1. C

    UEFI boot with Perc H200i in Dell R710

    I've searched for awhile now and can't find what I need. Hopefully the community can help. Hardware: Dell R710 2 x 3TB WD Red 4 x 4TB WD Red Perc H200i flashed to IT mode (P19). MPT firmware ; NVDATA version In UEFI boot mode, I'm trying to install Win server 2016...
  2. N

    Canada Go Big or Go Home: 144 GB Ram, 16 threads @ 3Ghz ESXI / Hyper-V Monster Server - $445 US/ $595 Can

    Great Home Lab / VM Server - Dell R710 Dual X5570 (16 Threads @ 3 Ghz each! ), 144 GB Ram, $595 I would say the Dell R710 is the most compatible / supported Server available. i.e. it is supported by just about every OS (including ESXI 5-6, Windows Server OS's 2003 to 2016 and Windows Desktop...
  3. herby

    What S.M.A.R.T. Attributes do Dell SSDs Present?

    Reading on STH and searching on eBay I keep coming across deals for Dell (and to a lesser extent HP) branded Intel DC S3500 SSDs. I understand the special firmware on these disks don't present all the SMART attributes the stock Intel disks do, but what do they present? I'm interested in...
  4. N

    [Advice] Dell J727N 2700 W UPS

    Hi, I have a few questions regarding getting an ups. Back story I'm looking to get my first "proper" homelab, and was looking for a smallish server rack. And I think I found one – the only thing is that the seller is also selling a 4 year old Dell J727N 2700 W UPS. I have no experience with a...
  5. N

    LSI NYTRO WARPDRIVE 1.6TB SSD -- $449 on UNIXSurplus

    Special deal for LSI NYTRO WARPDRIVE 1.6TB SSD! $499 Apply STH exclusive Code: STH10NYTROSSD at checkout to get additional 10% discount!! And check out Black Friday Deals: BRAND NEW GOOGLE CHROMEBOOK PIXEL 32GB WIFI for only $399! DELL FORCE 10 S60-44T-AC-R 48 PORT SWITCH for only $239 + FREE...
  6. P

    Dell PERC H830 in PowerEdge R710 Server

    Greets to all. Managed to inherit a Dell PERC H830 SAS RAID controller, now trying to get it working in my home-based Dell PowerEdge R710 server. Dell's specs say the H380 has an LSI SAS 3108 chip in it. LSI/Avago/Broadcom says that chip -- and all the SAS RAID cards it makes based on that...
  7. N

    What GPUs fit into C6100 sleds?

    Anyone had any luck installing gpus on c6100s ? I'd prefer NVIDIA gpus but I'm open to options. I'm trying to build out a cheap tensorflow environment. Thanks
  8. D

    Dell Power Edge C6100 & HP SL170z G6

    Hey Just found this forum by accident and gotta say I love what I'm seeing! So I though I'd join in and ask for advice as well. I'm a small 1 man CGI company that is growing hungry for more render power. I turn on my servers 1-2 times a week when I need to render production work currently...
  9. L

    Super weird experience trying to buy Dell PowerConnect switches

    Had the weirdest phone call with Dell. I've been a Dell customer a long time and love the bang for your buck their lower end PowerConnect switches give. I was looking to upgrade our 28XX switches to the new PowerConnect X10XX range and thought I'd give them a call to see if I could get a...
  10. Patrick

    STH now on the Dell site

    This is fun - STH review now on the Dell PowerEdge T630 site: PowerEdge T630 Tower Server | Dell
  11. J

    Dell Precision T5600 - $565 used - good deal?

    Hi! Not sure if this is the correct forum, but I am considering getting a used Dell Precision T5600. It has 2x E5-2670 and 32GB ram. It has no hdd or ssd, as I want to get that myself anyway. I have been quoted $565 as the best they can do. Does that sound like a decent price? -J
  12. P

    Can two dual-node C6100 be combined into single four-node C6100?

    I love C6100 but it was configured for two nodes only, which I knew before buying it. What I didn't know is how eager I will be to add two more nodes. I looked at list of parts that will be needed for two more nodes and it wasn't pretty. Then today it kinda hit me, can't I just buy another...
  13. H8ROADS

    Dell R715 iDRAC6 flash repair

    I have 3 Dell R715s and have been going through hell getting them updated the last couple days. Turns out the Lifecycle Controller was too old to go through auto updates, so I had to find an old CentOS OM disk to get them updated to the point it will work through Lifecycle Controller. Everything...
  14. YetAnotherMinion

    Dell C6220 2U Server too good?

    Natex is offering Dell C6220 2U Server w/3 Dell 0TTH1R nodes Dell C6220 2U Server w/3 Dell 0TTH1R nodes at $2.2k which seems really low for what the description seems to me to be including. This Dell C6220 server features: -3 x Dell 0TTH1R Nodes -6 x Intel Xeon E5-2650 2.00 Ghz. 20MB 8-Core...
  15. Patrick

    Reference Material Dell iDRAC Default Login and Password

    When logging into a Dell PowerEdge iDRAC interface on one of their servers one is prompted for a login (username) and password. On modern Dell iDRAC interfaces the default login/ password is: Login: root Password: calvin
  16. Patrick

    Please help validate this is a STH photo

    All, I am looking for some assitance verifying a photo I saw in a company's marketing materials is indeed a 3+ year old STH photo. I was checking out the Cavium ARMv8 development platforms and I saw a photo I recognized. From STH's Dell PowerEdge C6100 XS23-TY3 Cloud Serve – 2U 4 Node 8...
  17. P

    FS|VA|$250| DELL POWEREDGE FS12-SC 2xL5420 24GB RAM 12x TRAY

    Looking for local sale located in Northern Virginia/Washingon DC area. $250 DELL POWEREDGE FS12-SC 2 x Quad Core L5420 2.5GHz 24GB RAM 12x trays 2x internal 2.5 drive mounts dual onboard NICs 1 ipmi/bmc NIC - remote mgmt has updated BIOS and BMC from gigabyte loaded. Have been using for...
  18. J

    What is perc controller and why i need perc controller to configure raid?

    Dear Friends, We planned to buy one dell power edge server. In the quote of the server i seen this perc controller. I don't know what is perc controller, and why it need to configure raid. Please share your knowledge guys. Thanks, Junior admin.
  19. S

    C2100 + H700 + WD Red Drives and Backplane Jumper Question

    I'm looking to put together a home media server. I have had significant success with the C2100 chassis and the H200 board, flashed into IT mode for a linux backup server at work. For my home case, I'm looking at running ESXi as the hyper visor and running Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials in a...
  20. S

    VM Corrupts RAID array on physical host - Hyper V

    Gang- I have an odd problem that neither Microsoft nor Dell have been able to resolve yet. I know many of you have lots of experience and knowledge on both the hardware and the software side of the equation. This is more of a post of desperation / check to see if anyone has experienced...