1. A

    Mellanox Connectx-2 temperature (and alternatives?)

    My 2-port Mellanox ConnectX-2 NIC is running at a scary 72C. I have got a Norco 4u case with 6 Noctua 80mm fans. They are running at adaptive speeds. Nothing blowing air over the PCI cards, so that won't help. I might build a bracket with magnets to hold some fans (maybe two 80mm) and one of...
  2. K

    Question about Mellanox Connectx-2 VPI and Cables

    Good Afternoon everyone. You will have to excuse my ignorance when it comes to infiniband/ SFP/ SFP+ and QSFP. I have purchased two Mellanox MHQH29C-XSR ConnectX-2 VPI 10/40 Gbit Low Profile Dual-Port Adapter Cards for use in my home network (purely for learning purposes and for transferring...
  3. L

    HP 649281-B21 ConnectX-3 VPI MCX354A-FCBT $35 + $8 shipping OBO ebay

    Unbelievable deal! These are low profile dual port cards capable of 56Gbps IB and 40Gbps Ethernet. I messaged the seller and bought 32 cards for $25 each plus shipping. He said he has 1300 in stock so there's plenty for everyone :) They can be flashed from their HP firmware to stock Mellanox...
  4. A

    Mellanox IS5030 Speed Issues: Only DDR?

    Hi, I'm having speed issues that I've isolated to my IS5030 switch. System: I have two Infiniband switches: 1. A Mellanox IS50XX with 36 ports enabled and the FrabricIT internal subnet manager running, making it an IS5030, with latest firmware (IBM P/N: 98Y3756) 2. A Sun 36 port QDR Infiniband...
  5. A

    Compatible active FS SFP+ DAC for Mellanox Connectx-2/3 and possibly TP-Link switch

    Hi! I need a 10 meter active SFP+ DAC to connect my workstation peer to peer to a server with Mellanox Connectx-2 cards. I might get a TP Link SFP+ enabled switch in the future... so compatibility would be nice to have. Since the cables run for 81 USD new, which ones should be the most...
  6. L

    Mellanox ConnectX-3 Pro MCX354A-FCCT FDR10 40/56GbE 2 PORT QSFP ADAPTER $118 obo

    I missed the previous $80 CX-4 deal, but I found this MCX354A-FCCT CX354A MELLANOX CONNECT-3 4099 FDR10 40/56GbE 2 PORT QSFP ADAPTER | eBay Different from MCX354A-FBCT, the above one is MCX354A-FCCT (ConnectX-3 Pro)
  7. H

    Potential deal: MELLANOX CONNECTX-2 MNPA19-XTR 10GB with SFP+ CABLE for $23

    MNPA19 XTR 10GB MELLANOX CONNECTX 2 PCIe X8 10Gbe SFP NETWORK CARD W CABLE | eBay The bundled cable makes it an interesting deal. However, no lengths provided. Seems to be over 1 meters, but wouldn't be surprised if shipped with the shortest on market. Edit: Seems like he just bumbed the price...
  8. M

    Mellanox WinOF powershell cmdlets not working in Windows 10 (ConnectX-3 SMB Direct/RDMA)

    Hello, I got two MCX314 cards, and I am trying to make SMB direct in windows 10 working. I enabled DCB and SMB Direct in windows features, updated firmware to 2.42 and installed WinOF 5.35 In Mellanox guide for Windows 2012, It is specified that for WinOF 4.9 or higher, RoCE version has to be...
  9. MiniKnight

    Mellanox ConnectX-4 40GbE $80

    Sick! MELLANOX TECHNOLOGIES, INC. MCX4131A-BCAT CONNECTX-4 LX EN NETWORK INTERFACE | eBay ConnectX-4 QSFP28 cards. The picture is of a dual port model but the model number is the single port model. Spec sheet
  10. T

    DAC Question: Mellanox MCX314A-BCBT <-> Arista 7050QX-32

    Searched through the forums and can't find a definitive answer regarding a DAC for this setup. Hoping someone has first hand experience. If a gun was to my head I would buy this: Arista Networks CAB-Q-Q-1M 40G QSFP+ DAC Cable | FS.COM Just looking to make sure I get something that works...
  11. P

    40G Network Setup Advice Needed

    Hi everybody, I need to setup a 40G network, I am connecting a single workstation with a server. As of right now, I only need point-to-point between these two machines. Distance is app. 15m. Been reading up on 40G required hardware, but am a little bit confused, so I have some questions -...
  12. S

    A small 10gbe home network. Need a advice.

    Hello everybody I plan to upgrade my home network to 10 gbps (and I'm a bit noob on this issue) And that's why I plan to buy several network cards with FPS + from eBay based on which I want to create a PC router. What adapters can you recommend? For no problem working in windows 10 / server 2012...
  13. Z

    Canada WTB: Mellanox MTM000574 dual QSFP full height bracket

    Looking for a pair of these MTM000574 brackets shipped to Toronto Ontario Canada. Mellanox Full height Dual QSFP bracket to fit MCX354A card. Thanks
  14. H8ROADS

    FS- HP S6500 Blade w/8xSL390s. Dell R715x3 Mellanox

    Hi All, I'm remodelling my house and have to liquidate my lab unfortunately. I'll probably end up rebuilding stuff later after the dust is cleared. I have an S6500 HP Blade Chassis that's been sitting for about a year with 8x SL390S blades. Some have dual Xeon 6core procs, some have no procs...
  15. G

    ebay Mellanox Connectx-3 CX353A lot of 3

    My Mellanox ebay search popped this up. It's a lot of 3 connectx-3 CX353A's, bidding at $26 + $14 shipping. Lot of 3 Mellanox ConnectX-3 10Gigabit Ethernet Card PCI-e x8 MCX353A CX353A | eBay
  16. K

    Cheap optical QSFP 56 Infiniband cables Guide

    Frist post here so I thought I would start by helping others. Ok, so you know the cheap optical QSFP transceivers on eBay, Well it turns out you can use them. First you need a MPO cable to use, and as a warning, they are not the cheapest things so be very careful when following this guide...
  17. Patrick

    Flash HP 649281-B21 656089-001 to Mellanox Firmware

    Since these cards seem to be selling for awesome prices: 649281-B21 656089-001 661685-001 HP IB FDR/EN 10/40GB 2P 544QSFP ADAPTER | eBay I wanted to ask @i386 and others what files you used to flash these particular HP adapters. Instructions are here Flash OEM (IBM) Mellanox ConnectX-3 EN...
  18. S

    Ryzen Build 3x PCI Express full size?

    I've been hearing nagging to get rid of my E3 server. It was a 1U but that was too noisy for the SO, so I moved it to a mid-tower case. Now it's too ugly/cluttery. So here's my goal: Eliminate both E3 home-server and Intel Workstation, with a Ryzen build. I was thinking: Ryzen 1700 80+ Gold...
  19. B

    Infiniband Switch (SX6012) - Boot issue ?

    Hello everyone, What brings me here is a used switch I bought of ebay and is giving me a hard time to boot. It appears that when the system should become ready to login and running, some errors start to appear on the console: Mellanox MLNX-OS Switch Management cmpny-GW login: Apr 17 16:11:22...
  20. A

    MCX314A-BCBT With the IBM or HP flavored version of this card, is there any problems flashing it back to original Mellanox firmware?