Fastiron / Brocade Switch ICX7250 Configuration Help

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Sep 11, 2020
This may sound easy, but I'm not really understanding how this should be done... A lot of the fastiron documentation that Google has indexed is now missing "HTTP Status 404", so I've been bashing my head for a while trying to get these two things to work.

Current config...

pfsense has... LAN, WLAN1, and WLAN2
pfsense is connected to the ICX7250 via a single cable to 1/2/1

1) By default the switch has all the ports on vlan1 as untagged. If I connect a device to the switch, that device is assigned a LAN IP and not a WLAN1 IP. Why is that? I figured that maybe I need to tag 1/2/1, but the switch wont let me do that. All ports on WLAN1 must be untagged (so it seems). How do I get devices that are attached to the switch to get WLAN1 addresses provided by pfsense?

WLAN2 works fine by-the-way. I tagged 1/2/1 /w WLAN2, and as soon as I untagged a port /w WLAN2, the device connected to the port gets the right WLAN2 ip.

2) The switch's IP is assigned manually... ie
vlan 1
router-interface ve 1
interface ve 1
ip address

How do I get it to be assigned with DHCP instead? I want to be able to plop the switch on any random network, and not have a collision.

Thank you!