IBM x3650 (7979) Server BMC NIC not working

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Feb 16, 2022

I got a hold of a few IBM x3650 (7979) 2RU Servers (with 6x 3.5 HDD space).

The servers work perfectly.

The only issue is, the integrated management interface does not work, more accurately the network card gives no sings of life (no lights turn on when the network cable is plugged in). I have three of these servers, and all behave the same, like the BMC NICs are dead.

In the bios it does not matter what I set up, be it static IP, dhcp...etc. The BMC NIC never comes alive.

Question for anyone with experience with these servers. Were these BMC NICs likely to die? Is there maybe some other config to enable them, like some jumpers on the motherboard...? To my knowledge, these BMC network interfaces were never in use, so it would be unlikely that they would die from some power surge or anything like that...

Attempted so far:
-Restore default bios settings
-Remove CMOS battery
-Power cycle multiple times
-Update main BIOS to latest version
-Try all kinds of settings in the BMC settings in the bios (attached image of current settings)

Is there some trick here, to get these BMC NICs to work?