Many sata ssd drives, 4 NVME sas drives, 16 m.2

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Feb 2, 2022
I have a few threadripper boards, an asrock rack x570d4ult2 (might be wrong but it’s a very similar name). Then some standard consumer pcs, an i5 from 2013 and an x570 phantom minibus tb3. Both phantom and asrock rack use 5950x. Threadripper is on an Asus sage pro workstation with 3275, consumer board with 2990wx. ALL storage is ssd ir nvme ssd. The Asus board limits to 10 nvme ssd’s and with 3 @ m.2 slots and then the expander board with 4 m.2, that 7 without adding 2.5” drives. Not trying to do raid or anything. But trying to use all the drives/storage space. Speed is less of a concern as long as it’s generally decent. All are pcie 4.0, but I doubt I get any max performance from them. Same, all the 10g Ethernet ports for connecting and I doubt I get top speeds from them. Anyway, trying to use many drives with the Asus and it seems like it doesn’t see them all or it will boot loop if all are connected. Could easily be an issue with bifurcation configuration (it should work fine and has in the past if using sata ssds.
Bought a Broadcom eHBA 9600-24i 24 Int. Ports PCIe SAS/SATA/NVMe Tri-Mode Storage Adapter because 24i and tri-mode had me thinking it’d work with any/all the types of drives I have. At this point I’m aware just getting a server would have been cheaper and could do these things better but what I have is above. Using these components, to get it working should require (hopefully only) a backplane and drive trays? I have 24 slot sata ssd from icydock. Is there any way to get the 9600 connected without having to get another Icydock nvme drive cage? Thanks for any assistance