1. I

    Mellanox ConnectX-3 on Proxmox 7.3

    Hi everyone! I have a Proxmox 7.4-17 with a Debian 11.6 (“Bullseye”) on my computer. I have the following network card: Device Type: ConnectX3Pro Part Number: ... Description: HP InfiniBand FDR/Ethernet 10Gb/40Gb 2-port 544+QSFP Adapter PSID: HP_1370110017...
  2. O

    Help with HP 649281-B21/Mellanox MCX354A-FCBT

    Good afternoon, everyone! I've searched through the forums but haven't been able to find an issue like mine. I recently purchased a couple HP 649281-B21 infiniband/ethernet cards off ebay, along with both a generic (Blackbox) 10m AOC and a Mellanox branded 3m passive DAC. The NICs were...
  3. U

    [SOLVED] 1Gb uplink from SX6036 does not re-enable after power cycle. Needs transceiver resocketing

    I use a 10Gtek 1 (1.25?) Gb RJ45 to SFP+ transceiver (from amazon) and a SFP+ to QSFP+ adapter (ebay listing title was HP MELLANOX 655902-001 655874-B21 QSFP/SFP ADAPTER) to connect my LAN switches (going through one unifi switch flex mini powered on USB-C to reach my router) to my SX6036. I...
  4. G

    Debian on Mellanox SN2700 (32x100G)

    Source: Debian on Mellanox SN2700 (32x100G)
  5. N

    Mellanox MSN2410-CB2FC Managment port not working

    I have two MSN2410-CB2FC units that the managment ports are not working. The port shows that they are up and enabled even though no cable is plugged in. when a cable is plugged in DHCP doesn't work, and no lights come on for the port. I have set the IP for the managment port staticly as well...
  6. S

    R86s U2 SFP+ interfaces not showing up

    Hi, I recently got an R86s U2 but I'm having trouble getting the SPF+ interfaces to work. I can see the three 2.5Gbps interfaces but not the two SFP+ ones. $ ip l | grep -P '^\d' 1: lo: <LOOPBACK,UP,LOWER_UP> mtu 65536 qdisc noqueue state UNKNOWN mode DEFAULT group default qlen 1000 2: enp1s0...
  7. R

    40GbE ConnectX-4 to ConnectX-3 Transceiver Recommendation

    tl;dr - I'm trying to connect a ConnectX-4 MCX4131A-BCAT to a ConnectX-3 MCX354A at 40GbE. My Kaiam XQX2502's only seem to negotiate 1GbE. Is there a transceiver that will get me back to 40Gbps? Previously, I had two ConnectX-3 MCX354A's connected (Windows to Linux) with Kaiam XQX2502's linked...
  8. U

    RoCE v1 implementation (SX6036 heatsink/silence mod running log!)

    For my setup, I already have (4) CX3 non-pro cards. I needed to get a single CX4 card in order to support the mlx5 driver that is now bundled with macOS and my macs can be on the network now via thunderbolt. I am interested in setting up a simple point to point network at home where the...
  9. U

    Mellanox ConnectX-3 with fiber requires physical transceiver replug to reconnect

    I have the following equipment: Ubuntu workstation (5950X, 128GB RAM, 2xRTX 3090 NVLink, 6x14TB Seagate Exos (ZFS), etc.) M1 Max 64GB Macbook Pro Windows SFF desktop (5800X3D, RTX 3080Ti, etc.) 3x MCX354A-QCBT/FCBT (they should be interchangeable and most are flashed to FCBT already) 1x...
  10. C

    Switching Mellanox SX6036 from InfiniBand to Ethernet Mode

    have a Mellanox SX6036 switch that's currently set up in InfiniBand mode. I'm interested in switching it to Ethernet mode for our network needs. Has anyone gone through this process before? I am going all over the Internet, and I cannot find it. Thanks!!!
  11. Prophes0r

    [ SOLVED? NOPE? MAYBE? ] Do QSFP28 optics work in QSFP+ ports? (Obviously at lower speed)[SX6036][CX3]

    [EDIT] After 2+ more hours I think I have found an answer. Nope. Every article I see talks about compatibility of using older 40Gbit QSFP+ optics in 100Gbit QSFP28 switches. Does the opposite work? I doubt it, but it would be good to know. I'm on a shoestring budget and I'm encountering...
  12. T

    Using Mellanox Infiniband DAC Cables for Ethernet, is this possible?

    This previous thread suggests that using Mellanox Infiniband DAC cables, for ethernet instead should work OK. However, as I'm new to all of this stuff I want to try to be as specific as...
  13. Castlers

    Mellanox SX6036 DHCP Relay Problems

    I have a couple VLANs and I wanted to set an upstream DHCP relay on them so I could point it to a DHCP server I'm hosting, but the switch is giving me an error if I try to enable it at all. This is said throughout when I just try to enable it or point it to a helper address at all, I can go...
  14. Castlers

    Mellanox SX6036 L3 VLAN woes

    I'm having issues routing from the switch to the router/ISP. I have 2 VLANs created to separate the Workstations and the Servers, and while Inter-VLAN routing is working, getting out of the switch and to the router is not working. I cannot create a routerport on this switch as it says the device...
  15. G

    Mellanox ConnectX-3 Pro EN (MCX314A-BCCT)

    Not sure if these Pro versions are still a thing but pricing is going wild. If you take more than 10x seller accepts 15US$ :oops: Hope they are genuine. If I'm not mistaken, these can do 56Gbps on IB. Mellanox ConnectX-3 Pro EN Netzwerkkarte (MCX314A-BCCT) 7290107197144 | eBay
  16. P

    Does Mellanox/Nvidia ConnectX-3 support any other speedds tha 1gb and 10gb in EN mode?

    Hi, this might be a dumb question but do ConnectX-3 cards support speeds like 2.5gb and 5gb in EN mode because, i have been looking into getting one for my server and want to know if i will need a more expensive switch?
  17. E

    Both ports on Mellanox ConnectX-3 FDR/EN have the same PCI function ID | HP 649282-B21

    Hi, I recently started to use the HP Mellanox QSFP+ cards (both 649282-B21 and 764285-B21) but I'm facing the issue that both ports on the NIC have the exact same PCI address (even the same function id). I wanted to use them for a VPP router but this does not work as DPDK can't handle this edge...
  18. R

    Does a Mellanox SN2010 SFP28 port support 1GbE?

    Hello All, We are configuring our Mellanox SN2010 switches and need to configure one of the SFP28 ports for 1GbE to connect to the Internet circuit in our cabinet. I don't see on the Mellanox datasheet explicit support for 1GbE connection - only 10/25GbE. We purchased several of these...
  19. P


    Hello, after long efforts, I upgraded my MELLANOX CONNECTX-2 MNPA19-XTR cards to firmware version 2.10.720. However, interestingly, iperf3 shows 6.55Gbits speed when copying files from my NAS Server (OpenMediaVAult 6.3 Debian 11) to my Windows 11 Client. However, when copying files from my...
  20. aosudh

    About the non-standard OSFP cage in mellanox Connectx-7 400G Network Adaptor

    I recently got some connectx-7 from local distributer that used to sell unlisted lab equipment from some of the big companyies. As the price was fair enough, i just immediately purchased it without further testing and evalutation. Unfortunately, when I tried to connect two of the NICs , I...