1. C

    EU FS: HBAs 9305-16i, 9305-24i, SAS 9361-16i, 9405W-16e

    Hi, I have a few HBAs for sale, all are brand new sealed in original boxes. 5x Broadcom(LSI) MegaRAID SAS 9305-16i Broadcom link - 210€/card 5x Broadcom(LSI) MegaRAID SAS 9305-24i Broadcom link - 290€/card 5x Broadcom(LSI) MegaRAID SAS 9361-16i Broadcom link - 480€/card 5x Broadcom(LSI) HBA...
  2. O

    Manage 9266-8i in ESXI 6.7

    Hello guys and gals, Sorta new to the forums but am in need of help managing my LSI 9266-8i raid card in a SUPERMICRO CSE846 Chassis running ESXI 6.7u1. From what I've tried so far from searching hours on the web hasn't worked. I've tried numerous versions of the LSI provider vib I've tried on...
  3. B

    Getting Disk Activity LEDs

    Hi everyone, hope you will have some clarification on this. I have a supermicro SC846 chassis with BPN-SAS-846TQ rev 3.1 back plane (the one with a separate connector for each drive) and a few dell h310's flashed to the latest lsi 9211-8i firmware and bios. I have a few wd reds connected to...
  4. D

    Reverting LSI 9212-4i to IR mode?

    I want to revert an LSI 9212-4i I bought used to its factory defaults, so I can create a hardware RAID-1 on it. It is currently in HBA/IT mode, and I would like to get it back to a raid card. All the guides I find online are IR to IT, and I can't find the firmware downloads anywhere. Any...
  5. M

    Looking to migrate from Raid 10 to ZFS

    Looking to move over to FreeNas for my network storage and will need to migrate my current raid10 arrayover to ZFS. I Currently have a raid10 array 4x4tb Dell enterprise sas. I am looking to migrate this over to 4x3tb ironwolf drives. Thing is that I am going to install FreeNas on the server...
  6. A

    Recommended sizes and benchmarks for CacheCade volumes

    I haven't found much information regarding CacheCade volume sizes, and how different sizes for CC volumes can impact performance, favorably or not. Can anyone throw some light on this?
  7. P

    Controller for 12xHHD

    Hi all, I have a Chenbro RM23612 so I have to handle with 12xHDD. I'm completely new in this field, so I ask advices to you. I need a controller in IT mode, to handle the HDD by the OS (through mdadm). Which controller I need? I see a lot of person use a LSI 9211-8i.
  8. N

    SAS dual-path disk attaching problem (lsi hba with mpt2sas, lsi sas expanders)

    Hello. Im using the following scheme for connecting 2 supermicro jbods to 2 hosts via minisas with 2 path for every sas disk: All are working as expected: from every host i see every disk from all jbods for all sas expanders (front and back). But right now when im trying to attach new disk...
  9. B

    Raid 0 on LSI 9217-8i HBA Problem with detecting drives.

    Hello everybody, I recently installed LSI 9217-8i in my dl380e system and placed two identical WD drives in the enclosure. I want to try out software raid on that HBA card but I can't seems to have an option to create raid becouse all the drives show up as ----- when in raid creation menu. All I...
  10. T

    New dual E5-2690 build, motherboard questions

    Hello! I am currently in the making of a server upgrade, current machine dual x5650 96gb ram running Unraid server. Parts that i already have. Dual E5-2690v1 , 12x8GB eec rdimm. LSI 9207-8i HBA. 16x300gb SAS 2.5 drives. INTEL 910 400gb ssd. Quad intel 1000vt nic-card. New server will run...
  11. Z

    FS: Areca RAID card blowout (1882ix / 1880ix / more)

    Hello, I'm currently selling off Areca cards I'm no longer using. All cards come shipped with BBU and I will include a gift as always. Buy them all and I'll include 2x 8TB drives! PM with any questions. 1x ARC-1882IX-12 $SOLD to StevenDTX 3x ARC-1880IX-16 $399/each 1x ARC-1880IX-12 - $299 1x...
  12. L

    FS: Clearing out Old Server Lab

    SPRING CLEANING - the rest goes to liquidation/recycling in a couple weeks. Long time lurker, first time poster with a bunch of old production and warehouse hardware for sale. Located in South Jersey outside Philly, can meetup in the Tri-State Metro PA/NY/NJ area (within reason). Local Pickup...
  13. TheBloke

    Conflict between LSI in PCI-E 1.1 x4 slot and onboard SATA2 ports

    Hi all Firstly, this is possibly a motherboard problem so it might belong in the mobo forum; but my symptoms relate only to disks and HBAs, so I hope it's OK being here. I have a Tyan S7012 motherboard, LGA1366 chipset. This motherboard has 4 x PCI-E 2.0 x8 slots and 1 x PCI-E 1.1 x4 slot...
  14. TheBloke

    Powering a PCI-E SAS expander without a PCI-E slot? Theoretically possible to make an adapter?

    Hi all I'm thinking of adding at least one SAS expander to my setup, as I am currently using 4 x LSI cards - and therefore 4 x PCI-E 2.0 slots - to run 28 x 2TB SATA3 drives. I know that I can put more drives on fewer cards without losing performance, but as I have a low-profile case I can't...
  15. TheBloke

    ZFS: Partitioning drives = write cache disabled?

    Hi all I'm hoping to get a high-performance PCI-E SSD to add to my home Solaris 11.3 file server/NAS. Specifically, a 1.2TB LSI Nytro Warp drive. (Forum thread here.) This device is an LSI 2308 with 6 x 200GB SSDs, which by default are configured as a hardware RAID-0. But I believe it is...
  16. TheBloke

    LSI devices appear as IDE in motherboard boot list?

    Hey all I'm doing a major upgrade on my home fileserver, and have finally upgraded from using cheap Marvell cards and mobo ports to having enough LSI ports for all my HDDs (a total of 28 ports available for 26 drives + boot SSD.) In total I have four LSI cards - 1 x 9211-4i (SAS2004), 2 x...
  17. TheBloke

    SAS2308 vs 2008 - any big value in upgrading, besides PCIE b/w?

    Here's my question in a nutshell: what are the benefits, if any, in upgrading SAS2008 cards to SAS2308 cards, besides offering PCIE 3.0 bandwidth and being capable of handling more devices (1024 vs 512)? If you had a server that only supported PCIE 2.0, containing several SAS2008 cards running...
  18. TheBloke

    LSI 2308 (9217-8i) on Solaris 11.3?

    Hey all I got my first LSI SAS HBA this week (LSI SAS 2008) and now want to get a second for my home file server running Solaris 11.3. I've found a good deal on a used LSI 9217-8i with the SAS 2308 chipset. It's priced the same as an OEM 9211-8i/SAS2008 but it's in the UK so I can get it...
  19. N

    FS: Home lab extras: Supermicro Motherboards, CPUs, HBAs and more

    Bought way too much gear for my home lab and in the process of inventorying all the excess HW and will be updating this thread. I've not done international shipping before and not familiar with the process. So, I'd prefer to limit it to CONUS but open to the idea of outside US. Prefer PayPal...
  20. G

    Supermicro X10SDV-7TP4F LSI-2116 to Lenovo SA-120

    The SuperMicro X10SDV-7TP4F ships with an onboard LSI-2116. I've never worked with an HBA or a DAS before, so I'm may be doing this wrong, but here's what I want to do: Hook up the 4 internal SFF-8643 ports to this Quad External MINI SAS HD SFF-8644 to Internal MINI SAS HD SFF-8643 12G...