1. B

    [FS] Supermicro E300-9D + Rack Kit

    Hi all, I have a Supermicro E300-4CN8TF that needs a new home. It's been rocking ESXi 6.7 (But is capable of 7.0) and doing stellar service for the last few months. But I don't need two of these. So give it a new home - Run PFSense, OPNSense, VMs, Dockers etc. It's got SFP+ / 10Gbe / 4xGbE -...
  2. I

    SuperStoreSystem 6048R-DE2CR24L

    Hi All, we buy SuperStoreSystem 6048R-DE2CR24L ( a high-end Super Storage Bridge Bay (SBB) system comprised of two main subsystems ), when we power on two node and go to raid utility (ctrl + C in system boot) , one Node show all disks , but another node dony any show disks in raid utility...
  3. gb00s

    Supermicro X10DRD-iNPT - NVMe disabled > Weird power failure messages

    Hi, I started to receive weird power failure messages from Slot(12) which seems to be one of the 2x NVMe ports below. and The correct error message from SYSLOG is ... The other issue is if I boot the machine without connecting both ports and plug in one port, I receive the same message...
  4. T

    Question on SuperMicro H11SSW-iN and BPN-SAS3-826EL1 expander

    here's the question, and maybe it's obvious to some of you. i've got a 2U SuperMicro server with their SAS3 expander built-in. i installed an old stinky H11SSW-iN from ebay on it. (if you sold it to me, thanks!). no matter how I connect the cables, the motherboard (running a stinky old 7551P)...
  5. bob_dvb

    H11SSL-i with Threadripper

    I currently have a Supermicro H11SSL-i with an Epyc 7401P doing virtualisation and I'd like more headroom for the Windows VM that's running on it. Today I saw LTT demonstrating using a Threadripper on an ASrock Epyc motherboard successfully and I wondered if I might be able to do the same with...
  6. V

    Supermicro SYS-E300-9D 8-pin locking power connector

    Hello, I have been scouring the internet attempting to find internal replacement power connectors for the SYS-E300-9D Supermicro server. This is an 8-pin connector that connects between the mainboard and the external chassis. It connects to an external DC, locking, power brick, part number...
  7. G

    Supermicro H12SSL-i does not boot

    Hi, I Just have received my new Supermicro H12SSL-i MB to build my home server. Unfortunately seems that my system is broken as I am not able to start the machine. After I turn on the power supply the LE1 LED blinks quickly until the LEDM1 (BMC) starts to blinks quickly and then if off. The BMC...
  8. T

    Supermicro X9DRi-LN4F+ Ignoring BIOS PCIe Settings - Odd Issue, same on two motherboards

    Hello everyone, There's a strange issue I'm running into with my used Supermicro X9DRi-LN4F+ board and I was hoping I could get some assistance. There's a lot of info here, and I appreciate anyone with the patience to help: All PCIe slots are forced to gen 1.1 speeds and are forced to be...
  9. B

    Server not recognizing SSD

    Hey all, I have a server that I purchased from here It is a SuperMicro 230900-1U-X9DRI-LN4F+1.1-4BLTQ-1PS The BIOS shows up as Supermicro x9DRi-LN4+/X9DR3-LN4+ I recently picked up a Samsung 870 EVO 4TB SSD to pop in it for my esxi server, however the...
  10. bryan_v

    [WTB][CAN/US] 1U SFF LGA2011-3 Server & x16 PCIe NVMe quad-port card

    I'm looking for a few things: 1) At least one NVMe add in card for an x16 port, either 4 Mini SAS HD or 4 Occulink. Run is short and at PCIe Gen3 so a redriver is fine. 2) at least 2 short depth LGA2011-3 UP servers capable of supporting at least 2 x16 PCIe cards. CPU/RAM preferable but not...
  11. M

    Mystery CPU overheating and RAM speed Q (Supermicro X12SPL-LN4F)

    Hello, I've done quite a few sever builds over the years, but this is my first Supermicro and first Xeon 3rd gen. This is a new home NAS/App server build and I'm still at base level (no cards or drives added) so I've got: Supermicro X12SPL-LN4F (LGA-4189) Intel Xeon Silver 4310 (12 Core)...
  12. gb00s

    EU WTB - 10x Supermicro SC81302-XX00C004

    Without country limitation ... So US, UK and EU are fine. Even RU ;) if you are still allowed to trade with PL. I'm looking for Supermicro SC81302-XX00C004 the version to the left below. Please don't offer the version to the right. The version I'm looking for is one of the older versions of the...
  13. D

    SuperMicro 16 bay SAS Backplane only recognizing 12 bays

    Hi, I recently purchased two refurbished Supermicro SC836TQ (3U, 16bay) chassis with SAS backplanes (Standard SAS836-TQ planes). One works perfectly fine, but the other fails to recognize/initialize any disks installed in right-most column. Unfortunately, I'm a little out of my depth in...
  14. J

    ASRock Rack ROMED8-2T vs Supermicro H12SSL

    Good afternoon, I am planning on putting together a new, low core EPYC system (I need the PCIe lanes more than the cores) and I am currently contemplating whether I should go with another ASRock Rack board, the ROMED8-2T, or one of the Supermicro H12SSL-* ones (probably the -I as I have a spare...
  15. B

    Can I use the BPN-NVMe3-216N-S4 backplane with any SC216 chassis?

    The accessories page of Supermicro has the following description for the BPN-NVMe3-216N-S4 backplane: So is it compatible with any SC216 chassis? They all have 24 bays - 2U Chassis | Chassis | Products - Super Micro Computer, Inc.
  16. james23

    rail - 1u SM (but full length pull out) (supermicro)

    I have a few 1u supermicro servers (1u chassis = CSE-815 , is 1u and full length at ~24" in length/depth). I need the SM rail kit that allows me to slide the server all the way out (not just half way). I think these are my two , correct, options, however SM's site does not make clear which...
  17. gb00s

    Short Adapter SFF-8643 to U.2 adapters

    I'm building a new 2U server with Supermicro X10DRD-iNTP boards and I'm wondering if there are any short Adapter SFF-8643 to U.2 adapter cables below 50cm in the market. Unfortunately, I can't find them. The board has 2 PCI-E 3.0 NVMExpress x4 External Ports nicely close to the case wall where I...
  18. E

    H11SSL-I no video issues

    I am unable to get any video output from either the GPU or the built in VGA port. When I power the system on the fans spin and the Onboard Power OK LED (LE1) comes on and the BMC Hearbeat LED (LEDM1) blinks properly but I just can't get video. Could anyone help me with this?
  19. gb00s

    EU [WTB] 2U or 3U Supermicro Fan Shrouds

    I'm looking for Supermicro fan shrouds for 2U + 3U cases (825, 826, 835, 836) without any cracks. Example I already have:
  20. M

    Any places still doing Supermicro Xeon Phi (3647-based) complete systems?

    Hi people, I am asking this question on someone's behalf, but are there any places still offering and have supply of the Supermicro SYS-5038K-i-NF1? I am aware that the Xeon Phi product line was discontinued last year, but I just want to be sure I've consulted enough reliable information...