1. C

    Cannot access remote console

    Hello, I am trying to access IPMI console of a server through jump server. The jump server has Java 11 installed on it. I can use remote console for most of them without problem but for few I cannot and it says Browser has no java....I read somewhere that they stopped using installation of java...
  2. L

    IPMI configuration Supermicro H12SSW-iN

    Hey guys, I got something weird while trying to setup IPMI on a Supermicro board. The settings are not accessible in the BIOS (see picture) and I had to use EFI Shell and IPMICFG to manually setup an IP. I've tried upgrading to the latest version of the BIOS and IPMI firmware but no luck...
  3. BackupProphet

    What to do when you upgrade your Supermicro BMC too far?

    I recently upgraded an X9SRH motherboard to BMC version 3.61, I got the green screen (missing red color) and extremely slow delay. Installing CentOS over the BMC was a really awful experience. I see that I have an older BMC firmware for another X9 motherboard on my file system, can I downgrade...
  4. G

    Supermicro x Noctua

    So, like many others on here, I have the issue where my Supermicro doesn't like my Noctua fans and makes them spin up and down endlessly. I've seen different solutions here, but I'm running Windows and I'm not sure how to implement the solutions that I've seen. This is all on a Supermicro...
  5. M

    Supermicro X11SCH-F - Remote control not working via BMC

    Motherboard Supermicro X11SCH-F. BIOS and BMC Firmware latest: Firmware Revision: 01.73.12 Firmware Build Time: 05/10/2021 BIOS Version: 1.6 BIOS Build Time: 05/25/2021 There is a problem with this motherboard. Remote control via BMC stops working if you do BIOS settings. After saving the BIOS...
  6. F

    ASRock romed8-2t: Control fans via IPMI

    Hi, I’m having a hard time to control fans on an ASRock romed8-2t. Via IPMI I can make and save settings but what ever settings I make, the fans will always spin at max… Even if I do someting very simple like selecting manual mode and sat duty to 20, the fan will still spin at max speed, even...
  7. D

    Asrock IPMI iOS question

    I’m thinking of maybe switching my supermicro x11ssh-f motherboard to an ASRock EP2C612 WS. I’m really fond of the IPMI on supermicro so I’m wondering if anyone has any experiance with asrocks? I can’t seem to find any info on if they have a working iOS app. And also, I’ve got a supermicro sc846...
  8. L

    How to update Supermicro BIOS and IPMI on H12SSL-NT

    I'm looking to update the BIOS and IPMI on my H12SSL-NT via the IPMI web interface but am unclear on a few details: 1) Should I update IPMI (BMC) first or BIOS first? 2) When updating IPMI, what are the current recommendations on the "Preserve Configuration", "Preserve SDR" and "Preserve SSL...
  9. C

    [RESOLVED] SM MB X9DRi-LN4F+ no VGA output

    Except for the VGA, I think the mb works. I have cleared the BIOS, tried different CPUs, different memory, different vga monitors and cables. The MB boots and the fans scream. I get one beep and then in about 60 seconds the fans slow down. I checked the VGA jumper (JPG1) and no matter which...
  10. D

    Asrock C2750D4I - No post after BIOS update and IPMI login invalid

    I've been running this board for just over a year with no problem at all, and all was going well, running windows 10, it was said that updating the BIOS would resolve the IPMI issue where you couldn't log in with the default username and password. I started with the first BIOs update with the...
  11. T

    A workstation / home server build: IPMI versus vPro

    I'm looking into building a decent home workstation that double-functions as home server, running 24/7, accessible and managable through vpn. I'm planning to run virtual machines on it, although undecided yet what type, likely a proxmox hypervisor (type 1). Since I'm regularly abroad and since...
  12. C

    Dual EPYC 7742 H11DSi-NT Build

    Build Name: Big John OS: Fedora 33 Server (RIP: Centos) CPU: 2x AMD EPYC 7742 MB: Supermicro H11DSi-NT RAM: 16x NEMIX 8GB DDR4 3200 (PC4 25600) ECC Registered RDIMM HD: 2x Micron 9300 Pro 3.84TB NVMe GPU: 4x NVIDIA Geforce RTX 3080 Founders Edition Case: Mountain Mods U2-UFO Gold Digger Case...
  13. G

    IPMI On Supermicro X9 Boards

    Help. I have a supermicro blade chassis, 5037MR-H8TRF, with a few blades with X9 boards. The seller had previously used IPMI effectively (this is something I confirmed to be true) even so much as providing login info. However I can't get a link, even after resetting and cold rebooting BMC...
  14. V

    Public FTP with various Supermicro BIOS and firmware

    Found this on google: ftp://ftp.abacus.cz/support/FW/MB/SUPERMICRO/ — a huge archive of historical BIOS and IPMI firmware versions for various Supermicro boards. Abacus is a Supermicro distributor in Czech Republic. HTH.
  15. R

    Fix for X9 motherboards IPMIView remote console opening and closing straight away.

    So I bought a X9DRI-LN4F board a wile ago and use it as the basis for a home FreeNAS box (running a couple of VMs as well as normal storage server duties). The problem I had with it was that after connecting to the BMC with Supermicros IPMIView and trying to open the Remote Console, it would...
  16. H

    X99-WS/IPMI: FRU & VGA Priority

    Hi, I’ve bought an used X99 WS / IPMI MB. It seems to work mostly fine. After an initial struggle on restoring the IPMI/iKVM password I’ve managed to login on it. Then I’ve discovered something I’ve never seen on my old DELL servers with iDRAC: FRU Information. After some research I’ve got that...
  17. Y

    SuperMicro IPMI alerts - do they alert on ECC error?

    Hello STH folx! I've read the IPMI guide and searched the Interwebs, and I am not finding the answer to this question: When I configure alerts in IPMI, email, but let's also consider SNMP Trap, will the IPMI alert me when a DIMM has recoverable or unrecoverable errors? I am assuming the answer...
  18. S

    Heads-Up: Supermicro Unique IPMI Passwords

    So, I ran into this tonight with a new X11SPL. Apparently in November 2019 Supermicro started programming in unique passwords for IPMI access. It's no longer ADMIN/ADMIN. The username is still ADMIN, but the password is printed on a sticker on the board. BMC Unique Password Security Feature...
  19. B

    EPYCD8-2T: two questions about Linux and IPMI

    Hi, I just built a system with a 7282 and an Asrock Rack EPYCD8-2T. It seems to be rock solid with Lubuntu 18.04 but here are a couple of question I really hope you could answer since I'm driven crazy with them. 1. OS-independent: I just cannot manage to have the IPMI working over the...
  20. J

    IPMI Viewer KVM Console Color issue

    I am using IPMI Viewer 20 to connect to SuperMicro X9DRi-F motherboard. Everything works great except the color of the kvm console is distorted. Everything seems tainted with green. As you can see from the attached screenshot. How can I address this issue? Thanks