1. Z

    FS: 2x Intel Xeon Bronze 3104 6-Core

    Hello, Just picked up a Dell T640 server, with 2x Intel 3104s and pulled the CPU's to upgrade to 2x Intel 8176s ($$$). Selling the Intel Bronze to recoup some costs (Pizza money!) $SOLD 2x Intel Xeon Bronze 3104 6-Core 1.7GHz Processor BX806733104 PM for any questions. USA shipping only!
  2. S

    Core i7 coffee lake home server - or better skylake xeon?

    Hi folks, I want to build a small server and need some opinions. Purpose of the build: Small All-In-One Home Server (OpenHab, Couple of small VMs, a bit of storage, maybe firewall / VPN appliance) So overall, not tooooo heavy stuff. Most important: - decent energy on idle - long life @ 24/7...
  3. Z

    WTB: Intel Platinum Xeon (QS)

    So after doing a little research it looks like Dell's Bios only supports QS or OEM processors. So my ability to run ES chips it out. Looking to buy Intel QS or Retail/OEM chips! PM me for prices.
  4. E

    [FS] Intel Xeon E5-2630v3 CPU

    The ebay listing is below for my Intel Xeon E5-2630v3. I'm looking to get about $350 for it, but am open to reasonable offers! Shipping is free via USPS. Intel Xeon E5-2630V3 (E5-2630 V3) 2.4GHz Eight Core (8c/16t) Processor 735858285339 | eBay
  5. A

    FS: 80+ Intel Xeon Phi 7-ES, 71S1P, 7110P Co-processor PCIe cards -used

    For sale are 80+ Intel Xeon Phi Co-processors. The available model numbers are 7-series ES (engineering sample), 71S1P, and 7110P. I also have many of the extension brackets and pcie brackets. Conditions range from tested/good to for-parts/broken. Prices range from $15 to $179. See THE TABLE for...
  6. gb00s

    Wanted - Looking for Dual Socket 2011 + cpu E5-2600 v1+2

    Hi, I am looking for used/new dual socket server/workstation board from Asus, AsRock and/or Supermicro, preferred Asus Z9PE-D8 WS, in SSI-EEB form factor only. CPU I am open minded from E5-2670 up to 2695/7 v1 and/or 2. Just the 150W 2687W is not wanted. Ram etc not needed. If someone has a...
  7. J

    EU FS: 1x matching pairs of E5-2650 v2 (better than E5-2670); 2x X5650 (LGA1366)

    Hello, I have for sale some Xeons from discarded servers/workstations. - three matching pairs of Xeon E5-2650 v2 (SR1A8) - LGA2011-0 - two Xeon X5680 (SLBV5) - LGA1366 - both CPU are sold - two Xeon X5650 (SLBV3) - LGA1366 All CPUs are tested for 24 hours without any stability issues. Xeon...
  8. F

    Looking for a solution with 6 full x16 pcie lanes

    Hi, I am in need for a solution that offers six full x16 pcie lanes. I need 4 slots for 4 GPUs (for deep learning purposes, for certain models and toolboxes I use, GPUs in an x8 slot perform significantly slower than in x16 slots), 1 slot for a 100gigabit Mellanox ConnextX-4 NIC, and 1 slot for...
  9. M

    E5-2696V4 -128GB DDR4-Z10PED16WS

    In an attempt to downsize, I will try and sell some stuff. CPU SOLD RAM SOLD 1 x Asus Z10PE-D16WS + box (And yes, its a 2017 board that works perfect with E5-V4s.) 410$ Will accept Paypal and a direct bank transfer. I have bought equipment from @Patrick If that makes it more comfortable for...
  10. dtrv

    EU Intel Xeon E5-2640v2 EUR 50

    OBO. Seems to be a good deal. Intel® Xeon® 8-Core Processor E5-2640 v2 20M Cache 2GHZ | eBay
  11. _haru

    Guide to Skylake 4 Core/8 Thread Engineering Samples (QHQG, QH8G, etc)

    Posting because I couldn't find a similar and comprehensive guide in English. Please let me know if there is already one. I've cross-examined this information with listings on Taobao, some English-language forums and Overclockers.ru. Keep in mind that the image containing a table with all the...
  12. Z

    FS: 32GB Crucial DDR3 (laptop/NUC)

    Hello, Just parting out my main Desktop and Intel NUC (more parts to come soon), currently just the RAM. I ran this in quad channel via my Xeon and it was rock solid! *Trying to buy a house, so I'll be adding more to this or making more threads!* $200 shipped *As always I include a free...
  13. D

    Core Density.

    I'm trying to sort out the confusion in Xeon vs. Consumer grade. The i7-7700k seems to be an unstoppable force of computing power. I'm out to crush that idea with Xeon power. Just because. Because I see 18 cores slain by 4 cores. That is unacceptable. Xeon should be the King of power because...
  14. D

    FS: SuperMicro X10SDV-4C+-TLN4F Xeon D-1518

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Listing for sale my SuperMicro Xeon D-1518 X10SDV-4C+-TLN4F. Link to review here. I used this as a pfsense route for a little bit and then decided to virtualize it with my main KVM system. Comes in original box with all accessories. Will function and appear like new. $365...
  15. P

    EU Intel Xeon E5-2698 v3 16 Core 36 Thread 40M Cache, 2.30 GHz

    Used CPU, currently working in a Dell T630 server. Testing is available via Teamviewer if needed. Accepting reasonable offers as I don't know for what price these go usually.
  16. maia

    Noctua case fans on Xeon-SP Tower Server

    Hello all! I know this has been talked a number of times but I'd like a concise answer if at all possible. I'm building a Supermicro-based Xeon Scalable home server and need PWM case fans (not in a Supermicro chassis). A build-log with pictures will be posted later. I'd prefer not to have to...
  17. J

    Planning DIY NAS for 2-node vsphere cluster - advice needed

    Hey! I am in the process of getting a proper 10gbit vaai supported storage solution for my home lab. I am considering the QNAP TS-831X, as it has 2x sfp+ built-in, and vaai support + vsphere plugin. Not sure if the performance will be good enough though. So, I found some hardware I might...
  18. N

    Issue with E3-1245 v6 iGPU on X11SSM-F

    I bought a new setup the other day primarily so I could have more power to transcode HEVC content, but I am having issues with Intel iGPU being detected. Motherboard - X11SSM-F X11SSM-F | Motherboards | Products - Super Micro Computer, Inc. CPU - Xeon E3-1245 v6 Intel® Xeon® Processor E3-1245...
  19. mmx

    Looking for additional Xeon Scalable benchmarks

    Perhaps the processors aren't readily available, but it seems that there is a lack of benchmark scores available for the new generation of Intel server processors. Specifically, no one has mentioned the Gold 51xx line of CPUs or compared them to their previous generation. I'm only able to find a...
  20. B

    EU FS: Intel Xeon CPUs, DDR4 ECC, Mobo

    Items location: Greece ( Europe ) Shipping: Worldwide Shipping Method: According to Buyer's preference Payment Methods: PayPal, Bank Transfer, Bitcoin/Ethereum/Monero/Zcash Item List: 2* Intel Xeon e5-2680 v4 ES2 ( QHV7 ) 2.2GHz 14c/28t ( 2.3GHz All Cores ) = 320 euro each piece 1* Intel Xeon...