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    "The Render Box" 32 core build complete :)

    Hi Guys First time posting and thought I'd share my recent workstation build. I've always been in to the more high end machines. Not so much gaming but more the file servers and 10 gigabit stuff. Below is my final build of my render/workstation rig. Enjoy! SPECS ASUS Z10PE-D8 WS Motherboard...
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    Chess workstation - home edition - noise

    Build’s Name: Chess Workstation / Home Edition 
Operating System: Windows 10
 CPU: Dual E5 2683 v3, CPU-coolers: 2x Noctua U9DX-i4, standard front to back fan orientation, low noise adapters 
Motherboard: Supermicro X10DAX
 Chassis: Supermicro SC732D4F-903B, Mid-Tower. Case fans: 1x exhaust case...
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    New Workstation Build - Need advice Plz

    Hi there, I'm looking to replace an outdated 2.8ghz Dual Xeon Workstation. It's atleast 10 years old - used to be screaming fast way, way back but not so much now! I've been trying to brush up on Xeon CPU's, speeds and motherboards, etc but there are a ton of different options now and I...