1. D

    Workstation motherboard query

    I just got an Intel C612 Gigabyte MU70-SU0 motherboard. I will be installing an E5-2699-V3 or an E5-2679A-V4. PSU: Seasonic 650W platinum, quadro P620, 6x samsung evo ssds. I am going to use it for a proxmox server. I am fairly new at it and this will be my test setup. I've got some questions...
  2. M

    [FS] [US-MN] Dell Precision 7820 / Xeon Platinum 8259CL / 96GB DDR4-2666 / 2TB NVME / Nvidia P1000

    Selling a set of workstations I put together to test the VRM modification needed to run these platinum CPUs. Everything works great, I'm also running these on my own server. Surprisingly they pull less idle power than my 6138 CPUs. These are very quiet also, which is a nice bonus! The tower...
  3. G

    EU [For Sale] Nvidia Quadro M6000 24GB

    Time for me and my Quadro M6000 to go our seperate ways. Currently installed in my workstation as I await my upgrade. The card works flawelessly. 380€ + shipping to your location. (Ships from Sweden) PayPal or SEPA/Bank Transfer. Kind regards /Grand G
  4. pututu

    [FS] [US-CA]: Dell T3600 Workstation

    For sale is one of my first few DC (distributed computing) rigs that I built back in 2016 and hardly used it since early 2020 as I've much more efficient rigs to use. See pictures for details of what you will receive (gpu not included). Just add a gpu to the workstation and off you go. Asking...
  5. L

    New Build - Windows 11 TR Pro / EPYC Workstation

    I'm looking to build my first workstation in 8 years (currently on Supermicro X9SRE-F / E5-1650). My key goals are very good performance (prefer more GHz over more cores) but relatively quiet. Supermicro M12SWA-TF or H12SSL-NT Threadripper PRO 5955WX or EPYC 7343 Noctua NH-U14S TR4-SP3 CPU...
  6. A

    Is this overkill?

    Hi all. Been down the NAS rabbit hole for a month now and still struggling to make the right decision, here's where I'm at: Currently taking a workstation build to turn into a NAS server... I'm realizing that I can no longer use the computer as a workstation if I go the TrueNAS route -...
  7. G

    FS (PA, US): Lenovo workstation servers (D30, S30) with tons of RAM

    Lenovo Thinkstation D30: 2x E5-2603 $300 + RAM + shipping Lenovo Thinkstation S30: 1x Xeon E5-1620 $100 + RAM + shipping Working well, just don't need this kind of capacity at home any more. Amazing home servers--load them up with RAM and SSDs to your heart's content. I have gobs of 16GB...
  8. C

    NVIDIA PNY T1000 8GB GPU, 40G Mellanox ConnectX-3, 2x Dell Precision 3650 Workstations (GPU compatible + In Warranty!)

    Dell Precision 3650 Tower Workstation $1200 quantity: 2 8 core Xeon W-1370 / 24GB DDR4 / 256GB NVME with Windows 10 + 12TB HDD + **Dell warranty** valid through **3/09/2025** (see bottom for more specs) Buy both $2350 NVIDIA PNY T1000 8GB $375 quantity: 1 Plays Elden Ring on Ultra at 1080...
  9. fossxplorer

    EU SOLD DDR4 2933/3200Mhz RDIMM

    SOLD. I still have some used 32GB DDR4 2133Mhz and 8GB/16GB DDR3 1333/1600Mhz RDIMMs for sale, will create a new post for that.
  10. D

    Advice for building a home server/workstation

    Hello, I'm a complete newbie when it comes to building servers so please be patient :) Recently I decided to build a server which would be used for storage, but also as a workstation where I would have multiple virtual machines for testing/gaming/audio production. After some research it seems...
  11. T

    A workstation / home server build: IPMI versus vPro

    I'm looking into building a decent home workstation that double-functions as home server, running 24/7, accessible and managable through vpn. I'm planning to run virtual machines on it, although undecided yet what type, likely a proxmox hypervisor (type 1). Since I'm regularly abroad and since...
  12. O

    SAS Backplane for DIY Workstation

    Is there a recommended SAS2 (or SAS3) backplane for DIY workstation builds? 4 drives preferred. 8 would be awesome (if that's possible) 3.5" drives preferred. If not, then 2.5 would be interesting Installed within regular ATX or large ATX case ATX or CEB motherboard cases, like the Asus X99-E...
  13. L

    Threadripper or EPYC for a gentoo workstation?

    I've been planning for a new computer build for a couple months now. With the new 3990x and EPYC server processors launching, I've been wanting to move away from my current X299 build as my chip has been really tough to cool and my needs have shifted. With this, I've kind of planned out two...
  14. S

    Dual AMD EPYC 7742 workstation build

    Hi, I'm looking for some advice on building a powerful workstation for some specific use cases that my team has. I came here after watching this video and checking this detailed post about the same. I really liked the details provided and how this setup can absolutely annihilate similar ones...
  15. P

    New My Workstation Xeon W-3200series

    New My workstation... CPU - Xeon W W-3275M Motherboard - SuperMicro X11SPA-T RAM: 384GB (12x 32GB) Chassis - Thermaltake W200 Cooling - Asetek 690LX-PN GPU - Nvidia Quadro RTX8000 Storage#1 - Intel 900P Storage#2 - Samsung PM1725 3.2TB×2 Storage#2 - Samsung 983ZET 980GB PSU - Seasonic...
  16. A

    Building a tiny (Sub 3.9 Litres) workstation

    First post here, if you know me from other places, hello again. Anyway I've come because I'm thinking about using some server parts in my workstation build and hopefully I could get some feedback on this potential idea. The plan is to use this a portable graphic design workstation. I'm not so...
  17. J

    Trying to put together a game server at home, need advice from a pro.

    I'm new to server hardware, and I wanted to build a public game server at home that runs 24/7. I've built multiple desktop computers but I'm completely new to the world of server hardware, so looking at all the options out there is daunting and confusing for me, and I need help selecting the...
  18. Kei-0070

    Watercooled Threadripper workstation

    I actually built this in 2009 but it runs up to the present day. I use this for a big mixture of gaming, video editing, video capture, media conversion, audio production/capture/editing/restoration and photo editing. Poor thing does take a hammering. It's been water cooled since it started life...
  19. K

    Looking for a quiet workstation

    Hi all, I am looking for a quiet workstation, which can be put inside a living room and will not make more noise then an ordinary desktop. It should have at least 3x16 pci slots for functional tests with nics ( i am making a networking research). I do not need a powefull cpu, it is primarily...
  20. P

    LGA3647platinum MY PC#1

    Here’s what I built this week. My goal is to make a compact and powerful system. (my personal pc) Dual Xeon platinum8173M 28 cores / 56HT Super micro X11SPL-F IN WIN 303 Wood MOD DC S 3510 OS DC P4510 2TB 256 GB RAM (ecc reg) DDR4-2666 1x TITAN V Cooler Master V1200 tiatanium PSU Microsoft...