Help with Finding Correct Firmware Updates for HGST/HP-Rebranded SAS2 SSDs?

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John T Davis

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Nov 19, 2022

I've got several HGST Ultrastar HUSMM1616ASS200/HUSMM1616ASS204 that I bought as a bundle. I thought they were identical (except for the minor difference in encryption bits (the 4 vs 0), which I don't care about ... yet).

However, they fall into two groups:
  1. EMC Branding: These show up on my computer as "HGST" disks, with the HGST part number HUSMM1616ASS200.
  2. HP Branding: These show up with the HP model number M01600JEFPC.
Question: How do I get the latest version of the HP and HGST firmware and the tool(s) to flash it on to these drives? My understanding is that trying to flash regular HGST firmware onto HP OEM drives or vice versa would be an ... unwise ... idea?
  1. I'm aware I likely need management software called "HGST Hugo," but not how to find it from a reputable source. I've found a few links to random FTP servers, but ... um ... I have concerns. ;)
  2. I have no idea if I need separate management software for the HP-branded disks.
  3. I've been unable to source actual firmware files at all, except, again, for a couple of random FTP sites with giant zip files that ... do not fill me with confidence.

I should note that they're all working (even though the power lights don't stay lit on the HP drives when they're in my Supermicro backplane or the IcyDock), but I'm aware that the latest firmware can optimize power usage/data integrity/etc.

Mostly, I'm really hoping that I can do something with the HP drives' firmware to get the power lights working. I re-wired what I think was an actually working power cable setup twice before I realized they were turning on and just not staying lit. I'd also like to do a health check (one of them gives odd results in MegaRAID Manager, but smartctl thinks it's fine) and, if possible, change the logical sector size to 4K.

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