1. H

    Thoughts on Using Consumer SLC SSD for NAS

    First Post! Okay, here it goes. I'm going to start moving regularly for my job so I sold my rack and got a VRTX to consolidate my lab into "mobile" infrastructure. Since moving involves a lot of vibration I wanted to stick to an SSD build only... but SSDs are expensive. A consumer SLC SSD runs...
  2. L

    Analysis paralysis: Help me pick out my first enterprise-grade drives for my homelab hypervisor

    I currently run Proxmox on a DeskMini H470 with an i5-10400 and 64GB DDR4 (non-ECC). I have about a dozen VMs/CTs running, with one of the VMs running about 25 Docker containers. The Proxmox box hovers around 5% CPU usage and 60% RAM usage. Proxmox is installed on a Samsung 970 Pro 512GB NVMe...
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  4. L

    EU [FS] SAS SATA NVMe SSDs, Servers, FC storages Promise VTRAK , Drobo

    Selling out my lab. Even thougn Apple XSAN died long ago until now I used it successfully with this setup. HPE SAS 12G 15.36TB(aka Samsung PM1643) 6x 1500€ have HPE caddies, firmware HPD8, 512B Huawei SAS 12G 7.68TB 12x 700€ 512B Samsung SATA 6G 845DC PRO 8x 150€ 10TBW 5Y Dell SATA 6G...
  5. bilbo1337

    $699.99 for 7.68TB ($91/TB) U.2 2.5" NVMe Water Panther Expanse SAN SSD

    Not much info in terms of specs but it has to be a somewhat newer NVMe spec at this capacity. Just at a price per GB standpoint, it's not bad at all. WP Expanse 7.68TB eNAND 512e PCIe Gen3 x4 NVMe U.2 2.5-inch SSD | ECC PLP 1DWPD | Enterprise Data Center SAN Solid State Drive - WECP5S310768S...
  6. J

    Violin Velocity PCI-E 4x 1.37TB Drivers?

    Hi All, I have just purchased a Violin Velocity PCI-E solid state drive as pictured below. The only Issue with this is that it seems to be a short term product or press sample that requires secret sauce drivers to run. Does anyone have these drivers/would be willing to share them? Does...
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  8. B

    Server not recognizing SSD

    Hey all, I have a server that I purchased from here It is a SuperMicro 230900-1U-X9DRI-LN4F+1.1-4BLTQ-1PS The BIOS shows up as Supermicro x9DRi-LN4+/X9DR3-LN4+ I recently picked up a Samsung 870 EVO 4TB SSD to pop in it for my esxi server, however the...
  9. E

    From spinners to SSD

    Hi Folks. I have a SQL Server database running on a virtualized Windows Server 2012 R2 (VMware ESXi). I have a task from Accountancy to boost the performance of the database. The database has about 70GB and the RAM allocated is about 90GB. The virtual machine is spinning on SAS Disks 10k -...
  10. S

    WTS: All Sold Please Delete

    All sold.
  11. M

    NVMe options for homelab

    So I recently acquired a new server for my lab, now I'm debating on storage options. I'm looking for around 2TB, also nothing mission critical is planned on this machine, hence a single SSD would be enough for now. Since price difference between SATA and NVME is negligible and SAS (12G) is...
  12. bryan_v

    HighPoint SSD7540 PCIe 4.0 x16 8-Port M.2 NVMe Card - Thoughts?

    Trying to purchase a single HoneyBadger from Liqid is like pulling teeth, and now Highpoint has released an 8-port PCIe4 M.2 Card through normal channels. Has anyone tried out this card, and/or compared it to the HoneyBadger LQD4500? The Liqid devs said they modified the Switch firmware code...
  13. T

    Questions About SanDisk Fusion IoScale 3.2TB PCIe SSD (F11-002-3T20-CS-0001)

    As the title suggests, I have a few questions about the Fusion IoScale 3.2TB SSD: Is this device supported in ESXi 6.5u3 and/or 6.7u3 ? Will this device work without installing additional drivers ? If not, where should I go to download the required drivers ? What level of performance should I...
  14. J

    (FS) High-End SSD Motherload! Latest Optane, NVME HW Raid, All PCI Gen4.

    I have the following drives/controllers for sale. All are either new/open box or just used for some benchmarking tests. Paypal and US only. I will pay fedex expedited shipping. Everything is in excellent condition and I will gladly accept returns if needed. All items include best offer as...
  15. B

    DirectFlash Module U.2 Pure Storage

    Dear all, is DFM (DirectFlash Module) from Pure Storage with interface U.2 can be detect or opened with Mini SAS HD to U.2? I wish this DFM can be used on my PC as Flash Storage NVMe heuheuheu... Regards, Irfan
  16. S

    MDADM RAID6 - unstable behavior

    Hello, I have a big fat server with 22 * 15.36TB Micron 9300 Pro SSDs connected directly to the motherboard via PCIe lines. I have setup a RAID6 configuration without any write caching, getting an array of about 307,2 TB. On top of the array I have a big fat MySQL instance and what I have...
  17. C

    Help me find a NAS, 10gbps/SSDs

    Hello, I am tasked with upgrading the storage for our marketing department, they work with a lot of Adobe software and their files can become pretty big 10GB+ Currently they are working of a Synology NAS with 4x WD RED Pro 4TB in BTRFS, SHR-1, they are only using about 450GB now (most data is...
  18. B

    [FS][US-KS/MO] 4x Seagate Nytro 1351 3.84TB SATA SSDs read-intense enterprise class - lightly used - PENDING

    I have 4 of my original batch of 8 server SSDs left after changing out to SAS recently. These are Seagate Nytro 1351 3.84TB SATA SSD parts. MPN: XA3840LE10063 More details at All of...
  19. W

    HPE Samsung PM1725B NVME U.2 3.2TB - $540 OBO

    Great pricing for a datacenter grade U.2 NVME drive, especially considering the recent rise in prices. Offered $470 for 2, accepted. Edit: Some more details, these were manufactured Mar. 2020 - they may still be in warranty but I wouldn't count on it. Samsung rates these...
  20. W

    Firmware for HPE Samsung PM1725B

    I just got my PM1725B and was looking around for updates. Does anyone know if there are there any HPE firmware updates? The HPE part number is P09770-003 and model number is MZ-WLL3T2B. From what I can see, HPK2 is the most recent firmware - can anyone confirm this? Thanks for the help.