1. B

    Xeons with an open multiplier

    Multiplier-unlocked Xeons according to overclocking results from HWBOT: Bloomfield: W3570 (source) W3580 (uncertain) Gulftown: W3680 W3690 Gainestown: W5580 (most probably not unlocked, despite of one CPU-Z validation; please see also...
  2. S

    Xeon E5 V1 to E5 V2 performance increase with x264

    I thought this information might help someone. I've been running a x264 2nd pass encode with x264 build 2525 (x64) re-encoding a 1920x1080 Blu-ray with the following command line switches: --bitrate 18438 --preset veryslow --tune film --bluray-compat --vbv-maxrate 40000 --vbv-bufsize 30000...
  3. Z

    FS: Monster Intel Xeon E5 2696 V3 18 cores

    Used for roughly 6 months OEM Dell T630. This thing is a monster with 18 cores at 2.30 GHZ. Base Clock: 2.3 GHz Max Turbo Frequency: 3.8 GHz All-Core Turbo Frequency: 2.8 GHz L3 Cache: 45MB Thermal Design Power: 145W SR1XK (Intel Xeon E5-2696 v3) SOLD
  4. H

    Which CPU socket for new build? 1366 vs. 1356 vs. 2011

    Hi all, After years of planning I'm finally getting around to building my first server. The primary purposes of this server will be the following: 1. PLEX server - hoping to handle 5 transcodes at once but realistically 2-3 would be acceptable 2. NZBGet/Sonarr/Radarr 3. Windows 10 VM for...
  5. D

    x10dax does no recognize gpus in slots 4 and 5

    My sm x10dax dual xeon board (dual e5 2683v3 on board, working fine) has stopped recognizing graphics cards if they sit in slots 4 and 5. Slots 4 and 5 are associated with the second cpu (according to manual). Slots 1,3,6 work fine. These slots go with the first cpu. Gpus in 4 and 5 do not even...
  6. wiretap

    Newegg - ASRock x99e-ITX/ac for $209.99 AR

    Heads up.. sale ends 3/31/2017.. but Newegg has an ASRock rebate program going right now. The main good deal I see is the x99e-ITX/ac going for $209.99 AR. It's a great board, with support all the way up to a 22-core/44-thread Xeon E5-2699 V4. Newegg rebate form...
  7. maxermaxer

    FS: Intel XEON E5-2637-V3 ES CPU X2

    I have a pair of Intel XEON E5-2637-V3 ES CPUs to sell since I have changed my workstation with high-core-number XEONs. I have been using these two CPUs on my Supermicro workstation for around one month. The original purpose is to use a high frequency XEON. The speed is fine but later I feel I...
  8. C

    E3-1230 v5 CPU temp...whats too high?

    Hey all - recently I've been monitoring my CPU temps to see how efficient my cooler is and when firing up Prime95 and doing the 'max heat' test, the motherboard sensors noted a CPU temp of approximately 77C. I only ran it for about 10/15 minutes but it never really went beyond 79C. Now I...
  9. B

    Xeon ES/QS Benchmark Database

    Help us build a performance database on Intel Xeon ES/QS CPUs ( Single, Dual, Quad processor systems all accepted ). All you have to do is run the following benchmarks, and post your scores/results along with your CPU & system info. The benchmarks ( click on their name to download! ) to be...
  10. B

    Xeon ES/QS Turbo Bins Database

    Let's get a Turbo Bins database going for all the Xeon ES out there. By Turbo Bins I mean the maximum clocks ( Turbo Boost ) for all different Active Cores loads. By having this database going, one can easily see the actual clocks a E.S. Xeon will be running at different active cores. No more...
  11. chriscambridge

    Will Xeon E5-2683V3 OEM 2 Stepping work with Asus X99 Deluxe (not U3.1) Mobo?

    Hi, I wonder if anyone knows if the Xeon E5-2683 V3 OEM [2 Stepping] will work with the Asus X99 Deluxe (not U3.1) Motherboard? Please note that both are LGA-2011-V3, so I do not mean compatibility in that regards. The Chip is stated as OEM not ES/QS, and the Motherboard is the non U3.1...
  12. N

    Need help building a dual xeon e5-2670

    Hi, I have 2 i7 6700 and 1 i7 3770k. I'm looking to expand and thought a dual xeon would be better for my needs. I have no prior knowledge of workstation build, so based my build on this with few tweaks: Building a 32-Thread Xeon Monster PC for Less Than the Price of a Flagship Core i7 CPU...
  13. J

    Intel Xeon E3-1265L v2 for $90 or Best Offer

    Intel-Xeon Quad Core E3-1265L 2.40GHz SR0G0 | eBay Still a few left! I just submitted an offer for $80 and it was accepted within a couple hours. I paired that with a 15 off 75 coupon that expires today at 8pm PST to get it for 65. The coupon is CNEWYEAR15OFF Let me know if you have questions!
  14. P

    ASUS Z10PE-D8 WS problems with 2x E5 2698 V4 ES CPU QHUZ

    Good day... i am trying to build a 2x CPU setup with below mentioned Hardware installed in a test rig: Asus Z10PE-D8 WS Bios version 3304 2x QHUZ 2.0Ghz 20 Core ES2 cpu´s. 2x Noctua CPU coolers 1x GTX770 4Gb 4x Crucial / Micron modules (ct2k16G4RFD4213) 1GB DDR4 - 2133 RDIMM 1,2V CL15 before...
  15. J

    Curiosity - Intel Xeon Phi Processor

    Hello all, I came across this interesting chip recently and wanted to see what information you all may know about this chip and if it is usable in any new systems that have come out recently, or any slated to come out soon. This appears to be an Intel Xeon Phi Processor (as it says it on the...
  16. L

    WTB: Samsung PC3-12800 DDR3 16GB ECC/REG M393B2G70DB0-YK0

    Hello, I am looking for the followings: 6 or 12 sticks of Samsung PC3-12800 DDR3 16GB ECC/REG M393B2G70DB0-YK0 memory (I hope all of them have the same manufacture weeks) 2 of Intel Xeon X5690 processors I am buying these to upgrade my workstation. Items must be functionally and cosmetically...
  17. S

    Does a CPU upgrade / swap require a reinstall (Unraid, FreeBSD, etc)?

    I have a dual Xeon 5540 setup and want to swap out the CPUs for 5690s for more cores / threads. I'm running Unraid on this particular machine (purely for the VM functions). Does swapping out CPUs generally require a re-install of an OS? Based on what I've read for Unraid, it doesn't appear to...
  18. ElCoyote_

    Canada SOLD: Xeon V3 (4C/8T), 16Gb ECC DDR3 silent mini-server.

    Hi everyone, I have the following one-of-its-kind server for sale. - Xeon E3-1275L V3 (4C/8T @ 2.7GHz with Turbo) - 16Gb ECC RAM (UDIMM). - ASRock Rack Mobo with Dual-gigabit and dedicated OOB Ethernet with IPMI. - Remote console + Sensors. - All-quiet energy-efficient design (no fans) and...
  19. K

    FS: 128GB PC3-12800R, Skreens, Dell T7910 Workstation + More.

    I am cleaning up the house a bit to support some new upgrades, so I have the following items for sale, I'll post them on ebay in a week or so if there is no interest here. $4900 - Dell Precision T7910 Workstation (extremely quiet) - Dual E5-2650 v3 (2x 10 Core 2.3GHz Processors w/ HT) - 64GB...
  20. P

    AsrockRack EP2C602-4L/D16 windows 10 random hangs

    Subject says it all but i'm looking for some advice as to how to go about troubleshooting this and the best way to narrow down issues. That's the motherboard and on it are dual 2673W V1 with 114GB of Ram (two slots had dud dimms so until i get those replaced we're two dimms down). There's a GTX...