1. P

    [FS] USA - NJ: Custom NAS parts

    (Moved this to the correct subforum) It was time to upgrade so that means it's time to pass on some hardware. This is a great kit of hardware that has served me well and would set someone up nicely to start their homelab. I'm located in 08861 (Perth Amboy, NJ) and prefer an in person meet vs...
  2. D

    Intel Xeon Platinum 8273CL Complete Info Guide

    I have pretty much learned all these through the "hard way" a.k.a failures. Not pleasant experience, but for the sake of anyone who is still interested in this processor, I hope this thread can give out some info to avoid going through the same pain I had gone through. Some background: I was...
  3. C

    Supermicro X10DRG-OT+-CPU 2666mhz (or more) memory?

    I took out one CPU from this board and the ram downclocked to 2133. I then turned off POR and set 2400mhz memory speed. Everything appears to be using 2400mhz. I am on linux so there is no proper way to check, for instance CPUZ, but all looks well. The same menu allows speeds up to 3200. Can I...
  4. C

    Intel S2600WTTR not supporting my 2x E52696 v4 processors

    I just got 3 x S2600WTT motherboards with 2x E5-2696 V4 each. I just build one of them and no video output or boot, I then placed my old E5-2650 V3 processors and it does boot and I have video signal, I updated to Bios Latest Version (1.01.3029) that seems to add Processors compatibility also...
  5. G

    CPU Selection - MooseFS (MASTER Server)

    Is there somebody who has experience with CPU selection in a MooseFS MASTER server in a 40G/100G environment? MASTER server processes are single-threaded and core count does not matter as such. Therefore I would like to know from your experience how single-thread performance of a CPU scales...
  6. pututu

    [FS] [US-CA]: Dell T3600 Workstation

    For sale is one of my first few DC (distributed computing) rigs that I built back in 2016 and hardly used it since early 2020 as I've much more efficient rigs to use. See pictures for details of what you will receive (gpu not included). Just add a gpu to the workstation and off you go. Asking...
  7. A

    HPE Microserver Gen10+ v2 - updated guide?

    Hi folks, I'm looking to build an unraid server in the HPE Gen10+ and have noticing a new version has arrived with pcie 4.0 and the Pentium G6405 / Xeon 2314 processors. Since there are a host of new CPUs made available in Q3 2021 and the STH guide is from 2020, I was wondering if anyone had...
  8. K

    Most capable Xeon for X11SCM-F and 75-80W TDP?

    I've got a NAS (which does a lot of other things too) using an X11SCM-F motherboard and a Noctua 2U cooler. I'd like it to stay fairly quiet, but am interested finding out if I can upgrade to a more powerful Xeon than the E-2134 that is in there now. How does one go about finding *all* of the...
  9. G

    Intel W580 vs C256

    I need to get a server board and CPU for a home server (storage, plex, etc). I am looking at two different board options. Should I go with a W580 or a C256 motherboard (and obviously the corresponding CPU)? And why? TIA!
  10. U

    Looking for efficient CPU+MB

    Hi, so i am looking for a cpu/mb for over two weeks now, but there is just so much to choose from and i dont want to buy sth i regret when its too late. I am currently planing a home server that will handle everything that needs to be on 24/7 (cctv, nextcloud, HA) to be able to switch my main...
  11. L

    EU [FS] SAS SATA NVMe SSDs, Servers, FC storages Promise VTRAK , Drobo

    Selling out my lab. Even thougn Apple XSAN died long ago until now I used it successfully with this setup. HPE SAS 12G 15.36TB(aka Samsung PM1643) 6x 1500€ have HPE caddies, firmware HPD8, 512B Huawei SAS 12G 7.68TB 12x 700€ 512B Samsung SATA 6G 845DC PRO 8x 150€ 10TBW 5Y Dell SATA 6G...
  12. W

    FS: Lenovo P620 Workstation :: Threadripper Pro :: 32 cores :: like new $4600

    This was acquired for a project that ended up going in a different direction and therefore has been powered off and hardly used. I'm not sure if there's a way to determine the power-on hours usage but my guess it is under 80 hours. This is like new and comes with the original box. The EVGA Titan...
  13. M

    Xeon E7 8894 v4 - what type of Memory for best performance (single core)?

    Hello, Just bought super old used HP DL580 Gen9 with 4x E7-8894 v4 CPU (thought next server will be 2xEpyc,but when realized Gen9 is cheaper than my laptop just bought it ;)) I need to upgrade RAM to 512GB or 1TB (It will be C++ builder machine, replacing 60core DL580 Gen8 8895 v2 / 1TB DDR3)...
  14. T

    Home server update: LGA 2011-3 + Xeon E5 V3/V4

    Hello, is nowadays a LGA 20311-3 with Xeon E5 V3/V4 still a good bang for the bug to upgrade a home server? Or is it blast from the past? Can I expect bigger changes in power efficiency or performance for newer platforms? Are there better ways to go today? For close to a decade, I am running...
  15. bryan_v

    SSD NAS - Broadwell/Haswell vs Rome - Sanity check?

    Hey everyone, Need a quick sanity check, or maybe a math check: Which would be more cost effective platform for a SOHO SSD NAS/SAN attached to a 10G/40G switch via a Mellanox CX3: a used Broadwell platform with PCIe Gen3 drives (e.g. Intel P4510 or 905p, or Samsung 970 Evo Plus); or a used...
  16. R

    EU [WTB] - Intel Xeon E3 v3 family (1230v3 or higher)

    I'm looking for CPU from xeon e3 v3 family with at least 8 threads (so 1230v3 or higher number). Thanks for looking!
  17. D

    Intel Xeon Gold 6130H - what's the main difference between it and 6130?

    Hi there, I wonder if I am lucky enough if any of you can dump a screenshot of HWInfo on a Xeon 6130H? Specifically on those turbo boost multipliers! The only diff I can find on the Internet is the all-core frequency for 6130H claims to be 3.1GHz whereas normal 6130 is just 2.8GHz. I would like...
  18. M

    Any places still doing Supermicro Xeon Phi (3647-based) complete systems?

    Hi people, I am asking this question on someone's behalf, but are there any places still offering and have supply of the Supermicro SYS-5038K-i-NF1? I am aware that the Xeon Phi product line was discontinued last year, but I just want to be sure I've consulted enough reliable information...
  19. S


    Hello, I pulled the Internals out of two old Dell 19" Servers to use the Cases. Now I have two SuperMicro X8DTH-IF-BM003 Boards with one CPU and 3*2GB regECC each. I have the Coolers, but although they have different Screws than the newer Sockets I'd prefer to keep them. (They are still...
  20. L

    EU [FS] Intel LGA3647 Xeon Gold, Platinum and motherboard

    CPU's Intel Xeon Gold 6138P 3x 700€ Very specialised, make sure Your MB supports it Intel Xeon Gold 6144 QS 1x 400€ QS(not ES) Intel Xeon Gold 6146 QS QN7C 1x 600€ QS(not ES) Intel Xeon Gold 6148 QS 1x 400€ QS(not ES) Intel Xeon Gold 6242R SRGZJ 2x 1500€(2500€ for pair) 2nd one has...