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    MS-01 HBA / NAS expansion Question

    I would like to build a 1u rackmount nas enclosure attached to my MS-01. Ideally 16 nvme modules using 2 * 5.25 slots but I havent found a short chassis of 1u with 2 x 5.25 slots yet. If you have any idea for that it would great. The 5.25 to nvme modules I want to use are these : MB873MP-B V2_8...
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    [SOLVED] One of multiple WD Red Sata drives not detected by LSI HBA

    SOLUTION: Asked a friend of mine for help, they researched a bit and found this KB450057 - Using Staggered Spin Up - 45Drives Knowledge Base Checked the details of every disk in hdparm and indeed the faulty drive had this feature turned on. After running hdparm -s0 for the drive it started...
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    LSI SAS 9300-8e HBA Not Displaying Drives

    Hello!! I am troubleshooting disks not being recognized by my HBA. I have an overkill HBA for my purpose purchased used from eBay but I figured it would still work for my purpose and was reasonably priced. For my setup, I'm running: Server HPE DL360 Gen 9 x2 Intel Xeon E5-2690 v3 x2 16GB...
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    Another Help What HBA Should I Consider Post

    Hi, I have recently purchased a NetApp (LSI?) Class 3650 Model 0834 Storage Array, it uses 2 x NetApp Drive Module PN 45822-00 to connect to the computer. The storage array currently (and for the near future) will be filled with 12 x 4TB Seagate EXOS Drives. After doing a lot of reading and...
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    [WTB][US-CA] SAS3008 (or newer) 8/16e LSI IT mode capable HBA (complete)

    Before I give ebay more of my money I thought I would ask here. I prefer a single -16e but open to two -8e. Needs to be LSI and able to flash into IT Mode. Found one locally. Thank you all. Thank you
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    H240 shows up during POST but not in SSACLI

    Hello there I'm trying to setup TrueNAS Core on my HP DL380p Gen8 in a ESXI 6.5 VM. I bought a H240 HBA because I couldn't get a H220 used as some forums stated it works just fine. I installed the card in slot 2, redone the internal wiring so I actually can use it. It shows up during the boot...
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    Many sata ssd drives, 4 NVME sas drives, 16 m.2

    I have a few threadripper boards, an asrock rack x570d4ult2 (might be wrong but it’s a very similar name). Then some standard consumer pcs, an i5 from 2013 and an x570 phantom minibus tb3. Both phantom and asrock rack use 5950x. Threadripper is on an Asus sage pro workstation with 3275, consumer...
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    NVMe on Dell Precision Workstation T7910

    Hello folks! I've recently acquired two T9710 which are arriving soon so they can be a home lab VMWare Cluster. I'm adding to each machine 8x SATA3 consumer level SSDs using SAS breakout cables. Those are capacity disks. I also need to add 4x NVMe M.2 SSDs. However, the T7910 doesn't have M.2...
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    ESXi HBA SATA or NVME or Tri-Mode

    Hi Can someone please recommend an HBA on the vmware HCL for ESXi 8.0 that either supports SATA, NVME or both and can be viewed/managed/monitored in ESXi for health/temperature reporting purposes? I just need to boot from the HBA so doesnt have to be large number of ports. Ideally the card...
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    Good day I have a "SAS 9286-8e" PCIe card with SFF8066 connectors. I would like to use it for a JBOD, but for that I need the IT mode (for ZFS). Does someone know if this 9286-8e card can do IT mode? I found contradictory information, some even sell this card on eBay claiming it has IT mode...
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    Proxmox Setup in Dell R610

    Hi All I have three Dell R610 Servers with me and was thinking of setting up a home lab with Proxmox. These servers come with Perc 6i RAID controllers and I understand that there is no way for me to configure the drives as JBOD for Ceph Storage. I am looking at replacing the Perc 6i with SAS...
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    9300-8i, Proxmox, only one disk showing

    Not 100% sure where this topic lies, so sorry if it's in the wrong subforum After lots of "fun" attempting to flash a PERC H330 to IT mode, I gave up, and flashed an IBM LSI SAS9302-8i instead. Fresh install of Proxmox, all updated, OS sees the HBA, but only one of the eight disks attached to...
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    New Proxmox box w/ ZFS - R730xd w/ PERC H730 Mini in “HBA Mode” - BIG NO NO?

    I recently purchased a used R730xd LFF 12-bay (3.5”x 12 bay backplane) that I have installed Proxmox on and plan to use for some VMs (Emby/Jellyfin/Plex/Docker, etc, experimenting) and ZFS storage. Basically doing compute and storage with this until and it's a sandbox until I get a feel for what...
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    [Help Request] LSI 9211-8i Sas Card

    I have a LSI 9211-8i sas card, only one port seems to work out of the two. I tested the cables and the drives and there does not seem to be an issue there. I am not too familiar with SAS cards and I am hoping someone here may know the command or way to check to see if that port has been TURN off...
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    Proxmox boot stuck on: "mpt3sas_cm0: overriding NVDATA EEDPTagMode setting"

    Hello everyone, I am currently running Proxmox VE 7.4. I virtualized Ubuntu Server LTS 22.04 and TrueNAS Scale as VMs and started my first ZFS pool with 4 HDDs. Everything was working fine until recently, when I decided to increase number of HDDs inside my case. After adding 4 more disks to...
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    DS4243 High iowait

    I'm experiencing weird problem with my DS4243 where I am getting high iowait on it consistently. Originally I had a Supermicro 846 sas2 expander back plane and load was around 8-12. Since switching my storage over to a DS4243 I am seeing a load of 20-40. My setup: Supermicro 826 12 bay...
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    ESXI TrueNAS Core 13 VM, at my whit's end

    Hi all, I will try to keep this brief so you don't get bored but get all the info you need in here Hardware Server: Dell T410 CPU: 2x E5-2450 v2 (8C 16T 2.5GHz) Memory: 192GB DDR3 1600 MHz (12 x 16GB) RAID Controller: Dell PERC H710P (used for VM Storage, truenas OS drive is stored...
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    LSI 9300-8i Will not show any Disks connected with direct connect cable

    Hello. I hope that someone in here have a little more experience with this than i do. I bought an LSI 9300-8i to connect directly to two 1.92TB 12G sas drives. I then also bought TWO different kinds of cables that would take SATA power to power the drives, i know they deliver power as i have a...
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    ESXi 7.x/8.x HBA/Storage question.

    Say you have a single SMicro host (single node) with LSI 9300 + 8x SSds. (ESXi is installed on a separate disk). How do you "pool" the storage to make a large datastore?
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    9400-16i + BPN-SAS3-I28A - Can't get fail/locate LEDs to work

    I just upgraded from a 9200-8i + BPN-SAS-I28A to a 9400-16i + BPN-SAS3-I28A (the version with an Atmel chip). Problem is, I can no longer get the LEDs (other than presence/activity) to work now. Here's what I've tried: ledctl - used to work perfectly (still does for the main backplane which is...