Dell C6100 Remote Management Controller Certificate

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Jun 7, 2019
Hey all,

We picked up a couple Dell C6100 servers and I've been tasked with getting them up and running. A bunch of the sleds suffer from the dreaded BMC module issue (BMC Not Alive/Present). I've managed to get a couple of them fixed/flashed (thanks in part to the guide written here: but a few of them just refuse to be flashed (SOCFLASH fails).

I've got a question about the "Dell Remote Management Controller" web interface though..

Does anybody know if it's possible to update the web interfaces SSL certificate?

The one that came by default was issued by American Megatrends Inc. and expired on April 7th 2006 (!!).

I've spent hours scouring the internet and documentation looking for something that mentions updating it, but no luck.
My systems have been updated to the latest BIOS (1.81) and BMC Firmware Version 1.33. I can access the web interface and use the virtual console...but certain operating systems/browsers (macOS/Safari) won't even render the page.

I'm shocked the latest available firmware (from 2013) would include a certificate that expired 7 years earlier in 2006.

If there's a mechanism to update this, I can't find it! Maybe somebody could steer me in the right direction?
I'm still playing around trying to see if I can get those other BMC chips flashed but it's not looking so good.



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