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    Delta 7024 switch network interfaces all failed when flashing to Dell 8024

    I bought a machine and followed a guide here approximately a month ago: (7024) Delta To Dell - Brokeaids Because I was using the WTG environment, and I lost my usb device, I have no log page for now. Things at first are the same, and the output are all the same as the guide. Then the front panel...
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    In need of AMD Instinct MI50 VBios

    Hi, I'm in search for an AMD Instinct MI50 16GB SK-Hynix VBios. I need it for a personal project, and it would be nice to get it without buying such a card of ebay or a like.
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    HP Q6Q68A LTO-8 30750 MSL SAS Drive Firmware

    Hi team, anyone can share the latest (last??) HP Q6Q68A LTO-8 SAS Drive Firmware? More specifically "LTO_30750_SAS_P381_MSL.frm" Thanks! PS: This is a good reason to move away from HPE to others like IBM => HPE paywalls firmware while others remain open
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    HPE Aruba AP-515 latest firmware

    Hi team! I am looking for latest firmware for HPE Aruba AP-515 "ArubaInstant_Draco_8.11.1.1_87111". Anyone can share one? Thanks!
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    Quanta T3048-LY2 No Firmware

    Hello, I know there was similar post already, but it seem kinda dead. I got Quanta switch for tests, tried to update firmware, because Web UI didn't worked at all. Switch seemed kinda messy, cause it was used. I wanted to start from 0, so I erased flash, and now I don't have idea how to install...
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    How to check latest firmware version available for WD Red Plus drives?

    Hello, I have recently acquired a few 14 TB WD Red Plus drives, and I'm wondering if there's a newer firmware available for it that I might want to install. I've been thinking about this since I heard of recent firmware issues with some of Samsung's SSD drives. Currently, my drives have...
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    SM863 firmware

    Will the Dell firmware (GB55) for a MZ7KM960HAHP00D3 work on a MZ7KM960HAHP00D6 (currently GB32)?
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    Informations about DC HC520 12To ?

    Hello :D regarding HUH721212ALE601 and HUH721212ALE604 (DC HC520 12to) I nee some help to figure it out some point. Maybe @MuscleLazy @napalm_atx could help :rolleyes: I bought some disks from two different ressellers, everythings works fine, but I have some question regarding those disks...
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    LSI 9300-8i Will not show any Disks connected with direct connect cable

    Hello. I hope that someone in here have a little more experience with this than i do. I bought an LSI 9300-8i to connect directly to two 1.92TB 12G sas drives. I then also bought TWO different kinds of cables that would take SATA power to power the drives, i know they deliver power as i have a...
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    Supermicro H11 Series Motherboard Series NVMe Functionality

    Does anybody here have any experience working with NVMe devices on Supermicro H11 Series of motherboards? After reading the manual I still have some questions about the support of NVMe storage devices. The particular board I have questions about is the H11DSi-NT. Does the m.2 slot support...
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    Oracle-branded HGST drives unusable in KTN-STL3?

    Hi all, Recently got some 4TB Oracle-Branded HGST drives with the hopes of using them in my storage array, but it appears they must have some kind of custom firmware that prevents them from being used outside of Oracle systems. The drives show up fine on my proxmox host, but the drives seem...
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    can't update firmware on 9440-8i

    I have a broadcom 9440-8i and I cannot update the firmware. it is currently on 50.5.0-1859. I have tried flashing 4 different new firmware files from the latest I could find to what looked like just one version up. They all come back with an image corrupted error. any ideas?
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    I350-F4 EEPROM Investigation + 1G Intel NIC Power Consumption Comparison + Enabling 1G DAC for Intel X520

    Hey everyone, I also posted this on reddit and got a promising response but since this might also be interesting for this community and to increase my chances of succeeding, I decided to try my luck and also post this here. The backstory goes like this: On the quest to build a low power pfsense...
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    Looking for Latest Firmware for HGST HDN726060ALE614

    Hi, Any idea if there is a firmware update? I would like to update just in case and maybe to solve the overheating issue. P.S. Also this HDD is getting 56 degrees hot under write, its bare outside with esata. I moved to more modern drives and they dont get as hot, I have one x16 14tb on top...
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    Firmware update for HPE LTO-7 drive.

    Hello, all. Posting here since I did not find a separate category for LTO drive, but they are distantly related to HDD's so I hope this is ok. I have an HPE LTO-7 tape drive and I am trying to update firmware on the drive. Since I have HPE warranty on my servers I thought that this will take...
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    Raritan PX rack PDU firmware

    I have purchased some nice switched individually outlet monitored rack pdus My PDU is running firmware version 01.00.03 from this PDF file 1.00.nn MUST UPGRADE TO 1.01.nn BEFORE UPGRADING TO 1.3.1-nnnn (where n is a...
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    Need Optane DCPMM Firmware

    Hello everyone, can you please provide me with pointers towards any firmware for Intel DPMMs. I'm on the quest to recover a bricked Apache pass ES stick. Its version is reported as all zeros and it's unmanageable as well as reported non functioning. Of course i had a look at the HPE support...
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    Supermicro H12SSL-CT Boot (0x62) and BIOS update Problem.

    Hehey Folks Ok i come directly to my situation. What's the HW: Mainboard: Supermicro H12SSL-CT ( REV: 1.01 ) CPU: AMD EPYC 7232P RAM: 2x Samsung 8G 2Rx8 PC4-2133P-RE0-10-MB1 ( M393A1G43DB0-CPB2Q S ) If i put all power cables on ( both cpu and the big 24 pin) the POST stops at: DXE--USB...
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    Flash HGST HUS724040ALS640 with A280

    Hello, I have 2 HGST HUS724040ALS640 drives and I want to flash them with the A280 firmware. I bought them from an online seller and I don't know where they came from. Currently both of them are reporting to be Hitachi DKW2E-H4R0SS. I'm a noob in hdd firmware flashing, never did it before, so I...