1. E

    Router Build Question

    Hi All, thanks in advance for any help. I am trying to setup a 10gbe PFSense server on some Supermicro hardware that I bought on eBay. I am trying to figure out if I have enough PCIe lanes for both the 10gbe NIC and a Samsung 970 evo in one of these enclosures. Any thoughts? Separately, does...
  2. J

    Used EPYC 7601 post code 78

    Hey, So I've got a supermicro H11DSI-NT, got two different epyc 7601s from ebay from 2 different vendors that looked somewhat reputable. Both are giving me post code 78. Fans spinning, but nothing booting, no video, IPMI not even showing correct hardware info. Exact same behavior for both CPUs...
  3. J

    Supermicro SCU RAID

    I think I just learned the hard way :( Can someone point to more detailed information about the storage control unit on the X9dr3-ln4f+, I can’t seem to find too much info out there. I think I’m coming to the realization that the interface this provides is a software RAID. I made a few...
  4. J

    New member, new build, need advice

    OK! wow.... what a great community STH is. I wish I would have known about this place sooner. I have been doing a lot of reading the past week. This has led to the typical highs, feeling like I know what I want, and lows, feeling like I know nothing about what is out there. That being said, I am...
  5. Bjorn Smith

    EU Obsolete

    Hi, Looking to buy another SuperMicro AOC-SLG3-2E4, since I just bought two extra u.2 drives. If you have one lying around and are willing to sell it cheapish - PM me. Thanks
  6. I

    m.2 PCIe adapter in Supermicro Super X9DRD-CNT+

    i am planning to get 5 servers Supermicro | Products | SuperServers | 2U | 6027R-CDNRT+ to make ceph storage cluster and i would like to know if i can connect m.2 pcie adapter (with 4 m2 connector) to a single pcie lane the motherboard supports 1x PCI-E 3.0 x16 (FHHL), 2x PCI-E 3.0 x8...
  7. J

    supermicro X9DRi-LN4F+ not booting

    Hello guys, I have a strange issue with my X9DRi-LN4F+ as you can see in the video bellow Nothing on the screen tests done: removed all memory - beep changed to the correct sequence when you don't have memory removed CPU power - same beep as in the video Power supply: Zalman ZM1000-GVM -...
  8. K

    SM mainboard and SSD M2 NVme : compatible ?

    Hello, I plan this SUPERMICRO MBD-X9DRI-F-O with a SSD Samsung PRO 980 M2 NVme. Exepting the form factor (M2), is this MB compatible with NVme SSD ?
  9. M

    iStarUSA D-400L-7 anyone? Or, yet another 4U chassis recommendation thread

    I've gone back and forth on home server cases more times than I care to admit. Every time I switch I promise myself, this time it's permanent. I haven't kept my promises. :) My current home server is housed in a Supermicro 825 (2U) series chassis. As much as I like SM stuff, there are two...
  10. P

    Supermicro SGPIO pinout

    Hi Anybody know the pinout for SGPIO header for Supermicro motherboards, the X11SDV-4C-TLN2F specifically? The one in the manual is confusing, as most of backplate pinouts I have seen and the spec list Data_In and Data_Out pins, but the Supermicro just lists Data pin. Do you just use ground...
  11. AveryFreeman

    Anyone know where to get Supermicro AOC-STG-I2 CX-4 10GbE full-height brackets?

    Hey, I just bought a second AOC-STG-I2 for my VMWare lab - one of the few old (read: cheap) 10GbE cards still properly supported by ESXi. I'm pretty excited about it, but it's got a half-height bracket and I have a full-height slot. Does anyone know where I might get a full-height bracket...
  12. realtomatoes

    x9sri-f won't boot with more than 2 dimm

    are these mobos really picky with ram? tried both my 8gb ecc samsung and 16gb ecc hynix 1333mhz dimm sets that works fine on my asrock EPC602D8A . i've reset the bios to default too, same thing. is there anything in the bios that i may screwed up? ipmi works, at least.
  13. svtkobra7

    Do "Fixed" or "Non-Sliding" Rails Exist for Racking a Supermicro 826

    I recently purchased 2 x Supermicro 826 chassis to replace my current 1 x Supermicro 836 and both 826s came with rev. B inner rails. As I have no need for the "sliding" functionality afforded by this rail kit, and my Google Fu not providing a satisfactory answer, I wanted to see if anyone is...
  14. N

    Supermicro Chassis parts

    I've created a list of common Supermicro chassis part#s -- rear windows, cables etc. For example there are at least 5 different Front control cable 20P, 16P single, split, different lengths etc. Many of the parts are interchangeable between different chassis. Hope this helps someone save some...
  15. X

    Supermicro 743TQ-865B-SQ Chassis with non-Supermicro ATX mobo?

    I might be able to get a nice deal on a Supermicro 743TQ-865B-SQ chassis, but I might also want to go with a Ryzen build with an ATX x370 motherboard. I've read that Supermicro cases can be a pain with non-Supermicro motherboards, particularly if they are standard ATX (what Supermicro calls ATX...
  16. J

    Supermicro A1SRi-2758F PS / fan / case recommendation

    Hello, I recently purchased this board, installed 8gb memory (the board has AVG54 the 'fix' applied by Supermicro). Currently it is running PFSense in a (large) 4u rack case, and powered by an ATX 430 PS. I'm interested in downsizing to a 1u case. Lower power consumption is a concern...
  17. K

    Supermicro SC836 casing with ASUS motherboard

    Hey guys, My work was throwing out hardware they didn't need and I managed to grab a Supermicro SC836E16-R1200B chassis, 10x 1.5T and 4x 1T Seagate disks. My plan here is to migrate my existing ZFS pool (6.2T used) to a new pool consisting out of 1 RAID-Z2 on the 10x 1.5T to be used as storage...
  18. N

    [CLOSED]: Supermicro 216 LP rear windows

    I'm looking to get LP rear windows. Wanted to check here before going to wiredzone or 'bay. If anyone here has either or both that they like to part with, please PM me with the price MCP-240-82506-0N: LP Rear Window for SC825,825M,826,213,216 MCP-240-82608-0N: 216B/826B LP rear window ~TIA...
  19. F

    Supermicro Chasis 846e16-r1200b and ASRock EP2C602

    Hello, I just acquired a Supermicro 846e16-r1200b chassis and notice the power/led panel cable cannot reach the system panel on the motherboard, ASRock EP2C602. It is too short. Is there a concept of a power/led panel extension cable? If so, where can I purchase one. I'm also considering just...