1. adminmat

    FS: AMD Threadripper Combo: 3970X, Noctua CPU Cooler and ASRock Rack MoBo

    For sale: AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3970X, 32 Core 64 Thread Processor Box and tool included ! Asrock Rack Server Workstation Motherboard Model: TRX40D8-2N2T with box Noctua NH-U14S TR4-SP3 140mm U-Type cpu cooler with box All in great condition. I'd like to sell this as a combo and not split...
  2. L

    New to AMD processors - how to buy EPYC Rome?

    I've built several Intel servers but am now looking to build my first server using an AMD proc (EPYC Rome to be specific): 1) Is there any difference between box vs tray (ie, warranty)? 2) What's the scoop on the HPE kits I see on Provantage? Can these be used on Supermicro motherboards? 3)...
  3. J

    FS: [US-WA] AMD EPYC 7742 Retail $3k including fedex shipping.

    I am upgrading my epyc 7742 retail cpus to the 7h12 versions. I am selling one of the 7742 in perfect condition. I only used it briefly to test in my vmware 7.0 setup using the tyan s8030 to ensure everything was perfect. I am asking $3k and will include fedex shipping. I just paid a lot...
  4. marcoi

    2020 New Desktop Build Work Log for a Dual system

    Build’s Name: Ettin (AKA The Two-Headed Giant) Build one: Operating System/ Storage Platform: Windows 10 pro CPU: Ryzen 9 3900x Motherboard: Gigabyte x570 Aorus Master Chassis: Phanteks Enthoo 719 Drives: 2 of Corsair Force Series MP600 1TB RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 128GB (4 x 32GB) 288-Pin...
  5. P

    28Core Intel Xeon-W vs 64Core AMD 7H12 EPYC

    I got a 64-core EPYC 7H12. I compare it with Intel Xeon-W3275M former my workstation CPU. First, the Xeon-W 3275M has omitted the multi-socket function and got 64-lane PCI-E. On the other hand, EPYC has 128-lane PCI-E and has high performance, so both are very attractive CPUs as Workstation...
  6. M

    Is anyone running an ESXI homelab on Athlon e.g. 3000G

    Hi to everybody I am planning to build a low power ESXI homelab and i am thinking on Athlon 240GE or 3000G but i can't find any info regarding stability of ESXI on these small processors, anyone has something similar running right now ?
  7. ExecutableFix

    Finally: Overclocking EPYC Rome ES

    In November of 2019 I first got my hands on an AMD EPYC Naples engineering sample. I thought it was really cool you could overclock 32-cores for a lot cheaper than a 2990WX and achieve mostly the same performance. Once I saw that there were next-generation EPYC Rome engineering samples floating...
  8. A

    Overclocking SOC and RAM voltage on Supermicro H11DSI?

    Hi guys, I recently bought two Epyc 7551 ES chips from eBay and have been encountering memory instability issues. I followed another post here about 1st gen Epyc overclocking using Zenstates and I'm currently running 3.3GHz 1.175V with SMT off on both chips with only VRM cooling being a real...
  9. S

    Dual AMD EPYC 7742 workstation build

    Hi, I'm looking for some advice on building a powerful workstation for some specific use cases that my team has. I came here after watching this video and checking this detailed post about the same. I really liked the details provided and how this setup can absolutely annihilate similar ones...
  10. D

    Which CPU(s) are the kings in x265 encoding?

    I've been busy hibernating thus lost track of what is what and really can't seem to get any straight answers out of Google these days, even reviews tend to be more 'sponsor' agnostic these days... So I ask fellow oldies who hibernate with their eyes wide open... Do I go say Intel Platinum 8180...
  11. K

    Supermicro H11DSi memory bandwidth

    Hello! I have built a machine with 2 AMD Epyc 7282 CPUs on a Supermicro H11DSi board. It has 8 RAM slots per socket. I have 8 sticks of 16GB DDR4-3200 registered ECC memory, that is 4 sticks per socket. The problem I'm having is - when the system is fully assembled multiple benchmarks show...
  12. E

    For Sale - HP C7000 Bladecenter w/ BL465/685 G7 blades & Operton 6276 cpus

    I have for sale HP C7000 Bladecenters with BL465 G7 and BL685 G7 blades. These blades have AMD Opteron 6174 chips installed however I have AMD Opteron 6276 chips for these blades included. There is no ram or hard drives. A bit more info. I have 16 of these chassis, I have enough blades to...
  13. M

    AMD Opteron 4386 RVI Support

    Hello, I am considering an upgrade from Opteron 4180 to Opteron 4384 and I was wondering if anyone has experience running a 64-bit VMs inside a nested ESXi on this CPU. In otherwords if it supports AMD Rabit Virtualization Indexing that is required for this.
  14. J

    RAID0 on motherboard's SATA not as fast as expected

    Hi. Forgive the newbie question! I have an 8 x 12TB disk Zfs RAID0 array running on the motherboard's SATA connectors on an AMD X399 motherboard. Read speeds top out at about 800 MB/sec. This is slower than I expected. Each disk can sustain over 200 MB/sec so the RAID0 array should, in theory...
  15. K

    SOLD ThreadRipper 1950x w/AsRock Tachi X399M mATX Mobo

    SOLD I'm pretty much done with my encoding project and want to get back to gaming, so I'm hoping someone is interested in buying my ThreadRipper 1950x and AsRock Tachi micro-ATX motherboard. Motherboard Info: Taichi/index.asp Comes with original box...
  16. J

    Did I kill my SuperMicro board?

    Hi everyone. I have a SuperMicro H8DGU-F board, dual socket AMD G34 board. Basically all the parts from this setup were from eBay, and everything worked until I tried to change out the CPUs. Specs CPUS : 2x AMD Opteron 6274 [not functioning] (Previously was working with 2x AMD Opteron 6172)...
  17. F

    Disk Passthrough ESXi to FreeNAS

    Hi, my first post here after discovering this useful forum! I have at home a PC running ESXi 6.7.0, let's call it my "homelab server". It is nothing special, it has an AMD FX-8350, 32GB RAM DDR3, a 512GB SSD for the ESXI and some VM's (Server Core 2016 and a couple of W10 VM's). I'd like to...
  18. C

    New AsrockRack 3251 Motherboard with 10gbe NICs

    Just stumbled across this - EPYC3251D4I-2T Includes intel 10gbe NICs Looks perfect for a homelab cluster
  19. S

    Power efficient Processor for nas build .

    Hi , i am a student i am planning to build a freenas for my home data backup and plex purpose . Can anyone suggest me any power efficient processor for this build . suggest anything except atom c servers processors . Please suggest some processor which supports ECC memory . And not a Atom...
  20. Kei-0070

    Watercooled Threadripper workstation

    I actually built this in 2009 but it runs up to the present day. I use this for a big mixture of gaming, video editing, video capture, media conversion, audio production/capture/editing/restoration and photo editing. Poor thing does take a hammering. It's been water cooled since it started life...