1. J

    Fujitsu 9211-8i D2607 LSISAS2008 wont flash to anything

    JUMP TO ANSWER Fujitsu 9211-8i D2607 LSISAS2008 wont flash to anything Hi Guys, I've been trying for days now to flash my new Fujitsu 9211-8i D2607 LSISAS2008 to LSI IT mode. I've tried loads of guides, sas2flash versions, firmwares, with and without the BIOS. Keeps failing on this (see...
  2. N

    LSI NYTRO WARPDRIVE 1.6TB SSD -- $449 on UNIXSurplus

    Special deal for LSI NYTRO WARPDRIVE 1.6TB SSD! $499 Apply STH exclusive Code: STH10NYTROSSD at checkout to get additional 10% discount!! And check out Black Friday Deals: BRAND NEW GOOGLE CHROMEBOOK PIXEL 32GB WIFI for only $399! DELL FORCE 10 S60-44T-AC-R 48 PORT SWITCH for only $239 + FREE...
  3. S

    Help - anyone with an Intel 910 400GB who can download the bare Intel firmware (not the intel pkg)

    (Crossposted to FreeNAS forums) I have a server with an LSI 9211-IT HBA, Intel 910 SSD, and Chelsio NIC. I was updating the HBA firmware. As usual I checked no other RAID/HBA/LSI cards in the machine, so I flashed the HBA. It now turns out that the Intel 910 uses the same chip internally -...
  4. Z

    Tutorial: Updating IBM M1015/LSI 9211-8i Firmware on UEFI Systems

    Purpose: A proper MODERN tutorial on updating the firmware on the IBM M1015 on a UEFI system, in my case my IBM M1015's were already crossflashed to LSI 8211-8i long ago with the older P16 firmware which I wanted to update to the latest firmware. It is the same process either way. This tutorial...
  5. S

    IBM H1110 x4 not working in Skylake PCIe x4 slot - suggestions?

    Hey all, I have a Supermicro X11SAE-M and an IBM H1110 (SAS2004, sort of like a LSI 9211-4i but with an x4 form factor) with a Skylake Xeon E3 v5 CPU. The H1110 works in the x16 slot, but is not recognised in the x4 slot (according to Linux lspci). It shows up in the LSI BIOS control center in...
  6. J

    Lsi 9211-8i IR to IT in Esxi

    Hey! I have managed to flash it in esxi via sas2flash to the newest firmware when I tried using the raid functionality. Now I try to flash it with IT firmware so it is ready for use with freenas when I got my 2 new esxi nodes built. Has anyone been able to do sas2flash -o -e 6 in esxcli...
  7. Patrick

    1.2TB LSI Nytro Warp Drive PCIe SSDs - $240

    The LSI Nytro Warp Drive 1.2TB is a bit older so the read/ write IOPs are not crazy. On the other hand, these did use eMLC NAND in was was essentially a RAID of onboard drive PCBs. Probably the best price/performance/capacity deal out there right now but they are likely older drives: LSI 1.2TB...
  8. S

    LSI Megaraid 9266-4i Inconsistent write speeds

    I have an LSI Megaraid 9266-4i card with 22 1TB 7200 RPM drives attached as well as two 120GB SSD attached and for the life of me no matter what the configuration is I cannot get the performance to be consistent. When copying a large file it will start out at roughly 500MB/s then proceed to drop...
  9. S

    Online Capacity Expansion (OCE) on LSI based cards: How?

    So I have an IBM ServeRAID M5016 which is equivalent to an LSI 9265-8i with 1gB CacheVault. I have version MSM installed. Right now I have a 6x6TB RAID-6 array on the card. I have two more 6TB drives I want to add to the array. Based on my Googling I supposedly should be able to...
  10. E

    Will and MSA60 enclosure work with LSI 9260-8i

    Hi guys, I have a DL380 G5 at home, with a P212 controller connected to an MSA60 via it's external port and 8088 cable. Everything with that works fine. I'd like to replace the P212 with a 9260-8i I had in an old machine, as it a better controller. I have an SFF-8087 to SFF-8087 cable...
  11. Alfa147x

    FS: $75 (SOLD) - LSI 9300-4i 4-Port SAS3 SATA 12Gb/s HBA

    For sale LSI 9300-4i PCI-Express 3.0 SATA / SAS 4-Port SAS3 12Gb/s HBA Card only. The cable can be sourced from eBay for cheap. Single SFF-8643 port SAS3008 based controller See this post for more info Running P9 firmware released 10/07/2015 Required for FreeNAS compatibility Tested with...
  12. ZeDestructor

    WTB Low profile bracket for LSI9206-16e

    As stated in title, I'm looking for a low-profile bracket (and just the bracket, since I already have the card) for an LSI9206-16e (LSI9202-16e brackets should also work). Shipping to Aus should be cheap, since it's just the bracket.
  13. B

    Which RAID Controller for DL380 G7 as HomeLab?

    Hello everyone, this is my first post in this forum and i am looking forward that some of you might help me do decide. I've got an HP DL380G7 (with LFF Bays) and want to populate him as a ESXi Host with an Windows Server 2012 R2 Guest as a DC and Storage Server for my home lab and several...