1. L

    Gone - Like New - Samsung PM1643 1.92TB SAS3

    Hi everyone, selling a Samsung PM1643 1.92TB SAS3 The SSD has not even 17 power on hours and 1.69TB written. Cause for the writes was a reformat to 4k sectors (the drive's native) from the shipped 512e Otherwise the SSD has not seen any real operations; the SSD was bought as a read cache for a...
  2. A

    Seagate Nytro 5000 1920GB@$200 These are datacenter-grade 22110 nvme with power loss protection. Why are they so cheap, where's the catch?
  3. L

    Intel P5500/P5600 availability?

    Anyone know when the Intel P5500/P5600 SSDs will be available? The June 18th press release announcing these parts said they are "available today". However, I haven't seen them anywhere yet and the entries for these products still don't show the orderable part numbers for any of...
  4. gb00s

    EU CLOSED - WTB: Looking for 1x 3.2TB+ or 2x 1.6+TB PCIe NVMe/SSD - Price max 350EUR

    I bought a brand new SanDisk ioMemory 3.2TB SX350 on eBay recently for less than 350EUR and had the chance to work with and test it for some time now as storage for VM's and databases. I'm totally happy, if not super happy, with the performance and how it works out in Proxmox and I'm therefore...
  5. BoredSysadmin

    RDMA(RoCE v2) with Nutanix 7-8 nodes Cluster

    Hello, I am seeking advice or consensus if we should try to engineer our Nutanix cluster with RDMA. It stands now the nodes are fairly beefy: Each node is 2x 6226R and 1.5TB ram each,12x3.84TB SAS12 SSDs (no NVME drives). The load is a mixed server load, various biz apps, SQL databases, some...
  6. MrCalvin

    Power-Loss-protected cache size on SSD: Yes, finally someone reveals the size (Kingston)

    Beside the obvious reason of PLP it should also help synchronous I/O performance e.g. SQL (and all ESX guest writes I believe!), as when data are written to the quick PLP protected disk-cache the disk rightfully can report back that the data IS written to the disk and the system can move on. But...
  7. Z

    FS: 12TB HGST SATA (cold spare) + Bonus

    Selling a (cold spare) drive that has been sitting on the shelf for going on 1 year. We are moving to larger 16TB drives, so my raid is being set to our test environment. (Might post the old old raid 4-8TB drives soon or the whole ESXi server). The drive was used in the original setup and may...
  8. R

    Intel SSD, Change or Convert Read Intensive to Mixed Use

    Hi, Is there any solution to change or convert Intel SSD DC S3510 1.6TB working mode from "Read Intensive" to "Mixed Use"? I have some of these drives and I need to use them on "Mixed Use" mode thanks
  9. A

    How can I check SSD's TBW in ESXi?

    I have an SSD mounted in an Dell Optiplex Micro running ESXi 6.7.0 with an Ubuntu VM. I just use a single SSD. I'd like to check the TBW of this SSD but the last mention I can find to do this in ESXi was in 2016. A tool on that is no longer supported. I can't check SMART from Ubuntu...
  10. E

    [FS] Samsung 970 Evo 2Tb (3 pieces), light use, perfect condition with EKWB heatsink

    Hi everyone, Due to some of my Towers (T430, T630) not having PCIe bifurcation, my plan to use dual M.2 PCIe cards went bust and I had to look for alternatives. I've now successfully converted over to HGST PCIe SSDs and I'm selling the original SSDs because I no longer need them. Here's what is...
  11. Bjorn Smith


    Hi, I am considering buying a couple of these (1TB) But am unsure on whether or not its too old tech to be of any...
  12. Bjorn Smith

    VRTX compatible HDD/SSD

    Hi, I just recently acquired a Dell VRTX with a combination of 2xM620 & 2xM630. I am having trouble getting any SSD that i put into the chassis to work. They all come up as "Blocked". VRTX and controller is fully updated. I have tried a Intel DC S4600 - Non dell version Intel X-25 (old I...
  13. V

    SSD Recomendations - 24 Bay DIY Storage

    Hi Guys, Any input would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to build out a storage server using a Supermicro 2U 24 Bay Chassis (SAS3 12Gbps Backplane) connected to 3 x HBA cards ( AOC-S3008L-L8e ) to provide iSCSI storage to either proxmox or hyper-v over 10Gbps ethernet. I would like to...
  14. A

    NetApp PX02SMF080 Toshiba 800GB 12Gbps

    What do you know about NetApp drives? Are they formatted with some custom formats? Will they be useable in my SuperMicro chassis? NetApp PX02SMF080 Toshiba 800GB 12Gbps 2.5'' eMLC SAS ENT SSD | eBay
  15. F

    Looking for help Ultrastar SSD800MM SAS drive

    I came across an Ultrastar SSD800MM SAS SSD drive manufactured in March 2015. I've tried a few times but I cannot get any of my SAS controllers to find the drive. In each case there appears to be absolutely no indication that the drive is connected to the controllers. Other drives show-up just...
  16. N

    LSI 9207-8i, Expander and 24 SSDs (Beginner Confusion)

    I have an LSI 9207-8i card (2 ports) connected to an expander (Supermicro SAS-216EL, 3 ports) via a single mini-SAS cable, which is connected to a 24-drive backplane (Supermicro BPN-SAS-216EB, able to hold a 2nd expander). There should eventually be 24 SATA3 SSDs connected to this backplane...
  17. A

    Looking for advice on 4TB NVME SSDs for workstation use.

    Hello all, I was wondering if I could get some suggestions/recommendations on some 4tb NVME SSDs. I'm a graphic designer by trade and plan on using my computer for profession/business use. I often deal with very large file sizes and intensive workloads, so I need something that is realible and...
  18. A

    Synology + Hynix SSD compatibility?

    This Hynix SSD Anyone running them in a Synology NAS?
  19. I

    WTB sas3 ssd's (fourth lot),

    we received our second batch of seagate nytro 3130 (3.8TB ) and we need more space for our growing ceph cluster:) and waiting for third lot (from STH member), WTB sas3 ssd 2.5: looking for a large batch of ssds (in split in chunks of 10-20 each to reduce risk ) requirements: performance...
  20. O

    Canada [ebay] LQD3000 AIC with 6.4TB SSD (4x1.6TB) 599 CAD

    Toshiba 6.4TB NVMe PCIe SSD HH-HL ( 4 x 1.6TB NVMe SSD inside ) | eBay Site: PCIe SSD Storage — LQD3000 AIC PCIe SSD | Liqid, Inc. Specs: Level1Techs...