dell m1000e Mezzanine compatibility issue

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Oct 2, 2018
I have a m1000e with some m820 and m620 that are working fine,
each of them have the following network card configured to work on 10gb Ethernet
10 GbE XAUI​
Broadcom M57710

i am trying to add newer m630 blades .
but every mazzine network card i try gives an error and the server does not boot:
  • the same card on m620 is not supported on m630
  • Dell Broadcom 57840S Quad Port 10GbE bNDC - (recognized on the idrac as PCIe bypass gen 2 DELL PCIe Mezzanine does not work): gives the error Fabric mismatch (have 7 spares sitting around)
  • 55GHP DELL BROADCOM 57810S 10GBE MEZZANINE not woring ass well ( have 10 spare sitting around)

any idea what model should work and be compatible with the m620?
i should i just buy exec match of 16 and replace all of them ? but with with compatibility between m620 m820 m630