1. S

    SR-IOV for Mellanox ConnectX-2

    I've not dealt with anything but Intel cards in the past so I picked up a Mellanox to play with. Is this real life? These are the official instructions to enable SR-IOV: HowTo Configure SR-IOV for ConnectX-3 with KVM ... | Mellanox Interconnect Community I find it hard to believe that one...
  2. G

    High/tall bracket for the Mellanox MCX312A-XCBT bracket

    Someone have the tall/high bracket in stock/spare, or can help me getting the bracket for the Mellanox MCX312A-XCBT? Contacted mellanox support and got a message also replied a few days ago but no answer yet. But I need to keep searching if he says no. Checked on ebay, google and local...
  3. A

    MLNX-OS: current version?

    Does anyone have the current version of MLNX-OS? I'm looking to update a SX6036 switch TIA
  4. H

    ConnectX-3 pro En in x4 slot

    HI, Back again Was comparing CX3 with CX3 pro cards and found out that CX3 cards will work in x4 mode when connected to pcie3 (x8 in gen2), but nothing about this in XC3-Pro En but these lines: --- A lesser width adapter can be seated into a greater width slot (x4 in a x8), but a greater width...
  5. T

    Mellanox Infiniband backward compatible ?

    Hi, I have numerous old servers using Mellanox ConnectX-2 (MHQH19B-XTR) cards and would like to purchase a used Mellanox SX6015 switch which has only 18 ports but that is fine for my test lab. However I wonder if the SX6015 switch which is FDR 56Gb/s will be compatible with my older...
  6. T

    Mellanox ConnectX2 keeps disappearing (Windows 7)

    I purchased a few Mellanox ConnectX2 adapters and put them in my various machines. Initial install went very well, all cards detected, peer to peer network established and functioning, 10 gig, great! Then I rebooted my workstation, the card wasn't there anymore. I trek down to the equipment...
  7. P

    FS: Full Inifiniband setup (switch, HBAs, Cables) -- SOLD

    Last year, before we decided to go to 40GbE, I bought all the stuff to set up a 20Gb Infiniband network. Since we're not using it, here's your chance to get the whole setup in one fell swoop. We got as far as powering on the switch, which seems to work fine, but never actually got the network...
  8. Patrick

    Installing Mellanox ConnectX-3 EN on Ubuntu 16.04 notes

    I did a clean install of Ubuntu 16.04 on a machine that had 2x ConnectX-3 Pro EN cards (the dual 40GbE versions). The Mellanox instructions were written for pre-Ubuntu 16.04 I believe since you need Python 2.7. Here are the steps you need: sudo apt-get -y install debhelper autotools-dev dkms...
  9. Patrick

    Anyone know if Oracle 7046442 are the 40GbE Mellanox MCX354A's?

    Does anyone happen to know if the Oracle 7046442 are the 40GbE capable cards? They both say 40GbE in the listing. I believe the MCX354A-FCBT is 40GbE capable. The MCX354A-QCBT only did 10GbE if I recall correctly. Four for $99: Sun Oracle 7046442 40GbE Dual Port QDR Infiniband PCIe 7092757...
  10. Patrick

    Mellanox ConnectX-3 Pro Ubuntu Server installation

    I just tried the latest Xenial (16.04 LTS) daily build. Still no support for installation using only a Mellanox ConnectX-3 Pro in Ethernet mode. On my three test servers I only saw the i350-t2 network controllers (that were not connected). I popped in the Xenial Desktop and the adapters are...
  11. Y

    Mikrotik Compatibility with Mellanox ConnectX2

    Hey, I am looking to purchase a Mikrotik CRS226 and purchase a couple Mellanox Connect X2 cards for connection to my server. So is the CRS226 sfp+ ports compatible with the Mellanox Connect X2 cards using Twinax cables.? Also can i team the 2 sfp+ ports on the CRS226 with 2 Mellanox ConnectX2...
  12. G

    Infiniband setup. Advice needed.

    Hello all, I'm interested in setting up an Infiniband network. While I know there are significant hurdles, I'm just so enamored by the possibilities. I'm just getting around to understanding the basics so I'm hoping STH will be kind. I know Infiniband is in decline and 10gbe is probably a...
  13. P

    WTB or Trade Mellanox ConnectX-3 Tall Bracket

    Hey everyone, I am in need of two Mellanox Dual Port ConnectX-3 Tall Brackets. I have the short brackets that I would be willing to swap / trade for. The controller I have is their Model # MCX312A-XCBT Please contact me if you have a few you would like to sell / trade for. Thanks
  14. D

    FS: New Mellanox ConnectX-2 EN 10GbE Adapters with RoCE - $150 each

    20 x Brand new Mellanox ConnectX-2 EN 10GbE Adapters with RoCE for sale. Part No: MNPH29D-XTR Specs are as follows: Dual 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports SFP+ for -SR, -LR, direct attached copper PCI Express (up to 5.0GT/s) Traffic steering across multiple cores TCP/UDP/IP stateless offload in...
  15. P

    Any difference between direct connect SFP+ Cable and switch connect SFP+

    I am tempting to get a pair of Mellanox 10gb SFP+ to direct connect as this.