1. D

    can't update firmware on 9440-8i

    I have a broadcom 9440-8i and I cannot update the firmware. it is currently on 50.5.0-1859. I have tried flashing 4 different new firmware files from the latest I could find to what looked like just one version up. They all come back with an image corrupted error. any ideas?
  2. A

    Investigating an OEM Intel i350-F4 SFP variant and dumping/editing/flashing its EEPROM

    Hey everyone, I also posted this on reddit and got a promising response but since this might also be interesting for this community and to increase my chances of succeeding, I decided to try my luck and also post this here. The backstory goes like this: On the quest to build a low power pfsense...
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  4. H

    Looking for Latest Firmware for HGST HDN726060ALE614

    Hi, Any idea if there is a firmware update? I would like to update just in case and maybe to solve the overheating issue. P.S. Also this HDD is getting 56 degrees hot under write, its bare outside with esata. I moved to more modern drives and they dont get as hot, I have one x16 14tb on top...
  5. W

    Firmware update for HPE LTO-7 drive.

    Hello, all. Posting here since I did not find a separate category for LTO drive, but they are distantly related to HDD's so I hope this is ok. I have an HPE LTO-7 tape drive and I am trying to update firmware on the drive. Since I have HPE warranty on my servers I thought that this will take...
  6. J

    Raritan PX rack PDU firmware

    I have purchased some nice switched individually outlet monitored rack pdus My PDU is running firmware version 01.00.03 from this PDF file 1.00.nn MUST UPGRADE TO 1.01.nn BEFORE UPGRADING TO 1.3.1-nnnn (where n is a...
  7. R

    Need Optane DCPMM Firmware

    Hello everyone, can you please provide me with pointers towards any firmware for Intel DPMMs. I'm on the quest to recover a bricked Apache pass ES stick. Its version is reported as all zeros and it's unmanageable as well as reported non functioning. Of course i had a look at the HPE support...
  8. S

    Supermicro H12SSL-CT Boot (0x62) and BIOS update Problem.

    Hehey Folks Ok i come directly to my situation. What's the HW: Mainboard: Supermicro H12SSL-CT ( REV: 1.01 ) CPU: AMD EPYC 7232P RAM: 2x Samsung 8G 2Rx8 PC4-2133P-RE0-10-MB1 ( M393A1G43DB0-CPB2Q S ) If i put all power cables on ( both cpu and the big 24 pin) the POST stops at: DXE--USB...
  9. L

    Flash HGST HUS724040ALS640 with A280

    Hello, I have 2 HGST HUS724040ALS640 drives and I want to flash them with the A280 firmware. I bought them from an online seller and I don't know where they came from. Currently both of them are reporting to be Hitachi DKW2E-H4R0SS. I'm a noob in hdd firmware flashing, never did it before, so I...
  10. I

    MZ7WD960HMHP detects wrong size

    update: only size incorrect issue remain for some reason wrong size is shown for the drive 880GB instead of 960GB i am running with ubunu 20.04 live cd. i successfully formatted and erased using hdparm i tired format with Samsung DC toolkit but it fails: here is some reports\logs...
  11. S

    Can't find updated firmware for Mellanox SFP+ ConnectX3 MCX341A-XCE Card

    My Freenas server is not detecting my new (from ebay) SFP+ card. It is the Mellanox ConnectX3 MCX341A-XCE, but I haven't been able to find an updated firmware for it anywhere. If I try the other firmware's for other variations of the card, I get this error -E- PSID mismatch. The PSID on flash...
  12. B

    Lenovo LSI 9240-8i: Failed to Validate Mfg Page 2

    I've been racking my brain on this all day. I followed the steps in this thread and got stuck on step 14. I get this output: fs0:\> sas2flash.efi -c 0 -list LSI Corporation SAS2 Flash Utility Version (2014.09.18) Copyright (c) 2008-2014 LSI Corporation. All rights reserved...
  13. Z

    NEC 9362-8i Raid Controller has no Raid 5,6,50,60 options?

    Hello, I recently purchased this card on ebay. I installed the card into my supermicro server and put in 7 of my new sas drives. I can see all the drives, but when I go to create a new volume, my only options are Raid 0,1,00,10. The firmware is fully up to date from the broadcom site. I...
  14. E

    Getting P812 working in Non-hp server, connect to MSA60

    I have been trying to get my P812 working in a non-hp system for over 30 hours now (unfortunately split up due to only being able to do things on the weekend :/ ) It is a used p812 but I have verified that it works by putting it in an old (DL360 G5) server and connecting it to my msa 60...
  15. C

    How to update the firmware for IBM SATA&SAS drives

    Hi, I've been googling this question for a few hours now...and just can't seem to find a straightforward answer. I have several IBM branded drives... I believe they're all Seagates... ST3000NM0033 - SATA ST4000NM0033 x 2 - SATA ST6000NM0014 - SAS All running on a Supermicro server. Does...
  16. A

    Need original firmware for Samsung PM1725 6.4TB

    I could not find it on the Samsung website, although I searched for a long time. Current firmware: KPYABD3Q
  17. P

    AMM Firmware - IBM Blade Center - 8852

    Hi All, I'm looking for some advice, I've been task with getting an IBM Blade Center's fan working this has led me down a path which I am hoping I can get some advice on. Issue we have a fan that failed at our LIVE site on an Blade Center H we replaced the fan with a new one but it reported...
  18. adminmat

    Questions on updating iDRAC firmware safely (R720)

    Good evening all. I picked up an R720 last month with an iDRAC7 active Enterprise license and would like to update the iDRAC firmware. The current firmware version is: 1.57.57 (Build 04), last updated Oct 2 09:17:51 2014 I see the latest version is: iDRAC with Lifecycle Controller v.
  19. D

    Any firmware update for HP HSCP1920S5xnNMRI 1.92TB SAS SSD?

    Hi All, I have just go a bunch of these HP HSCP1920S5xnNMRI 1.92TB SSD (HGST HUSMR1619ASS204) drives and I guess they are 3PAR ones (with default P100 Firmware written on label). Just wondering any one could supply a latest firmware for these drives? Seems couldn't find anything on the...
  20. F

    Updating firmware for HPE-rebranded Seagate XF1440 without a Linux Live CD

    I have a HPE-rebranded Seagate XF1440 NVMe drive with model number VK001920KWDUH. Its preinstalled firmware is HPK2. I can find HPK4 on HPE site, but they only provide a Linux-based updater for this version. I don't want to burn a Linux Live CD for doing this, so I tried to extract and replace...