMC firmware is 1:14 and the BMC bios is 1.44. I can log into the BMC server on one of...
  14. J

    Server won't power on, but BMC is normal

    I'm building a server with a SuperMicro X11SCL-F O, Intel Xeon E-2186G, 2 16 GB sticks of 2400 MHz ECC RAM, and an 80 plus gold certified 650 Watt PSU. As the title says, however, the system won't power on. The fans don't spin and the power led on my motherboard doesn't light up at all...
  15. J

    Dell C6100 Remote Management Controller Certificate

    Hey all, We picked up a couple Dell C6100 servers and I've been tasked with getting them up and running. A bunch of the sleds suffer from the dreaded BMC module issue (BMC Not Alive/Present). I've managed to get a couple of them fixed/flashed (thanks in part to the guide written here...
  16. Y

    Questions about BMCs and Baseboards

    Hey folks, Total beginner / noob here and have a few really basic questions: 1) is a baseboard the same as a motherboard? I read somewhere that servers now come with 4 baseboards per server (up from 2 back in 2014), and this might increase further as data traffic continues to grow - anyone...
  17. R

    BMC/IPMI Best Practices

    Here's a subject that I'm only obliquely exposed to at work, that seems to be in major discussion in light of recent events (i.e. Bloomberg Businessweek Supermicro story). I'm in the slow process of redoing my home lab, mostly downsizing/consolidating to fewer systems. Currently I manage each...
  18. R

    Supermicro Temp threshold

    Im in need of some assistance in regards to the CPU temp threshold of my supermicro motherboards. Useing the ipmitools on my linux laptop im trying to lower the CPU temp threshold. The issue is that the change is never acctually implemented. Even though ipmitools says that the temp is...
  19. N

    Tyan S7012 BMC/IPMI stops. AST2050 area overheating.

    I have a S7012GM4NR with a BMC failure problem. I find that unless I cool the area around the AST2050 chip, the baseboard management controller(BMC) function stops. And by stop I mean, the flashing green LED goes out, IPMI is no longer accessible via the LAN or locally, and the VGA screen...
  20. D

    s2600cp fan speed

    First off I want to say while I am just now registering I have been reading this forum for years. This community puts out a ton of quality information in the server department. I usually am able to pull what I need, but hit a problem that has me a bit stuck and this seemed like the community...