1. V

    Supermicro FatTwins: AOC Cards

    Evening: So I am considering purchasing a number of the Supermicro FatTwins (6027TR-DTRF w/X9DRT-HF boards) and am wondering if anyone knows anything about the SXB slots that take the propriatary AOCs and daughter boards? Basically, I need to get a 10GB SPF+ NIC in there along with an 6gbps...
  2. svtkobra7

    SMCI X9 Bifurcation I Why some boards but not all ?

    I don't mean to beat a dead horse as this topic has been much discussed (190 search results), but it seems as though there is not a definitive answer as to the question: Do SMCI X9 motherboards support bifurcation? Answers to that question run the gamut: (1) "Hell Yeah," (2) "Only on days that...
  3. J

    HELP! - SM X9DRE-LN4F won't power on after power fluctuations

    Obligatory long time lurker, first time poster and full force member of the STH effect. TLDR: Had utility power issues today, server is down, IPMI is up. Powering server up from IPMI fails with "Performing Power Action Failed: Please check the feature connector cables". So I've had this...
  4. U

    ACPI Initialization boot error (78)

    Hi, I've got a problem with Supermicro X11SCM-LN8F motherboard booting when I'm attaching PCI-E NIC card ST2000PEXPSE. The boot stuck on ACPI Initialization (78). Is there something I need to change in BIOS setup? Many thanks.
  5. R

    Supermicro IPMI Fan Speed Control - GPU System

    Hi guys, I'm having issues setting fan speeds on a 4027GR-TR Supermicro system. System has 8 fans for both CPU/GPU/chassis cooling, and are controlled via the IPMI. I've followed this guide from PigLover but it doesn't seem to work with this system...
  6. M

    Supermicro MB w/ USB issue

    I recently purchased some X9DRD-LF systems. I have got them fully updated and am using an m.2 to USB SATA adapter as a boot device. I had the devices attached to the external USB ports and they are operational as a boot device for ESX. (much better than USB flash drive performance) I finally got...
  7. madLyfe

    FS: (3) Supermicro H8DGU-(F) Servers w/o Chassis

    i have two H8DGU and one H8DGU-F servers with dual Opteron 6276 CPUs. the H8DGU-F has the 1U version heatsinks and the H8DGUs have 2Us. 2GB DDR3 ECC(1GB sticks) per CPU. PSUs are included. each has fans if wanted. looking for $175 shipped/each OBO. can work something out for the lot. i have 4...
  8. L

    EU [UK] FS: Supermicro SC836 SuperQuiet Server / X9SCL+-F / 32GB DDR3 ECC (SOLD)

    SOLD. ------------ This is pretty much a perfect FreeNAS file server and has been serving as such reliably in my homelab. Consists of a SC836 case from circa 2008 or so which had everything overhauled a few years back with 4 PIN PWM SuperQuiet fans (FAN-0104L4), a SuperQuiet 920W PSU and...
  9. A

    WTB: X10QBL-4 motherboard

    Hello! Anyone looking to sell the X10QBL-4 / X10QBL-4CT motherboard, please DM me.
  10. A

    FS: 2x16GB Supermicro certified Micron DDR4 ECC UDIMM RAM (works with most X11SS* mb)

    ** SOLD ** Hey I have 32GB (2x16GB) of Supermicro validated DDR4 2400 (PC4 19200) Unbuffered Server Memory (MEM-DR416L-CV01-EU24) Timestamp: Imgur Here's the relevant specs: Manufacturer: Micron Memory Capacity: 16GB Memory Technology: DDR4 Memory Speed: 2400 MHz Voltage: 1.2V ECC: VLP...
  11. svtkobra7

    FS: SC826A to SC826B Conversion "Kit" (HDD Kit + LP Rear Window + Unsold HDD Cage Frame)

    Offered for sale (or trade) is everything needed to properly convert a SC826A to SC826B model, i.e. supports rear drive kit (more info = Older Supermicro Chassis: Converting Rear-window to Support 2x2.5 Drive Cages?) and includes the following parts: MCP-220–82609–0N: 2 x 2.5" HDD Kit for 826B...
  12. A

    WTB: SuperMicro X11SSH/X11SSL motherboard + RAM

    Looking for X11SSH-CTF or X11SSL-CF preferably, but I'll consider other variants as well. I'm looking for compatible RAM compatible with Xeon E3-1275 V6, ECC DDR4, at-least 32 GB. Willing to pay local cash (I'm in San Francisco, CA) or Paypal. Thanks!
  13. K

    What I can do with this stuff??

    Hi! Good morning ppl, i had found some stuff that was prepared to be disposed in my work and i took it, cause it looks in pretty good condition. Please, can you help me deciding what I can do with it, or what/where they can be useful for? A little background: in my job wen we need a computer...
  14. J

    Supermicro X8DTH-6F GPU

    I just bought a bunch of new hardware including dual Xeon X5670's and 32GB of Ram (although it's only detecting 24, but that another story), I installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit and tried out some streaming with OBS. Only to realize that OBS on Windows 7 with my motherboards chipset graphics...
  15. T

    Supermicro MAC 88:88:88:88:87:88

    Hello, I updated the BIOS of Supermicro X11SAT-F motherboard using the IPMI webpage and followed that by updating the IPMI firmware. After these operations my original mac address was wiped and replaced it with, System LAN1 MAC address : 88:88:88:88:87:88 Both BIOS and IPMI fine. The BIOS...
  16. D

    EU WTB: SuperMicro X8-DTL-3F or -6F

    Looking for the above mentioned part: Supermicro X8DTL-3F or X8DTL-6F. Does someone have one to spare? Thanks and greetz D2k
  17. S

    WTB - 5 drive hot swap cages (Supermicro CSE-M35T?)

    Hi everyone. I'm looking for a 5-drive hot swap cage that sits in a 3x5.25 bay. I've used icyDocks in the past and haven't had the best luck so I'm wondering if Supermicro cages are better quality. Does anyone have (3) of these kind of cages that hold 5 drives (3.5") and fit in a 3x5.25 bay...
  18. A

    MEGARAID SAS 9271-4I with cachevault

    Hello, I have a 1u server chassis 813MTQ-441CB and the remote hands technician couldn't install the parts: MEGARAID SAS 9271-4I LSI00297 / LSICVM01 (LSI MegaRAID CacheVault Accessory Kit) we used a riser card for the RAID card but according to the documentation we need a remote mount board for...
  19. T

    Cooling the CPU, X11SDV-4C-TLN2F

    Hey good folks of STH, I recently purchased an X11SDV-4C-TLN2F, the one with a FCBGA2518 socket and a Xeon D-2123IT. Now the chassis I've chosen apparently has insufficient airflow to adequately cool the heat sink, so I'm looking for solutions. Either a way to actively cool the existing heat...
  20. M

    Supermicro SC846 power for internal SSD

    Hi Guys, I have 2x SC836TQs that I'm using and want to add an SC846 to the mix. On the 836 backplanes there are 4 pin power connectors to use for CD/2.5" drive power and I have the appropriate little adapters to make this work. The 846 that I have has the 846A backplane and the PDU doesn't have...