1. L

    EU [UK] FS: Supermicro SC836 SuperQuiet Server / X9SCL+-F / 32GB DDR3 ECC [SOLD]

    Looking to get rid of this soon as. This is pretty much a perfect FreeNAS file server and has been serving as such reliably in my homelab. Consists of a SC836 case from circa 2008 or so which had everything overhauled a few years back with 4 PIN PWM SuperQuiet fans (FAN-0104L4), a SuperQuiet...
  2. A

    Intel Xeon Scalable CPU's: sweet spot $$

    Looking for Intel Xeon Scalable CPUs similar to v3 2678. What's the current sweet spot for pricing?
  3. M

    Purpose of low end SKUs

    I've been thinking about this for a while now: There are these E5-2603 (and their newer v2-4 predecessors) low end CPUs all over ebay for (sometimes) single digit prices. They aren't fast, nor do they pack any special features other than being cheap (even new they where dirt cheap compared to...
  4. P

    FS: Xeon 8890 v3 QS 18core 36 thread x4

    I have 4 intel xeon 8890 v3s for sale. We have 3 rigs like this and got a good price for 8 and we only needed only 4 so im selling the other 4. Im shipping from serbia,I can ship with regular mail from here which is cheaper but calculated by country and I can ship with fedex which is a lot more...
  5. P

    I found first retail Icelake Xeon motherboard

    When I was browsing the internet, I found the first retail motherboard for Icelake xeon. This mobo supports LGA4189 and 8ch DDR4 3200 Rams. CPU supports PCI4.0. MAX TDP of CPU seems to be 270W. Is it time to get Icelake Xeon? I'm excited about this and 2nd gen optane ssd.
  6. G

    [FS] [USA-TX-AUSTIN] Supermicro X9DRi-F, dual Xeon E5-2670 V2, 32GB (4X8GB) ECC SAMSUNG 2Rx4 PC3-10600R

    This was originally posted at r/homelabsales but also posting here I have a Supermicro X9DRi-F board, dual E5-2670 V2's and 32GB RAM for sale. Everything is in good, working condition....just need to clear out excess parts. The board comes with SAS breakout cables, IO shield and one SATA cable...
  7. P

    Supermicro Dual Xeon 12 bay server

    I have acquired a like new Supermicro 12 bay server. It was originally built to be a Pivot3 CloudBank. I installed XigmaNAS to test it out. I think it has less than 40 hours of use. It uses the CSE-826 chassis and X8DT3-LN4 mainboard with the SAS-826EL1 backplane to support 12 drives. Has 2...
  8. gb00s

    EU SOLD !!! Intel Xeon E5 2630 v4 - 10C/20T - 85W

    Intel Xeon E5 2630 v4 - 10C/20T - 85W I'm offering 1x used unit of Intel Xeon E5 2630 v4 with 10Cores/20Threads and 85TDP for: 295.00 EUR incl. shipping in the EU (European Union) Shipping will be insured up to 500.00 EUR Payment via PayPal or Revolut bank transfer only Current eBay...
  9. G

    WTB - Gigabyte GA-7PESH2

    Hi all, hoping someone has one available ready for V2 xeons. I'm Paypal ready. I do have a Quadro P2000 as trade bait if that helps. Edit - found one, thank you!
  10. J

    Dual Xeon-D

    This is new to me did not know dual XeonD was possible ASROCK AK-D1541 SERVER MOTHERBOARD /W 2 X Intel® Xeon® Processor D-1541 *READ* | eBay
  11. B

    Supermicro X11spa (some general questions)

    Hi. As narrated in other threads, I'm having a bad experience with the Epyc Rome platform. Most likely it is because I got a faulty motherboard, but since I have the chance of returning my Epyc Rome, to avoid further hassle I'm considering to switch to a Xeon scalable platform, since I found a...
  12. B

    FS: (used) Intel Xeon Gold 6130, 6132 / 32GB DDR4 2666 ECC RAM (UPDATED)

    *All items are used* CPU: Intel Xeon Gold 6130 Qty:2 Price: $1100.00ea obo Intel Xeon Gold 6132 Qty:8 Price:$1499.00ea obo Memory: Samsung M393A4K40CB2-CTD7Q 32GB DDR4 2666MHZ-PC21300 ECC REG 2RX4 QTY:12 Price:$110.00ea obo PayPal prefered, but will consider other secure payment...
  13. A

    E5-2687W v3 downclock?

    Hi. We need to bring the server's TDP down a bit. If it was a gaming system I would've probably reduce Vcore a bit and configured cpu power limits PPL1/3. However, this is server CPU, and I doubt it got any overclocking capabilities. Do you think there's a way to down-clock the server with...
  14. S

    Request for Guidance on processor choice please

    PS I found a request like this online, I just modified what were my own requirements. I would like to run unraid, but I'm still on the fence, considering freenas. I am currently in the process of choosing parts for my first Unraid build and was hoping to get some advice on the processor. I...
  15. 1

    Performance difference between Gold 5218, 6230 and 6248

    For the follow processors, how much performance difference practially it is for single threaded programs. Is there any benchmark? Thanks. Intel Xeon Gold 5218 2.30 GHz 16 22 MB Intel Xeon Gold 6230 2.10 GHz 20 27.5 MB Intel Xeon Gold 6248 2.50 GHz 20 27.5 MB
  16. L

    Advice on building Xeon workstation

    Your Advice please Well, Folks, big M is kicking us Win7 folk into the new-fangled age. Current mobo has no Win10 drivers, So, I am planning to get a new system (I'll keep my Noctua case fans, Enermax platinum PSU, and Antec case. I use my system for writing software (Eclipse -...
  17. C

    Xeon E5 V4 Expiration Date / Use Deadline: 2020/06/30

    I found this interesting, I grabbed the opportunity to buy 3 xeon e5 v4 with a steep discount from amazon.co.jp itself, not through a seller. When they arrived, in amazon packaging, very well packaged, I realized that one had been opened. I assume a heatgun was used on the serial number /...
  18. X

    Canada FS: 2620, 2630, 2680, 2697 v3 CPUs

    I have some Xeon 2600 v3 CPUs I'm looking to get rid of. Here's what I have 1x 2620 v3 - $70/ea 4x 2630 v3 - $110/ea 7x 2680 v3 - $160/ea 2x 2697 v3 - $350/ea Prices in USD. Not all are tested but I can test if needed. The 2697's are in use right now but I will pull them for a serious offer...
  19. nerdalertdk

    EU WTB: E3 (v3/v4) DDR3 1333 UDIMM ECC

    Hi As the title says i'm looking for 2 x Xeon E3 v3 or v4 and 32GB of DDR3 Unbuffered ECC UDIMM CPU must be "high" then the E3-1220L
  20. P

    [SOLVED] How to read PPIN directly (linux)

    FWIW: I'm posting this since it took me more than one webpage to learn by myself :) Way of checking PPIN of an Intel CPU (some Xeons): Enable this feature in BIOS Instal msr-tools (at least this is the package name on arch linux) Run the code (omitting sudo stuff for simplicity) # rdmsr 0x4f...