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    Backblaze Drive Stats

    Q1 2023 >> Source:
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    EU [WTS] (SOLD) 10x Intel Optane SSD DC P5800x 400gb U.2 - NEW

    Hello everyone, I'm long time lurker but first time poster on sales forum. I was able to buy some NEW HP branded Intel Optane SSD DC P5800x 400gb U.2 NVMe disk for my homelab but unfortunately I won't benefit from them in my use case. They spent one day inside my server and have 1-2tb...
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    Backblaze SSD Edition: 2022 Drive Stats Review

    Backblaze - Annual 2022 SSD Report >> Link: The SSD Edition: 2022 Drive Stats Review
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    Avoid Samsung 980 and 990 with Windows Server

    Samsung drives newer than the 970 (the last to use a Samsung nvme driver) are not reliable with Windows Server. Over the past several months I've been debugging issues with both Intel and AMD servers that reset to the bios and the SSD is not detected until a power off/on cycle. I was really...
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    [FS] SAS SSDs 1.6TB, DDR3, DDR2

    SAS SSDs 12x 1.6TB - Micron S630DC-1600 - $120 12x 800GB - Micron S630DC-800 - $80 SMART: endurance (Used) 5%-7% Mfg date: mid 2016 PowerOn: 6 years Will figure out shipping as we go PM me if you are interested Bunch of DDR3, DDR2 from $5 to $10 a piece 128GB+ Samsung 16GB DIMMs RAM...
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    ebay Samsung SM863 1.92TB MLC SATA SSD Model: MZ7KM1T9HAJM Selling point: NAND: MLC TBW: 12,320 TB Spec
  7. K

    Unable to post after installing Oracle branded Samsung PM1750 NVMe SSD (2.5") on Supermicro x10drh-ct

    Hi everyone, I have 2 of these Oracle branded Samsung 3.2TB NVMe SSD MZ-WLK3T20 which I salvaged from a Oracle x6-2s server. So tried to install it using the bifurcation NVMe adaptor for U.2 into one of the PCIE 3.0 x8 slots but the system will not post. Tried different slots and same results...
  8. B

    Mellanox IB SB7800 Drive Failure

    Good morning, We've had an SSD on our sb7800 infiniband switch fail, have installed a new drive with a cloned image from one of our other identical switches. So far everything looks ok in the management interface, aside the Host ID. Though we do get 1003, 1006 errors when trying to modify...
  9. A

    Recommended SSD for home lab (media, docs, projects)

    Hey folks, I want to upgrade my current server and add more SSD storage for frequently used files (personal docs and projects, some media like photos, etc.). 4Tb will be more than enough; I can live with 2Tb as well. Originally I planned to buy Samsung SM863. However, I found multiple threads...
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    SAS3008-based HBA (LSI SAS 9305-16i) and U.2 (2.5" NVME) SSD compatibility

    Hello everyone, Am I right that U.2 (2.5" NVME) SSD can NOT be connected to SAS3008-based HBA (LSI SAS 9305-16i) through any cable (for example, this one or this)? I'm fine that I don't get a full NVME speed, I just see that U.2 (2.5" NVME) SSD are cheaper than SAS SSD. Also, the only way to...
  11. X

    4TB PCIe SSD $150 - Good deal or waste of money? Manufacturer: RazorBack?

    Found this 4TB PCIe SSD listed on ebay. The seller auto accepts offers of $150. Not sure if this can be booted from or how the storage can be used but it might be worth a try for the low cost/TB. It's from a company that i cannot find any information on whatsoever "RazorBack". I bought 1 so...
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    EU WTB: 4 x Samsung PM883 or Micron 5200/5300 960GB SSD

    Hi, Hope you are all doing well. I'm in the process of expanding my lab array and want to use this opportunity to maybe find some new or used parts here instead of rushing straight to Ebay. I'm looking for 4 x Samsung PM883 960GB or 4 x Micron 5200/5300 960 SSDs. They can have...
  13. J

    Help with Finding Correct Firmware Updates for HGST/HP-Rebranded SAS2 SSDs?

    Hello, I've got several HGST Ultrastar HUSMM1616ASS200/HUSMM1616ASS204 that I bought as a bundle. I thought they were identical (except for the minor difference in encryption bits (the 4 vs 0), which I don't care about ... yet). However, they fall into two groups: EMC Branding: These show up...
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    AU WTB: SAS2 4tb+ 2.5" SSDs - no rush though

    My array has now hit 50% capacity so I'm starting to look for the next set of drives to add into it. I have 6 bays that can take SAS 12Gbs drives, so if you have drives over 4TB you're looking to rehome hit me up. I don't really have any particular models in mind, will briefly research any that...
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    EU [GER] FS: 2x 6.4TB NVMe PCIe 3.0 x8 SSD Intel Solidigm DC P4618 SSD • 54x 16GB DDR4 2Rx4 RDIMMs • 100x 8GB DDR3 ECC UDIMMs • 28x 8GB DDR3 UDIMMs

    Will ship worldwide, but only accept Paypal from German buyers with a proven track record such as a spotless ebay seller feedback profile. Local pickup preferred, testing items before buying highly encouraged, will provide necessary setups. Most items are listed on ebay as well, but cannot be...
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    Thoughts on Using Consumer SLC SSD for NAS

    First Post! Okay, here it goes. I'm going to start moving regularly for my job so I sold my rack and got a VRTX to consolidate my lab into "mobile" infrastructure. Since moving involves a lot of vibration I wanted to stick to an SSD build only... but SSDs are expensive. A consumer SLC SSD runs...
  17. L

    Analysis paralysis: Help me pick out my first enterprise-grade drives for my homelab hypervisor

    I currently run Proxmox on a DeskMini H470 with an i5-10400 and 64GB DDR4 (non-ECC). I have about a dozen VMs/CTs running, with one of the VMs running about 25 Docker containers. The Proxmox box hovers around 5% CPU usage and 60% RAM usage. Proxmox is installed on a Samsung 970 Pro 512GB NVMe...
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    EU [FS] SAS SATA NVMe SSDs, Servers, FC storages Promise VTRAK , Drobo

    Selling out my lab. Even thougn Apple XSAN died long ago until now I used it successfully with this setup. HPE SAS 12G 15.36TB(aka Samsung PM1643) 6x 1500€ have HPE caddies, firmware HPD8, 512B Huawei SAS 12G 7.68TB 12x 700€ 512B Samsung SATA 6G 845DC PRO 8x 150€ 10TBW 5Y Dell SATA 6G...
  20. bilbo1337

    $699.99 for 7.68TB ($91/TB) U.2 2.5" NVMe Water Panther Expanse SAN SSD

    Not much info in terms of specs but it has to be a somewhat newer NVMe spec at this capacity. Just at a price per GB standpoint, it's not bad at all. WP Expanse 7.68TB eNAND 512e PCIe Gen3 x4 NVMe U.2 2.5-inch SSD | ECC PLP 1DWPD | Enterprise Data Center SAN Solid State Drive - WECP5S310768S...