Help with ASUS Z10PC-D8/SAS LSI3008 to IT Mode

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Feb 10, 2020

I recently purchased an asus z10pc-d8/sas motherboard which came with an LSI3008 based on board SAS controller.

This was originally in IR mode and I needed it in IT mode - So I grabbed the LSI firmware files from this ZIP 9300_8i_Package_P16_IR_IT_FW_BIOS_for_MSDOS_Windows and proceeded to flash based on the crossflash instructions found in many of the threads here.

The flashing all went fine and card shows in BIOS as being in IT mode - it won't however recognise any of the various drives I've connected. I get no devices connected

When I've flashed 9211-8i cards in the past I had a similar issue which was resolved by flashing the SBR with an A21 labelled file. I've googled to see if there were similar files for a 9300 based card but nothing shows up.

Anyone any thoughts on where I go from here?



Apr 2, 2020
If your card have use IT mode, it with through HDD to OS directly.
You could install a windows server or linux to use storcli read card info and disk info.
I just test a LSI 9311 from IR to IT mode, and connect 4 SAS disk and 4 SATA disk, all disk are recognize after I install the sas 3008 driver to Win 2012R2 .
Also you may need check your SAS cable and cage BP power interface.