Getting Disk Activity LEDs


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Dec 23, 2018
Hi everyone, hope you will have some clarification on this.

I have a supermicro SC846 chassis with BPN-SAS-846TQ rev 3.1 back plane (the one with a separate connector for each drive) and a few dell h310's flashed to the latest lsi 9211-8i firmware and bios.

I have a few wd reds connected to one raid card in IT mode, everything works perfectly.
Also some random hdd and ssd connected to the motherboard's on-board SATA ports, everything works perfectly.
However, I also have a pair of intel ssds connected to a raid card in IR mode ( I want them in raid 1 to boot from ) and for some reason the activity LEDs don't work at all.

As I mentioned the raid cards are already on the latest firmware. For good measure I ensured the SSDs were on their latest firmware and as far as I can tell there is no firmware for the TQ back planes since they are not expanders just simply a passthrough to the raid controller / card.

Perusing the internet has led me to believe I might need a "SFF 8087 -> SATA + Sideband" cable to properly activate the LEDs but then my question would be why do all my other LEDs work without any form of sideband connection?