1. A

    Mellanox Onyx update

    I was able to get a good deal on SN2700 switch, but it has a pretty old MLNX-OS release on it. Does anyone have access to a recent release and willing to share?
  2. Sniper_X

    Stumped by 10Gb speed limit on 40/56gb IB cards...

    I'm using a pair of dual port Connectx-3 cards (Part# MCX354A-FCBT on FW 2.42.5000 ) and I seem to be stuck at 10Gb. My ultimate goal is to get to pure Infiniband connectivity between the servers and the storage. I have Dell PowerConnect 8132(N4032) switches AND a pair of Mellanox IS5022...
  3. gb00s

    EU (CLOSED) Giving away broken EMC SX6012 (ES)

    Giving away the possible 'broken' EMC SX6012 from this thread: . Take note it's an 'Engineering Sample'. The Delta fans are still working. The screws for the case are gone. I will ship the broken 2nd...
  4. S

    Can't find updated firmware for Mellanox SFP+ ConnectX3 MCX341A-XCE Card

    My Freenas server is not detecting my new (from ebay) SFP+ card. It is the Mellanox ConnectX3 MCX341A-XCE, but I haven't been able to find an updated firmware for it anywhere. If I try the other firmware's for other variations of the card, I get this error -E- PSID mismatch. The PSID on flash...
  5. X

    Slow iperf speed (4gbit) between 2 mellanox connectx 3 vpi cards with 40gps link

    Hello, I have 2 mellanox connectx 3 vpi cards. They have been updated to latest firmware and installed one on centos7 and the other on windows 10. Both cards are on amd threadripper systems with pcie express gen4/3 at 8x or 16x. On windows I use the latest WinOF drivers. On linux I use...
  6. Alfa147x

    [FS] - [USA-CA] - [SOLD] - Pair of ConnectX-3 Infiniband + 40GbE QSFP Adapter Cards with Cable - $90 Shipped

    *** SOLD *** I have the following for sale as a bundle: 2x Molex 106410-1002 Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies QSFP AOC 40G 1.2, 2m 2x HP/Mellanox 649281-B21 ConnectX-3 VPI FDR IB Infiniband + 40GbE QSFP Adapter Cards. These cards are equivalent to Mellanox part number MCX354A-FCBT and have had...
  7. gb00s

    Mellanox/EMC SX6012 - Revival Attempt

    New project. I received an SX6012 for shipping costs only. Tried to get it running and to get a console today. First of all, the switch starts. Both fans in the middle are running 100%. Both fans in front of the power supplies are running on minimum rpm. Mgmt port shows straight green and...
  8. gb00s

    EU WTB: Mellanox 6012/6015/6036 (temporary done)

    It's Christmas ... Looking for cheap un-/managed 6012/6015's here in EU only. If you can include cables you were working with, SUPER !!! Ok, if you pay the shipping 'Overseas' are welcome as well ;) If you have a 6036 for cheap, I will consider your offer as well.
  9. H

    Mellanox ConnectX-3 (single port, MCX341A-XCGN, OCP mezzanine) running at x2 pcie?

    Hi, I'm having issues with my ConnectX-3's from ebay (ocp mezzanine). One card would only run at 2.0 x2 (in a 2.0 x16, running at x4 slot) and 3.0 x2 (in a 4.0 x16, running at x4 slot). Anyone have similar issues?
  10. A

    Only seeing 900Mbps or less speed on 10Gb network

    I've been trying to solve this problem for quite awhile. I cannot seem to get above 1Gbe speeds with my 10Gb equipment. I'll summarize my equipment below. D-Link DGS-1510-28X switches. Firmware 1.70.012 downstairs. Connects to upstairs switch from port 28 to port 28. D-Link DGS-1510-28X...
  11. C

    Help! ConnectX-4 Lx Not Working in Windows 10

    I'm having major issues with getting windows 10 version 2004 to work with my ConnectX-4 Lx EN Mellanox NIC and would appreciate any help you could provide to get this card working on my gaming rig! Running windows 10 pro, version 2004. Updated FW on card with mlxconfig. Installed latest OFED2...
  12. F

    Windows 10 failed to initialise Mellanox MCX311A-XCAT :(

    Hi Bought two cards Mellanox MCX311A-XCAT CX311A ConnectX-3 EN 10G Ethernet 10GbE SFP Network Card for a Peer to Peer (Ubuntu to Windows 10) First didn't initialise - then initialised - now not :( Try swapping cards over - no change Tried without fixing card, just in case screw...
  13. gb00s

    IB - CPU Frequency Mismatches - Sun Falcon (Mellanox MHRH2A-XSR)

    I have a little issue while testing InfiniBand connections. While system (Bios-wise) is set to performance and the CPU governance is set to performance, I still receive the message/alert/warning of CPU frequency mismatches. Both CPU's are E5-2673v3's. The cards are old 10EUR eBay findings of SUN...
  14. F

    Mellanox Software for MHQH19B-XTR

    I am hoping someone here has the WinOF software for the above card as I am trying to ensure that the cards I have for a started have the latest firmware and I need to be able to check their temperature for some custom heat sinks I am working on. Can any one help, the link to the old software...
  15. V

    What switch for ConnectX-4 100 Gbit SIOMs?

    I am building a four-node hyperconverged infrastructure cluster based on Windows Server 2019 with Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) and Hyper-V. I have this Supermicro X11 system in place, supporting 24 NVMe disks: SYS-2029BT-HNR. This machine has four nodes, each equipped with a SIOM module...
  16. K

    Issue with Mellanox Connectx-3 MCX341-A NIC not being picked up by mobo

    Hello, I just bought a few of these from the popular eBay listingthat seems to have a huge quantity. I'm trying to install one of them in a Windows 10 gaming rig, which has an i9-9900k on an Aorus Master Z390. I can't get any of the cards I bought (3) to be recognized by the computer in any way...
  17. Y

    Cheap OCP Mezzanine cards to standard PCIE

    This thread is posted in order to pay back our fourms, beacuse the Inspiration comes from here. Will give us a new choice with Two port SFP+ 10GB Ethernet card,cheap and easy ! This thread tell you how to use a transfer suit to get a cheap 10GB Ethernet card,and a little work...
  18. Bjorn Smith

    Mellanox SX6018 L3 Routing

    Hi, I have this nice switch that I am really happy with, but I want to start using VLANS. I have created 3 VLANS and want to be able to route traffic between the VLANS. Reading up on it, it seem like you have to do the following: interface ethernet 1/1/2 no switchport force Which sets the...
  19. T

    mellanox mnpa19-xta 10g nic stop working

    one day my 10gig nic died for no reason, in lspci, that nic shows up as a memory controller[ib flash recovery], I tried to flash firmware but always get some error like "MFE_VERIFY_ERROR" "MFE_NO_FLASH_DETECTED"
  20. XeonSam

    Advice on vSAN networking : Infiniband

    I'm setting up a vSAN network with 3 Nodes. I have set up a vSAN cluster with 10G Ethernet (base-T) 2 years ago and wanted to delve into infiniband for a new test environment. I've done some reading up on this but wanted to get some tips from people who have successfully implemented a similar...