Dell C6100 XS23-TY3 2U 4-Node (8 CPU) one node BMC works other 3 not so much.

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    I have a C6100 that I bought a few years ago. It's a workhorse. Lately however I have come to require setting up the BMC for management. All of my nodes are the same XS23-TY3 with the same Bios 08.00.16. Their BMC firmware is 1:14 and the BMC bios is 1.44. I can log into the BMC server on one of the nodes but on the other three not so much. I've done a fair bit of IPMI testing and all three seem to indicate that the BMC lan is turned off. SSH is also not enabled on these three. I've gone through a lot of reading that says to turn on the lan in the BIOS setup under SYSTEM. My BIOS on these nodes does not have that option.
    Does anyone have a possible solution for the three nodes that are not functioning. I don't believe that they need a firmware reload, just an enabling of the lan.
    Thanks very much.
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