EU [WTS] (SOLD) 10x Intel Optane SSD DC P5800x 400gb U.2 - NEW

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Jul 21, 2020
Hello everyone,

I'm long time lurker but first time poster on sales forum.

I was able to buy some NEW HP branded Intel Optane SSD DC P5800x 400gb U.2 NVMe disk for my homelab but unfortunately I won't benefit from them in my use case.
They spent one day inside my server and have 1-2tb read/write just for testing.
The original HP G9/10 caddy comes for free

The seller also has NEW HP branded PM1733a U.3 1.92TB MZ-WLR1T9B NVMe, Dell branded DC P4510 4TB NVMe to sell (same condition as P5800x). I can assist for buying min 10 pieces for € 300 each. Just send me a PM

HP Part No P52106-001 HP G9-G10 400-GB 2.5 NVMe
PCI Vendor ID0x8086
PCI Vendor Subsystem ID0x1590
Number of Namespaces128

After consulting with Rand__ and gb00s for pricing I came up with the following:

Asking (without shipping cost):
  • 1 piece - 600
  • 2 pieces - 575
  • 5 pieces - 530
  • 10 pieces - 480
Shipping: from/within EU
: PayPal

note: This is a private sale


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Oct 25, 2017
Can these be upgraded with the latest Intel firmware? If not, do they support NVMe Namespaces on the existing firmware?