Question about Mellanox Connectx-2 VPI and Cables

Kevin R

New Member
Mar 26, 2018
Good Afternoon everyone.

You will have to excuse my ignorance when it comes to infiniband/ SFP/ SFP+ and QSFP.
I have purchased two Mellanox MHQH29C-XSR ConnectX-2 VPI 10/40 Gbit Low Profile Dual-Port Adapter Cards for use in my home network (purely for learning purposes and for transferring larger video files between 2 pc's) in a peer to peer configuration.

Ideally I would prefer to use a DAC cable but I need to run almost 10 meters of cable between the two pc's (about 10 feet apart but don't want to run the cable across the floor). I am looking at a few optical cables and am wondering if any of these would work.

1) Hp 588096-006 Mellanox 498386-B26 4x DDR/QSFR QSFP IB Cable
2) Mellanox DDR/QDR QSFP Fiber Cable (Part #: 498386-B26)
3) IBM Mellanox QSFP Optical Infiniband Fdr14 Cable (Part #: MC2207310-020)

These are all 15m cables (would rather have some room to play if I decide on a different cabling route (due to a difficult to get to wiring chase).

Any help would be appreciated.