NVIDIA PNY T1000 8GB GPU, 40G Mellanox ConnectX-3, 2x Dell Precision 3650 Workstations (GPU compatible + In Warranty!)

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Apr 11, 2021
Dell Precision 3650 Tower Workstation$1200quantity: 28 core Xeon W-1370 / 24GB DDR4 / 256GB NVME with Windows 10 + 12TB HDD + **Dell warranty** valid through **3/09/2025** (see bottom for more specs)
Buy both$2350
NVIDIA PNY T1000 8GB$375quantity: 1Plays Elden Ring on Ultra at 1080 hilariously enough. New from Dell, no box.
Bundle GPU with Precision$340
MCX353A-FCBS Mellanox ConnectX-3 VPI Single-Port QSFP 40GBE PCI-E CX353A$42.5quantity: 3

Precision Workstation info:
These are practically brand new 8 core single threading virtualization beasts with tons of room for storage! Please see Dell's support page [for different views](https://www.dell.com/support/manuals/en-us/precision-3650-workstation/prec_3650t_ss/back?guid=guid-d6f82715-cda1-469d-999e-2d9fadbe0de6&lang=en-us) and [a full list of the specs](https://www.dell.com/support/manuals/en-us/precision-3650-workstation/prec_3650t_ss/internal-slots?guid=guid-f43530d3-2b57-45bc-a123-2dedbfb494ce&lang=en-us). Both of these units still have valid Dell warranties.

* Model: Dell Precision 3650 Tower
* Dell warranty valid through **3/09/2025** \- will officially transfer warranty to buyer
* Xeon W-1370 - 8 core @ 2.9GHz (passmark 3538/23,908) - 80W with integrated P750 i-GPU (2x Display Port 1.4 + 1x HDMI 2.0b add-on module)
* 256GB NVME with Windows 10 (3x NVME slots total)
* 24GB DDR4
* Single Gold 1000w PSU with 4x 8-pin PCIE power cables (these have run 3000 series NVIDIA cards with no problem)
* 4x 2.5" bays or 3x 3.5" (each will come with 1x 2x2.5" caddie and one has an additional 3.5" caddie)
* Front I/O: 3x USB-A 3.2, 1x front facing USB-C 3.2, SD Card reader and headphone jack
* Rear I/O: 3x USB-A 3.2, 1x USB-C 3.2, 2x USB-A 2.0
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Oct 19, 2017
Nothing jumping out at me but thanks for reaching out! Great seeing people in the spirit of trading on here.
Thanks and agreed, rather just deal with shipping etc. If someone else can find a treasure in swappable items. :Thumbs up:
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