1. R

    Fan issue with Supermicro X10SDV-TLN4F

    Whenever my unit is powered off but still plugged in, the fan spins at full speed, indefinitely, until I press the power button to being booting, at which point the fan dramatically slows down. Aside from being very annoying, everyone I've talked to on homelab on Reddit have said that this...
  2. L

    SOLD: Two Supermicro Quad-Socket G34, 48-Core Platforms

    ALL SOLD ALL SOLD New price: $350, shipped USPS Priority Only one left I have two Supermicro, quad-socket, G34 platforms for sale. Both platforms are used. The platforms each include 4 AMD Opteron 6100 series, 12-core CPUs; 16 modules of non-ECC DDR3 memory to populate all motherboard DIMMs...
  3. T

    EU WTB: SuperMicro?

    Looking for someone in the EU for a quick deal, as next week will be Germany time. Seeking SuperMicro dual x 2011 MB ATX+ size. Intel E5-2670+ RDIMMs IF you got a Natex deal, I might consider the Intel S2600.
  4. M

    X9DRL-3F - Won't show 64 GB RAM installed

    Hello guys. I'm new in the forum and I'm hoping I can get some help with my issue. I've recently bought a SuperMicro X9DRL-3F, running with an Intel Xeon Processor E5-2603 v2 and 64 GB RAM (Samsung 64GB 8x8GB 2Rx4 PC3-10600R DDR3 1333Mhz 240PIN Registered ECC REG Memory). I've installed ESXi 6...
  5. J

    supermicro sc847 45bay jbod - limit fan noise

    Has anyone managed to make the supermicro sc847 45bay jbod chassis a bit more homelab friendly noisewise? I tried powering it on yesterday, and it would be nice not to have a jumbojet in the apartment :) Would be nice not having to sell this.... -J
  6. Zack Hehmann

    X9SCM-F Memory Issues

    I'm having issues with my X9SCM-F Board registering all 32GB of RAM I have installed. I have double checked to make sure they at seated correctly and even removed and put them back in. I first noticed it when I had System properties open in Windows 8. I ended up running a few apps to see what...
  7. L

    searching for low-power embedded mITX motherboard

    I could not locate a section on where to ask for build advice, so I decided to drop it here. I hope it's OK :) Currently, I have system with a mATX Supermicro X10SLM+-F (with a Xeon ES-1240V3 CPU) that functions as both a fileserver and virtualisation machine. Due to shifting priorities...
  8. Larson

    WTB: 32GB ECC DDR4 2133MHz RDIMM Memory

    Need 32GB ECC DDR4 2133MHz RDIMMs for Supermicro X10SDV-7TP4F. Hynix MEM-DR432L-HL01-ER21 preferred.
  9. Larson

    WTB: Supermicro X10SDV-7TP4F motherboard

    Upgrading my home/office server to a Supermicro X10SDV-7TP4F motherboard.
  10. Patrick

    FreeNAS Guide Build

    I am setting up a FreeNAS system that I want to use in a few guides. The goal is something storage oriented with low power/ costs being prioritized. Motherboard: Supermicro X10SDV-2C-TP4F CPU: Intel Pentium D1508 Case: Supermicro SC113 (8x 2.5" bay 1U) RAM: 32GB DDR4 RDIMMs (4x 8GB) Controller...
  11. Zack Hehmann

    Looking for low power CPU with VT-d and AES-NI for new pfSense build

    I wanted to get everyone's thoughts on a new pfSense build I'm looking at doing. I might consider making this build a light ESXi build that runs pfSense, a TurnKey Linux build with phpIPAM packages installed, and maybe an Asterisk server. I currently am using a Dell optiplex 755 and it's...
  12. C

    Running H8iR without backplane/extender?

    Hi All, New member and new to servers. I guess I have what would be a fairly simple question to most here. Can I use the SuperMicro H8iR without the backpane board? I'll be putting 8 2TB drives on it, with another bunch of drives running off the motherboard. Some background. I'm replacing a...
  13. fossxplorer

    Samsung EVO 850 on SuperMicro H8DG6

    Hi, i'm looking to buy 2 x SSDs to be used mainly as LVM cache and i've read some reviews of Samsung EVO 850 500GB. Does anyone have experience using these SSDs with SuperMicro H8DG6 or other SM boards?
  14. cheezehead

    FS: Supermicro 2U 24-Bay Sexy Beast

  15. T

    Tower case for Supermicro E-ATX motherboard (12x13 inch)?

    Hello, I have read that Supermicro E-ATX motherboards are not standard and holes dont line-up on the cases. Is there any non-supermicro tower chassis which will take E-ATX board (X10DRi-T) without drilling any holes in the chassis? Thanks
  16. The Gecko


    Ebay Link. The seller accepted $50 each when I bought three. Free shipping. Referencing a great thread for research.
  17. M

    Lot of 24 SuperMicro 05-SC82708 Hard Drive SATA SAS SCSI Caddy Tray 3.5"

    Stumbled upon this while browsing for PSU's xD Lot of 24 SuperMicro 05-SC82708 Hard Drive SATA SAS SCSI Caddy Tray 3.5" @ 29.50$ For those eyeballing ebay for cheap trays.
  18. Patrick

    Supermicro Redfish on X10SDV platforms

    I had a Supermicro X10SDV-TLN4F motherboard that I needed to upgrade the BIOS/ firmware on. I noticed something different about the IPMI firmware naming convention: Updating now:
  19. A

    Memtest86+ errors under less than ideal conditions

    I have a new Supermicro Xeon D motherboard, with two new Samsung 32GB DDR4 sticks of RAM. I've been running Memtest86+ for the last 13 hours and have found 80 errors. I'm wondering if the errors could be caused by something other than the RAM. The RAM and motherboard both came new from eBay...
  20. Patrick

    Supermicro HTML5 iKVM arrived

    We have a Supermicro SYS-5018D-LN4T in the lab and I saw something I think STH-ers will be excited about: an initial HTML5 iKVM! The HTML5 KVM functions are working as are the power on/ off. Virtual media still requires the Java app or using the web page: Still, this is a very exciting...