1. Bjorn Smith

    EU WTB: Dell R1-2210 VRTX switch module

    Hi, Just bought a Dell VRTX with 10Gbe Mezzanine cards, but it only has a 1Gbe switch, so I would like to upgrade it to 10Gbe so I don't have to use pci network cards to get decent speeds towards my san. So if anyone has access to a cheap Dell R1-2210 switch module for the VRTX, PM me. Cheap...
  2. A

    Dell Switch S4048-ON, 48x 10GbE SFP+, 6x 40GbE QSFP+

    used for 800$ whitelabel switch CUMULUS compatible not listed as compatible with sonic Dell EMC Switch S4048-ON, 48x 10GbE SFP+, 6x 40GbE QSFP+, PS U to IO air, 2x PSU | eBay only one available
  3. A

    Dell R610 SmartBootable ISO w drivers

    Hi. Seems that dell deleted all the R610 driver packs since this generation is got EOL'd - nothing at Update PowerEdge Servers with Platform Specific Bootable ISO | Dell Canada and no mention of R610 in Dell Repository Manager. Can somebody please share bootable ISO...
  4. 3

    Dell Powerconnect 7048p Bind MAC to VLAN

    Hello all, I finally got around to upgrading to a PowerConnect 7048P from my netgear GS748TP (For sale if anyone is interested) primarily because it couldn't power my PTZ PoE camera. it also adds two 10GBE SFP ports and two 10GBE RJ-45 ports for uplinks. The switch is in place and working...
  5. I

    VRTX and M630 woes

    hey friends! i was recently blessed to find a VRTX and M630 in my budget, and after sourcing a few parts that weren't included (namely: backplane expander, CMC, SPERC8, and power supplies), i've found that i'm having trouble actually getting things to work. i've had two M630s now exhibit...
  6. T

    Unable to see Intel DC S4510 Drives in VMware ESXi 6.7U3

    Hello I am trying to get ESXi to be able to see 2 Intel D3-S4510 Drives - they are the OEM variety and I have them plugged into a PowerEdge R630. The drives are the ones references in this link: Downloads for Intel® SSD D3-S4510 Series (960GB, 2.5in SATA 6Gb/s, 3D2, TLC) I have this afternoon...
  7. S

    Dell VRTX(Perc8) Consumer SSDs

    So ran into a slight issue... I recently aquired some Samsung 860EVO 500GB, and i thought that it was going to be a fairly simple task of slotting em into the VRTX and just create a Virtual Disk... nope. What im currently running Dell VRTX Dual PERC8 @ v23.14.06.0013 Expander Backplane @ v2.0.0...
  8. T

    Networking Services don’t auto-start on boot up - Dell R720 w/ proxmox (Warning: Beginner User)

    I’m working on a home server project using a Dell R720 to serve as a NAS, PLEX server, and torrent grabber. This is my first server ever and my first experience in networking, server hardware, and Linux. Because of this, I do not know how to carry out the three functions listed out above so I’m...
  9. S

    Dell R710

    Don't know where to post this so... I have an R710 and I put a third party riser in it for a graphics card, it now won't boot. I get an error message saying I have to put it back in. Is there any way around this as I would like to have a graphics card in here. The riser is: Thermaltake PCI-e...
  10. D

    2x E5-2680v2 CPU's - 8x16GB Kingston DDR3 1600MHz Ram - Dell C8220 Dual Socket Motherboard

    Selling off some parts I'm not using. Qty 2 - E5-2680v2 -$350 shipped for both Qty 8 - 16GB Kingston DDR3 1600MHz Ram - $200 shipped for all Qty 2 - Dell C8220 Motherboard. Dual LGA2011 socket. TDN55 part number - $50 shipped each Qty 2 - Asetek 510LC with LGA2011 Hardware - $40 shipped each...
  11. C

    FS: Dell/Sandisk SSD, H730, Dell Trays, etc

    Hi, I have the following forsale. 3x Dell/Sandisk Lightning Ultra Gen II's. 100% health reported by iDRAC in a FC630. $125 + shipping E40U firmware MDKW-400G-5C21 I can throw inDell G13 trays if needed. ( for Rack mount servers, not for M630/FC630 ) Along with that I have a Dell H730 Mini...
  12. Geran

    SOLD: Dell R210ii

    Hi all, I bought this server a while ago but recently I decided to go a different direction with the hardware I want to use. I'm open to offers that are reasonable, so feel free to message me. Also I will prioritize local pickup over shipping. Located in the DC metro area.
  13. N

    SOLD: Dell Hardware - PowerEdge R710; PowerEdge R515; H200 - Used

    Dell PowerEdge R710 LFF - $300 - SOLD Dell PowerEdge R515 LFF - $350 - SOLD Dell H200 RAID Controller - SOLD
  14. J

    FS: Dell C6220 4 Node 3x E5-2650 2.0GHz 8Core 96GB Rails

    ITEM HAS SOLD Selling C6220 chassis + 4 sleds with the following layout: Dell Poweredge C6220 II Chassis--Dell Service Tag: B970DZ1 --- The Chassis was BRAND NEW when I bought it last year. It's sat in a rack ever since. No damage..just a bit dusty 1x Dell Poweredge C6220 Motherboard sled +...
  15. Z

    Help Requested - Fibre Channel SAN Setup

    Not my first time posting, but first thread I've started. Sorry if it's in the wrong category. Hardware: All Dell EMC². Product names unknown. 2× CX-ATA-DAE-FD 100-560-521 2× CX-2PDAE-FD 100-560-321 My brother acquired some old Dell EMC² hardware that we intend to turn into a small SAN for...
  16. AveryFreeman

    Anyone ever used Dell Force10 S55t-AC switch (or similar)? Any good?

    Hey, So I have a similar switch, a D-Link DGS-3427, which is a 24-port gigabit switch with a 10G backbone (I have two CX4 expanders currently). I really like it but I can't help there might be some nicer stuff out there that could be had cheap. Has anyone worked with the Dell Force10 network...
  17. T

    Rack server for machine learning - multi-user GPUs

    Hi, I have built and used successfully a home server for machine learning with two GeForce GTX 1060 (6Gb)s. I am now looking to invest in a rack server to run some models and research further, but I am quite stuck. In general, does anyone have a suggestion for a mid/low-range rack server of...
  18. I

    Help Converting Dell QoS/DiffServ config to Brocade FastIron?

    Hello STH, I was hoping someone here might be able to help me convert an existing config snippet from a Dell 62xx/70xx to the Brocade FastIron equivalent on an ICX6610 (8.0.30sa)... Background: In order to use your own router with the Google Fiber 1gb/1gb service (at least their...
  19. F

    Dell T7920 can work with ES CPUs?

    Hi Guys! Anyone have infos about the Dell T7920 workstation can work with ES CPUs? Thinking on purchase this machine and try estimates the oportunities about a jump in cost! Thanks!
  20. T

    Success updating Firmware on SEAGATE ST4000NM0023?

    They came from a dell server/equal logic and I'm struggling to get Storage Spaces Direct working so my last ditch effort is to update the firmware. I downloaded the dell utility but I'm not running it in a dell server so it fails. I tried the cli utility but also failed, I found this blog...