M1015 (SAS9220-i8) - WebBIOS freezes, no disks recognized in ESXi.

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New Member
Apr 10, 2020

I just got my first server, an R710. I'm trying to set it up to pass my harddrives directly to any VM's I'll run.
I first installed ESXi 6.7.0, but it wouldn't see any of my disks so I decided to check the Configuration Utility (WebBIOS).

However, when I get to the "Select an adaptor" screen of WebBIOS, I press start and then either one of two things happen.
1: It freezes and I am stuck at the "Select an adaptor" screen.
2: It glitches, and seemingly is stuck like that forever.

See photo attached regarding the "glitching".

Do you have any idea whats going on, should I try to flash the card? Or is the only resolution to buy an H200 already flashed to IT mode?

Thank you in advance.



Apr 2, 2020
M1015 is very old module from SAS2008 chipset. I suggest you get other card like SAS2308 for IT mode or sas2208 for IMR mode and 1G cache.
Other thing that you sould try flash m1015 fw to LSI original firmware, it will have better chance to get work in dell system.