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    Fios ipv6 on pfsense + layer 3 switch

    I am looking for guidance on how to setup a dual stack system in my homelab using Verizons fios ipv6 on pfsense. My setup looks like this now: 1. Pfsense is doing firewall duties only. Routing is offloaded to a brocade layer 3 switch connected via a transit network on the OPT1 interface. 2. I...
  2. L

    Limit vlan tags on switch brocade icx6610?

    I have an icx6610 switch, I need to create 200 VLAN tags for hypervisors so that each virtual machine has its own L2 domain (of course there will be a router in this domain as well). After creating the first 50 tags I get an error "error - create L2 vlan 999 failed, no free L2 vlan entry". Is...
  3. C

    Advice on Future-proofing Home Switch

    After browsing the Brocade mega thread, I just came across a deal for a pre-owned ICX 7150 48ZP (datasheet here). While non-Z models of 7150 usually come at ~$300-400 in my area, this 48ZP is $2800. I need you genius’ advice on whether I should get 48ZP model for home. I can think of...
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    ICX6610 w/ 10GBase LR SFP+ Brocade Optics not transmitting

    Hey I've got an ICX 6610 with the proper licences from the guide in the mega thread, and I've also got some ProLabs 10G SFP+ modules that show up as Brocade 57-0000076-01 (10GE LR 10km (SFP +)). I've got a ton of these transceivers and I want to have a 10G link between one of my ICX 6610's and a...
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    ICX7150-C12P for ~$145, risky.

    This seller has at least two more ICX7150-C12P for cheap, they look very bad and are sold as "for parts" and in the description it says "No PoE on all ports". I asked the seller about the one that didn't look like a lion chewed it and then spat it out, he said it turned on and seemed to work...
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    Canada [FS] Brocade ICX7450-48P, 4x10GbE copper + 2x40GbE QSFP+ modules

    Up for sale in Greater Toronto Area is a Brocade ICX7450-48P switch fully optioned with - 1 x ICX7400-1X40GQ QSFP+ Switch Module - 1 x ICX7400-1X40GQ QSFP+ Switch Module - 1 x ICX7400-4X10GC 4 x 10GbE RJ45 - 2 x 1000w AC power supplies - 2 x Fan modules Console cable is missing but I DIY-ed one...
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    EU [WTB] brocade icx6450-24 or 24p

    In Portugal . I want a 6450-24 . The non poe version is preferred but I can deal with the poe version ( the poe version is louder and more expensive). Looking for a deal since someone cleaned them all out on this side of the pond . I would be down with the 6450-48 but it would have to be a...
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    UK Brocade switches (icx6450, icx6610, TurboIron 24x, FWS624, FCX624, FCX648)

    Before I put these on the 'bay, I want to give people here a chance for a crack at them, by way of thanks (I've tried to undercut cheapest UK prices I found there). They're a mix of extras I don't need from a bundle, and stuff I've moved on from. Except one switch with mangled cages as below...
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    Brocade 6610 - 48P troubleshooting during mod

    Well I may have killed this little guy not sure yet. I am working on a fan mod as outlined in this thread: I seem to have made a mistake though and accidently grounded the red wire during...
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    Brocade ICX6610 48 port POE SFP+ ports not working

    Hi all, I followed all the guides via FCX / ICX6610 - Fohdeesha Docs. And got my icx licensed and setup. I just purchased a single mode duplex lc to lc fiber cable and plugged it into my dell r620 and into one of the ports on my brocade. No link lights on brocade but i have link light on my dell...
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    [WTB/FT] Brocade ICX7450-24P

    I'm willing to bet one of you got one of these incredible deals recently on eBay, so I'm here asking to either buy it or trade for my 48P version. I have some modules too if that sweetens the deal at all. Let me know!
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    EU FS: Brocade VDX 6740T switch

    Selling a working Brocade VDX6740T-1G switch. Location: Finland 48x 10GbE 10GBASE-T ports 4x 40GbE QSFP+ ports Firmware version 7.4.1b Two power supplies Five fan modules Rack mounting kit No cables or other accessories Pictures: VDX6740T - Google Drive The ports are unlocked to the max...
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    Brocade ICX6450-48 for $75 (eBay seller with 100% positive rating)
  14. R

    Brocade ICX 6450-24 vs Cisco Catalyst 2960G-24TC-L

    Hi, If this is wrong forum to ask this I'm sorry. I can't decide which switch should I go with. I'm total newbie in terms of networking and I want to learn something new (on a homelab level). I don't have any special requirements, but I'm planning to use pfsense/opnsense on my R220 (I did not...
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    Fastiron / Brocade Switch ICX7250 Configuration Help

    This may sound easy, but I'm not really understanding how this should be done... A lot of the fastiron documentation that Google has indexed is now missing "HTTP Status 404", so I've been bashing my head for a while trying to get these two things to work. Current config... pfsense has... LAN...
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    10Gb/40Gb upgrade considerations - advice wanted

    Hi folks, I'm about to have my incoming WAN connection from my ISP upgraded to a 3Gb plan. The connection will be provided via SFP+ module into a router/switch of my choice My current plan is a 1Gb plan, coming in via SFP into a Ruckus ICX 7150 -> ESXi host -> pfSense The ESXi host specs are...
  17. A

    Brocade ICX6450-48P $99.99 or best offer shipped

    48-Port PoE+ Enterprise Class Stackable Gigabit Switch I just recently bought one or I'd have made an offer to see what they accept. Only 4 left. Decent price, not the best.
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    ICX7150-C12P bricked, but PSU seems fine

    I've recently snagged a for-parts ICX7150-C12P off eBay, thinking it probably had the PSU issue or something. To my surprise, the PSU seems fine -- it puts out a constant 54V, and the switch LEDs light up and stay lit up. It doesn't seem to even start booting up though. All of the (non-port)...
  19. N

    Switch inter-vlan routing with only WAN traffic going to a firewall

    I have a Brocade ICX 6450 with router firmware. There are two VLANs 9 and 100. Both have a tagged port 1/1/1 that goes to an OpenWRT router. The OpenWRT router serves as DHCP server and firewall to WAN. I have been struggling for weeks now to configure this correctly. What I want...
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    Brocade ICX 7250 - management port not responding

    Bought this layer 3 switch on Ebay. SFP ports are not working. I presumed it was a configuration issue. I have worked on it for days to find a way to enter the configuration mode, and never succeeded. Tried hard reset dozen of times, but it does not react as stated in the manual: amber lights...