1. H

    X99-WS/IPMI: FRU & VGA Priority

    Hi, I’ve bought an used X99 WS / IPMI MB. It seems to work mostly fine. After an initial struggle on restoring the IPMI/iKVM password I’ve managed to login on it. Then I’ve discovered something I’ve never seen on my old DELL servers with iDRAC: FRU Information. After some research I’ve got that...
  2. Y

    SuperMicro IPMI alerts - do they alert on ECC error?

    Hello STH folx! I've read the IPMI guide and searched the Interwebs, and I am not finding the answer to this question: When I configure alerts in IPMI, email, but let's also consider SNMP Trap, will the IPMI alert me when a DIMM has recoverable or unrecoverable errors? I am assuming the answer...
  3. S

    Heads-Up: Supermicro Unique IPMI Passwords

    So, I ran into this tonight with a new X11SPL. Apparently in November 2019 Supermicro started programming in unique passwords for IPMI access. It's no longer ADMIN/ADMIN. The username is still ADMIN, but the password is printed on a sticker on the board. BMC Unique Password Security Feature...
  4. B

    EPYCD8-2T: two questions about Linux and IPMI

    Hi, I just built a system with a 7282 and an Asrock Rack EPYCD8-2T. It seems to be rock solid with Lubuntu 18.04 but here are a couple of question I really hope you could answer since I'm driven crazy with them. 1. OS-independent: I just cannot manage to have the IPMI working over the...
  5. J

    IPMI Viewer KVM Console Color issue

    I am using IPMI Viewer 20 to connect to SuperMicro X9DRi-F motherboard. Everything works great except the color of the kvm console is distorted. Everything seems tainted with green. As you can see from the attached screenshot. How can I address this issue? Thanks
  6. Q

    X11SSH-F - No video output (VGA & IPMI KVM) after boot

    Hello, I just found an old post on reddit about IPMI and iKVM "no signal" issue after boot sequence: No video output (VGA & IPMI KVM) after boot : homelab I have the exact (at least similar) same issue, but some times it works... e.g: not working when boot up the server, but many days after...
  7. D

    IPMI IKVM + External display on Supermicro X11SBA-F?

    I've been thinking of getting X11SBA-F for to replace my aging operator machine, but it must be hooked to a monitor 24/7, and at the same time i want IPMI IKVM to be active as well. Otherwise, i'd rather get consumer motherboard without IPMI. Problem is, my previous experience with X11SCA-F...
  8. S

    Supermicro IPMI Fan Control on Windows

    Hi, I have a Supermicro H11DSi-NT motherboard that I am using for a dual boot (Ubuntu 18.04 and Windows 10) workstation. I am trying to lower the fan speed. I successfully lowered the fan speed on Ubuntu 18.04 using the excellent reference put together by PigLover...
  9. F

    Please help me understand the fan controls of Supermicro MB's

    Hi there, I just bought a Supermicro X11SDV-4C-TP8F, and I really like it. The active cooler I bought from Supermicro is extremely noisy, though, and I wanted to have it a bit quieter. I read lots of blog posts about setting up the upper and lower threshold of the fan speed via impitools, as...
  10. G

    iGPU hw transcoding for xeon e3 v6 w/ supermicro IPMI board?

    Hi all, I have a Supermicro X11SSi-LN4F motherboard that's running great as a FreeNAS server, including plex and zoneminder in jails. I'm considering a CPU upgrade from Skylake e3 to a Kaby Lake e3-1245 version to get HW decoding and transcoding for Zoneminder and Plex. I've found a couple of...
  11. A

    Dell C6100 - Fans start out quiet, but over time grow louder

    Hey everyone, This isn't your usual "holy cow the C6100 is noisy!" question. My Intel (Tyan XS23-TY3) C6100 (after its initial jet engine startup) is actually rather quiet, likely because I am not pushing it too hard very often. I'm only running 2/4 blades as well, and they're located in the...
  12. L

    CSE-PTJBOD-CB3 Questions

    Hello all, Frequent lurker here. I think first time posting. Gradually putting together a larger post with my complete build, however I have a couple of loose ends. I’ve reviewed some of the threads on the CB3 but some info I haven’t found or I haven’t seen a direct comparison in my use case...
  13. R

    Supermicro IPMI Fan Speed Control - GPU System

    Hi guys, I'm having issues setting fan speeds on a 4027GR-TR Supermicro system. System has 8 fans for both CPU/GPU/chassis cooling, and are controlled via the IPMI. I've followed this guide from PigLover but it doesn't seem to work with this system...
  14. L

    REALLY "sluggish" video drawing on X10SRL-F via IPMI VGA

    I've put together a Linux/KVM system based around an X10SRL-F motherboard, and I'm stumped on what I can only describe as "extremely slow or sluggish video". What I mean by this is that when the system boots, the console messages that appear on the screen scroll excruciatingly slowly, and this...
  15. R

    BMC/IPMI Best Practices

    Here's a subject that I'm only obliquely exposed to at work, that seems to be in major discussion in light of recent events (i.e. Bloomberg Businessweek Supermicro story). I'm in the slow process of redoing my home lab, mostly downsizing/consolidating to fewer systems. Currently I manage each...
  16. R

    Remote BIOS recovery with IPMI

    Hi everyone, So it turns out that after a wrong manipulation during a BIOS flashing my motherboard (supermicro H11 SSL ) hangs with the B2 status (legacy oprom initialization). I have tried almost everything to recover a working BIOS (flash with USB, CMOS clearing, ...), but nothing worked...
  17. H

    Gigabyte ga-7peslx fan speed

    Hi, I got few Gigabyte ga-7peslx motherboard. I'd like to lower the fan speed (actually running stock fan of supermicro CSE-825 at 6000 RPM, pretty loud). I try the ipmitool raw commands of supermicro board, but it don't work's : root@hv1:/home/alex# ipmitool raw 0x30 0x45 0x00 Unable to...
  18. T

    Supermicro IPMI SOL

    Hello, I have a X11SAT-F motherboard with IPMI support running linux under EFI mode. I want to use SOL for the remote server. I appended the kernel command line to the following, linux /@/vmlinuz-4.9.95-gentoo root=ZFS=rpool/ROOT/gentoo ro spl.spl_hostid=0xa8c06f01 console=tty0...
  19. G

    KVM-over-LAN cheap solution

    Hello. Please tell me the cheapest solution of "KVM-over-LAN". Maybe its lowcost microATX motherboard with built-in chip ipmi or... pci-card?
  20. Layla

    Create Custom Fan Speed Maps for SuperMicro X10 Servers via IPMI

    I got tired of the noise with my SuperMicro X10 Server (4027GR-TRT), but didn't want to get into involved hardware fan swaps which still may produce unsatisfactory results. For reference, the "Optimal" fan setting decided to run half of the fans at 8000RPM at idle, and the other half at 5000RPM...