1U Server w/Supermicro X9 Board & Fans Switch

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Jul 25, 2018

I just grabbed a cool server for pfSense with a X9SCI-LN4F Supermicro board and a E3-1230 v2. Everything seems to be fine except for the fans. They sound all like rubbing sandpaper and they are almost EOL and have their dead-end very close. The fans currently installed are SUNON PMD1204PQB1-A.


I took them all out just to see if the temps in the server are still fine. Yes, it's ok. But I still would like to produce some airflow with low rpm fans. I know I can set fan rpm profiles with IPMITOOLS, but I'm not sure I can achieve low RPMs with all fans.

Has anyone experience with some fans absolutely fine with setting fan profiles with a min of 1000 RPMs? These fans I could not get down to 2000 rpm with IPMITOOLS. Noctua is not an option as they are only 40x40x20 and not ...x28mm deep?

Any thoughts or tips would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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