1. C

    Help me find a NAS, 10gbps/SSDs

    Hello, I am tasked with upgrading the storage for our marketing department, they work with a lot of Adobe software and their files can become pretty big 10GB+ Currently they are working of a Synology NAS with 4x WD RED Pro 4TB in BTRFS, SHR-1, they are only using about 450GB now (most data is...
  2. B

    [FS][US-KS/MO] 4x Seagate Nytro 1351 3.84TB SATA SSDs read-intense enterprise class - lightly used - PENDING

    I have 4 of my original batch of 8 server SSDs left after changing out to SAS recently. These are Seagate Nytro 1351 3.84TB SATA SSD parts. MPN: XA3840LE10063 More details at All of...
  3. W

    HPE Samsung PM1725B NVME U.2 3.2TB - $540 OBO

    Great pricing for a datacenter grade U.2 NVME drive, especially considering the recent rise in prices. Offered $470 for 2, accepted. Edit: Some more details, these were manufactured Mar. 2020 - they may still be in warranty but I wouldn't count on it. Samsung rates these...
  4. W

    Firmware for HPE Samsung PM1725B

    I just got my PM1725B and was looking around for updates. Does anyone know if there are there any HPE firmware updates? The HPE part number is P09770-003 and model number is MZ-WLL3T2B. From what I can see, HPK2 is the most recent firmware - can anyone confirm this? Thanks for the help.
  5. tinfoil3d

    storage gold rush?

    Someone bought my slightly used 2TB DC P4510 drives for 450 USD recently. This was above average price for NEW drives a few months ago. I didn't care, they're just lying around unused because I thought, well, 2TB doesn't cut it anymore but these things get darn hot. Why run them? I'd rather use...
  6. hmartin

    Looking for more information on Violin Memory PCIe SSD

    Last year I bought two Violin Memory VIO-M1-LP PCIe SSDs from an eBay vendor: Not much information is available on these devices, except some few articles (which read like a press release) from 2013. A year later, Hynix bought Violin's PCIe SSD assets. I couldn't even find the PCI ID of the...
  7. E

    My DIY pcie fan for pcie ssds

    So I recently got a 1.65 TB fusion io ssd which was fantastic except for the fact it runs hotter than my cpu at 63C. After a day of looking for usb and pcie fan I thought about mounting a fan directly onto my ssd which was near impossible. Then I realized I can glue a sff pc fan to a mounting...
  8. L

    Intel D7-P5510 now in stock

    The Intel D7-P5510 SSD is now in stock at Provantage, CompSource and probably others. Pricing on the 3.84 TB model is roughly $100 more than the equivalent P4510 model. Has anyone tried one out yet?
  9. I

    MZ7WD960HMHP detects wrong size

    update: only size incorrect issue remain for some reason wrong size is shown for the drive 880GB instead of 960GB i am running with ubunu 20.04 live cd. i successfully formatted and erased using hdparm i tired format with Samsung DC toolkit but it fails: here is some reports\logs...
  10. I

    [WTB] 10x sas 2.5' ssd 400GB+, 10x X5670 cpu, mellanox qsfp cables, cisco switches

    Looking for 10x 2.5 sas ssds 90% life left 400GB or more willing to pay up to 300-400$ for all of them 10x X5670 cpu willing to pay 100$ for all of them 10x, qsfp mellanox cable mix sizes 0.5-1m 10$ each 3x Cisco WS-C3750X-48P-s\e + C3KX-NM-10G any other model with stacking in the back...
  11. X

    FS: 6x 3.2TB Oracle MZWLK3T2HCJL (Samsung PM1725) U.2 PCIe NVMe Enterprise SSD

    I am selling 6x 3.2TB Oracle MZWLK3T2HCJL (Samsung PM1725) U.2 PCIe NVMe Enterprise SSD Selling each for $280 shipped via USPS Priority Mail (US48 ONLY) Payment: Cash App, Venmo, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, Zelle, PayPal + fee (2.9%), Cash (Local) I am located at 94583 (USA) my trader feedback...
  12. AveryFreeman

    Anybody seen a Supermicro board not recognize hard drives/SSDs before?!

    Hey, I got a new board recently to upgrade my oddball UIO case server, it's an X10SRW-F, which is like a WIO form factor X10SRL-F My BIOS is rev 3.22 (latest) and IPMI Redfish 3.9 (also latest - just updated both last night) I was really excited to set this board up and retire my X9SPU-F, but...
  13. T

    AU WANTED - DDR3 24x32GB/ LDIMMs or 16GB / SSDs-PCIe / E5-2695-97 V2 (Will pay International Shipping)

    Chasing the following, hoping someone has stuff to clear. More than happy to pay for international shipping I have set out my Needs, and Wants Have another server being built so trying to beef it up. 24 x 32GB DDR3 LDIMMS 1600/1866 Preferred (preferred) would be happy enough with 1333 if...
  14. A

    Intel DC P4610 - SSDPE2KE016T8 Not sure how great of a deal this is, YMMV. Bought 3 of these via PM for $360 each. (received the drives today 1/3/21)...
  15. V

    Drive and RAID configuration questions

    I am really confused about some drive / raid configurations I've seen people have with their homelab servers. Both virtualization servers and NAS servers. Below I put some examples. ------------------------------------------------------------- Configuration 1: Variety of different drives on...
  16. R

    AU (6x + 8x) Intel DC S3700 + S3610 800GB 2.5" SSDs (Offers & Free Express Post!)

    G'day, This was in the wrong forum so reposting here in For Sale. We've got 14x Intel DC SSDs for sale that we were going to sell as a bulk lot to a buyer in Victoria. STH deserves first rights. 6x S3700 800GB 2.5"...
  17. C

    EU [FS] Brocade ICX6610-24p | Optane 900p 280GB PCIe | Samsung 3.2TB PM1725a |ntel P3700 1.6TB U.2

    Hello, i want to sell a few things. So here is a list: Brocade ICX6610-24p - one PSU - need to sell it cause of the to high power drain - 330€ Intel Optane 900p 280GB PCIe HHHL - 14TBW - 220€ Samsung PM1725a 3.2TB PCIe3x8 HHHL- High Endurance drive 29.2PBW ( 0,044PB used) - 6200MB/s read...
  18. G

    EU (SOLD) >> 3.2TB - Fusion ioMemory™ / Sandisk SX350 PCIe (very low usage)

    I'm selling a 3.2TB barely used Sandisk SX350. Current vsl-iomemory4 drivers are available from Snuf's GitHub repository. Got it running in Debian (Proxmox), Gentoo and even Arch Linux. The cards are traded on eBay for >500EUR even with high usage. Due to its very low usage, I'm asking for 399...
  19. A

    HGST HUSMM1616ASS201 1.6TB $184.99 obo Has anyone bought some of these? If so, how much life is left? Another auction here for $221 obo...
  20. D

    WTS: Sold