Fix for X9 motherboards IPMIView remote console opening and closing straight away.

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Sep 18, 2011
So I bought a X9DRI-LN4F board a wile ago and use it as the basis for a home FreeNAS box (running a couple of VMs as well as normal storage server duties).

The problem I had with it was that after connecting to the BMC with Supermicros IPMIView and trying to open the Remote Console, it would start up and then close straight away.

I had been doing some searching around and found articles about Java versions, Java security, Java alternatives etc but what I found fixed it for me was to flash the BMC with the latest version.

What I also found is that I could do this without a DOS boot drive.

Flashing via the LAN is possible (I suspect your flashing machine should be on the same subnet as the server).

Downloading the BMC update from the Supermicro site results in a file that when uncompressed gives a XXXXXX.bin file and some directories (for Linux / Windows / dos etc).

I copied the .bin file to the Windows directory (I am doing this from my Win 10 PC) and opened a CMD prompt.

Navigating to the unzipped directories and then in to the Windows directory, I was able to run the following command.

wUpdate.exe -f [filename.bin] -i lan -h [BMC IP Address] 623 -u [USER] -p [PWD] -r y

  • [filename.bin] = The new BMC update .bin file
  • [BMC IP Address] = The IPMI address you can connect to for the server
  • [USER] = BMC login users (usually ADMIN by default)
  • [PWD] = BMC user password (usually ADMIN on older Supermicro boards, random on newer ones)
  • -r y = Retain BMC settings

wUpdate.exe -f SMT_X9_361.bin -i lan -h 623 -u ADMIN -p ADMIN -r y
The process runs for a short time (copying --> Flashing) and then reboots. Ofter the reboot I had a second reboot and then all was good.

IPMI Remote Console now works (now Web IPMI unfortunately).

Hopefully this will help someone out there.
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