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    EU WTB: SuperMicro?

    Looking for someone in the EU for a quick deal, as next week will be Germany time. Seeking SuperMicro dual x 2011 MB ATX+ size. Intel E5-2670+ RDIMMs IF you got a Natex deal, I might consider the Intel S2600.
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    Xeon E5 2683 v3 and 3200mhz RAM?

    I have a couple different builds I am thinking about. One of them is a single E5 2683 v3 on an enthusiast motherboard ( let's say this one since it supports a bunch of different memory speeds). The Specs for the CPU only support 2133 mhz ram but the motherboard supports DDR4-2133 / 2400 / 2666 /...
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    Why should I NOT get a dual CPU system

    I am thinking about getting a dual CPU workstation. Other than additional cost why else shouldn't I get this system? Will I run into things I cannot do because I have 2 CPU's? I understand the pros (more power!) but what are the cons? I will be running Windows 10 Pro and Ubuntu 16.04.
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    How do I know if the CPU's on Ebay are the correct CPU?

    I am interested in using used Xeon CPU's in a dual socket motherboard, I don't do much gaming anymore my rig is now used more for machine learning. TheseE5-2683 v3 (ebay link) CPU's seem to fit the bill are used on ebay and seem strangely affordable($700 for the pair) for the amount of computing...
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    What does Motherboard Cache/core limit actually mean?

    I am looking at the Supermicro X10DAL-i with dual E5-2683 v3 CPU's. The motherboard has a listed core/cache limit of 22 cores/ 55mb of cache. The dual CPU's will have a total of 24 physical cores and 70Mbs of cache. With this motherboard will only 22 cores work and only the first 55 mbs of cache...
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    "The Render Box" 32 core build complete :)

    Hi Guys First time posting and thought I'd share my recent workstation build. I've always been in to the more high end machines. Not so much gaming but more the file servers and 10 gigabit stuff. Below is my final build of my render/workstation rig. Enjoy! SPECS ASUS Z10PE-D8 WS Motherboard...
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    Help Identifying Intel Confidential CPUs

    I recently got access to a bunch of extremely powerful 'Intel Confidential' CPUs. I know they are technically illegal to sell, and they are engineering samples. I made a list of most of the ones i have access to, and I hopefully correctly identified: ---The only CPUs I currently have on hand...
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    Do I need a new PSU for this build (UP to DP)

    I currently have a hex-core AMD CPU (95W) and 20 drives in a Norco 4220 chassis powered by an Antec Earthwatts 500W PSU. I was looking at a Supermicro X8DTI-F board with a pair of Xeon 5630s (40W). Since my Antec doesn't have any EPS connectors, I was looking at a PCIe to EPS adapter (Akasa...
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    Hardware for virtual home lab

    Hello guys, I am new to VM and especially server hardware. I am planning to build a home lab server (ESXi) that is quiet and small because I am going to have this in my room. I am going to be using this for Cisco, Juniper, Palo Alto labs, and some Linux and Windows VMs to function as servers...
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    Recommendations for cheap socket 1366 boards? (UK)

    I'm looking at the feasibility of building a small OpenStack cluster and am trying to price up some small, preferably low power, nodes to run various components (around 5 nodes total). Currently I have a dual E5-2670 server that will be cannibalised for a compute node but I'm trying to save...