1. I

    Help Converting Dell QoS/DiffServ config to Brocade FastIron?

    Hello STH, I was hoping someone here might be able to help me convert an existing config snippet from a Dell 62xx/70xx to the Brocade FastIron equivalent on an ICX6610 (8.0.30sa)... Background: In order to use your own router with the Google Fiber 1gb/1gb service (at least their...
  2. F

    Dell T7920 can work with ES CPUs?

    Hi Guys! Anyone have infos about the Dell T7920 workstation can work with ES CPUs? Thinking on purchase this machine and try estimates the oportunities about a jump in cost! Thanks!
  3. T

    Success updating Firmware on SEAGATE ST4000NM0023?

    They came from a dell server/equal logic and I'm struggling to get Storage Spaces Direct working so my last ditch effort is to update the firmware. I downloaded the dell utility but I'm not running it in a dell server so it fails. I tried the cli utility but also failed, I found this blog...
  4. Z

    FS: $500 2x Dell TZ400 SonicWALL

    Just moved over to all Meraki and have 2x TZ400's that I'm not going to use. Security/licences features listed in screenshot. Factory reset. FS: $500 OBO shipped (ask for a free gift - SSD/CPU/RAM/ Tablet) FS: $500 OBO shipped (ask for a free gift - SSD/CPU/RAM/ Tablet) PM with any...
  5. P

    Need some advice on finalizing my massive NAS upgrade

    Build’s Name: Dell R730XD NAS/DO EVERYTHING BUILD Operating System/ Storage Platform: FreeNAS CPU: 2 x Xeon E5-2678 12 core 2.5GHz Motherboard: Dell R730XD Chassis: Dell R730XD Drives: Deciding... RAM: 128GB (8x16GB) Add-in Cards: Perc H730 Power Supply: 2 x 750w Usage Profile: Plex Movie/TV...
  6. T

    Entry Servers on XEON E platform

    Hello sth people! That's my first post here. :) I am looking to replace my R710 and because I need single core power, I want Xeon E2186G or E2176G. Right now my only option is Dell Precision 3930 which is not server OS supported by Dell. Does anyone know when the 3 big brands will release this...
  7. Z

    WTB: 128-256GB DDR4 ECC

    I'm looking to pick up some RAM for a server build I'm doing for a nonprofit (credit union). They are looking to have 2x Dell servers with around 128gb DDR4 ECC each. Anyone looking to sell please shoot me a PM. Thanks!
  8. C

    DIY Rack & Internet Isolated PCs and ESXi VM Host

    Hi All, I am beginning my upgrade adventure on my DIY Home Rack (Modified Lack Rack). The rack itself was a black Lack Coffee table with the shelf installed at the bottom of the legs. The complete lower rack can provides 8U of roll-around rack space. (I will post pictures soon, sorry!) My...
  9. J

    Dell EPYC R7425 DIMM Operating Speed

    Hi All, Just purchased our laboratory a brand new EPYC server from Dell - A R7425 chassis with dual EPYC 7451. I also purchased 8x32 GB DIMM modules rated at 2666. The BIOS is only recognizing them as 2400. In looking through the manual...
  10. P

    Cheap LGA2011 (v1) systems and more

    Hello, I have stumbled on a nice seller on ebay - supposedly goverment overstock. Looking for some cheap 2011 boards I have found a whole system for cheaper :) Dell Precision T3600 - 158 US !! - 5 pcs - Ready to go, 4C Xeon, 8G RAM, HDD - Upgrade to E5-2670 and 128G RAM (4*32) is possible Dell...
  11. fohdeesha

    Flashing Delta 7024 to Dell 8024

    Finally found someone willing to test the method I came up with, and it works great (nearly the same process as the LB6M flash, with some differences due to a larger bootloader from dell etc) Unlike the LB6M > Brocade flash where there were some slight hardware differences that caused things...
  12. J

    Dell C6220 II Chassis $325 + s/h

    Listing I purchased one of these, they're listed as gen 1 but when I got it the refurbished service tag showed gen 2. I believe the box itself is gen 1 refurbished by Dell with gen 2 internals. The machine is spotless..looked like it had never seen the inside of a rack. Mine had a few scuffs...
  13. J

    Dell C6220 Gen1 Nodes in a C6220 Gen2 Chassis

    Recently purchased a C6220 I chassis but when it arrived it turned out to be a C6220 II least that's what listed when I found the Dell "refurbished service tag." It looks like a gen 1 case with 100% gen II internals. Apart from the outside of the case this thing is brand new. Looks...
  14. jpk

    Pretty cheap Dell C6220 barebones (w/ 8x HDDs) $550 + S/H

    I saw these two two Dell C6220 barebones going for $550 and reasonable-looking shipping. Looks like they have 8x 500GB SATA drives and both 1200W power supplies Dell PowerEdge C6220 Intel 8x 500GB SATA 7.2K Server | eBay dunno if anyone is still buying these, but these seem to be pretty...
  15. T

    iDRAC 7 Enterprise

    Not sure if this is the right location for this question, but here goes... I've got a T420, and I'm looking for an iDRAC 7 Enterprise license and module. Ebay is giving me listings between ~$30 and $200, some for just the module, some for just the license, some for both. Many of them coming...
  16. M

    EU Dell R620 2x E5-2640 2,5GHz 6c / 64GB RAM / H710 €750

    ≥ Dell R620 2x E5-2640 2,5GHz 6c / 64GB RAM / H710 / 2x146gb - Servers - While looking for a new server i found these for sale, i haven't seen Dell e5-2600 servers this cheap in the netherlands. The prices for e5-2600V1/2 servers seem to drop quite fast these days and are coming...
  17. N

    Need advice for Production Network Upgrade

    Hi, I'm working in an SMB with 30 people. (R&D, software, solidworks) We currently have cisco 2x SG500-52 switch + 2x SG500-24. All computers are connected to 1Gb and a samba server is sharing file over 4 * 1Gb aggregated link. The issue is that current ciscos are interlinked between each other...
  18. P

    Maximum SATA disk size for use with Dell XX2X2 RAID controller?

    What is the maximum size of SATA disk that will be recognised by a Dell XX2X2 RAID card for the C6100 blade server? I gather this is a version of an LSI MegaRAID controller. I'm putting a system together based on second hand Dell C6100 servers running a mix of VMware and Xenserver (on...
  19. mmx

    Looking for additional Xeon Scalable benchmarks

    Perhaps the processors aren't readily available, but it seems that there is a lack of benchmark scores available for the new generation of Intel server processors. Specifically, no one has mentioned the Gold 51xx line of CPUs or compared them to their previous generation. I'm only able to find a...
  20. Z

    EU FS: Supermicro A1SRM-2558F Barebone, Dell H310

    I try to tidy up my lab to create space for new toys. ATM the parts are located in Austria (Graz area). Insured shipping within the EU is already included. Payment preferably via Paypal friends. I'm open to reasonable offers and questions. Just hit me up. Photos can be found HERE. Supermicro...