Supermicro Dual Xeon 12 bay server


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Dec 10, 2019
I have acquired a like new Supermicro 12 bay server. It was originally built to be a Pivot3 CloudBank. I installed XigmaNAS to test it out. I think it has less than 40 hours of use. It uses the CSE-826 chassis and X8DT3-LN4 mainboard with the SAS-826EL1 backplane to support 12 drives. Has 2 Intel Xeon E5620 2.40GHz processors along with 12GB Ram.

I would like your opinion on this server and what it is worth. I personally will not be using it and want to sell it on eBay or whatever. Would you view the link below, and let me know if I am accurate? Like for example, does the backplane only support up to 2TB sized drives? Not familiar with this hardware.

View the server pictures and description here.


Jan 26, 2011
The SAS-826EL1 backplane is a SAS-1 expander backplane. Depending on the firmware it may be limited to 2tb drives, but should be able to take an update to support larger LBA drives (if you can find it...). Unfortunately this is probably the least desirable 12 bay backplane in SMs entire portfolio.

The MB is quite old, though there are still folks out there who see the value in the Westmere-EP CPUs.

Hard to put a value on it but it shouldn’t be too hard to do some comparison samples of “sold” listing on eBay. That’s probably the best data you could find on comps.
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