1. S

    Online Capacity Expansion (OCE) on LSI based cards: How?

    So I have an IBM ServeRAID M5016 which is equivalent to an LSI 9265-8i with 1gB CacheVault. I have version MSM installed. Right now I have a 6x6TB RAID-6 array on the card. I have two more 6TB drives I want to add to the array. Based on my Googling I supposedly should be able to...
  2. E

    Will and MSA60 enclosure work with LSI 9260-8i

    Hi guys, I have a DL380 G5 at home, with a P212 controller connected to an MSA60 via it's external port and 8088 cable. Everything with that works fine. I'd like to replace the P212 with a 9260-8i I had in an old machine, as it a better controller. I have an SFF-8087 to SFF-8087 cable...
  3. Alfa147x

    FS: $75 (SOLD) - LSI 9300-4i 4-Port SAS3 SATA 12Gb/s HBA

    For sale LSI 9300-4i PCI-Express 3.0 SATA / SAS 4-Port SAS3 12Gb/s HBA Card only. The cable can be sourced from eBay for cheap. Single SFF-8643 port SAS3008 based controller See this post for more info Running P9 firmware released 10/07/2015 Required for FreeNAS compatibility Tested with...
  4. ZeDestructor

    WTB Low profile bracket for LSI9206-16e

    As stated in title, I'm looking for a low-profile bracket (and just the bracket, since I already have the card) for an LSI9206-16e (LSI9202-16e brackets should also work). Shipping to Aus should be cheap, since it's just the bracket.
  5. B

    Which RAID Controller for DL380 G7 as HomeLab?

    Hello everyone, this is my first post in this forum and i am looking forward that some of you might help me do decide. I've got an HP DL380G7 (with LFF Bays) and want to populate him as a ESXi Host with an Windows Server 2012 R2 Guest as a DC and Storage Server for my home lab and several...