1. AveryFreeman

    Linux accesses OmniOS share as appropriate domain user, Windows does not?!

    Hi [edit: I 'solved' this, it's not solved but it's working again - the secondary domain controller was turned off. However, that doesn't account for why the primary domain controller can't authenticate users properly by itself] I've got the weirdest issue that just cropped up and I have no...
  2. AveryFreeman

    OmniOS: New smbclient test package - how to run?

    Hey, was just reading over the release notes for OmniOS 151030: omniosorg/omnios-build and saw this package: system/test/smbclient New 0.5.11 I installed it, but I can't figure out how it's invoked, does anybody know? Thanks :)
  3. C

    napp-it snaps

    Hi all, Does anyone know how to set up snapshots ala Timeslider on Solaris 11.4 using napp-it? I set up several recurring snapshots on our main filesystem under Jobs/Snaps and enabled the Auto service. This filesystem has two nested filesystems, each are shared via the CIFS service. Several...
  4. C

    Windows SMB performance issues

    Hi all, We recently set up a Solaris 11.4 server based on the following hardware; SuperMicro SSG-6049P-E1CR45L 2x XEON Silver 4114 10 Core 2.2GHz (LSI 3008 IT mode) 512GB DDR4-2666 ECC RAM 2 x Intel S4600 240GB 2 x Intel Optane 905P 480GB U.2 24 x HGST 10TB SAS 2 x Intel X540T2 10Gbe NIC Our...
  5. L

    Slow SMB Read Speed, Fast Write | ZFS on Linux | Ubuntu 18.10

    Hello Guys, I got some strange problems with a new ZFS-Setup and SMB-Share: when copying files from a client machine to the server, I see around 400 - 500 MB/s transfer speeds. If I copy the same file from the server to the client, I only reach 150 MB/s. That seems way too low... On the...
  6. J

    Can't use emoji in file names on SMB

    OmniOS v11 r151026r napp-it 18.01c free When I try to copy a file with emoji in the name I get the error on Windows. I can copy the file using winscp and the file get copied with out a problem. In terminal I can view all the files but viewing the smb share on windows does not display the file...
  7. M

    Poor network speed on WS2016

    hello, my server has very poor networking speed when copieng files from a SMB share on the server to a client. The operating system is a freshly installed Windows Server 2016. The server uses a I350 T4 NIC and has two I210/I217 LM NICs onboard. The client runs on Windows 10 and has 2 I210 NICs...
  8. C

    Can the S3 disk be read/write?

    Hi I think it is great that there is an S3 target in FreeNAS. It's a Minio server as we know it. I configured the S3 service using /mnt/pool1/folder1 as disk. This is where I can create buckets and upload files from the Minio browser port 9000. Then I shared the /mnt/pool1/folder1 (which the...
  9. S

    OmniOS and SMBv1?

    Hi We are currently evaluating a storage appliance built on OmniOS v11 r151020 and can't join it to our Active Directory Domain with Windows Server 2016 Domain Controllers with SMBv1 disabled. We have done a lot of troubleshooting and always end up with the following errors: smbd[3792]: [ID...
  10. N

    Debug logs for SMB service?

    Hi, anyone knows where or how I can get debug logs for the built in SMB service in OmniOS? The share is set up via Napp-IT. I have issues with not being allowed to overwrite some files (from OS X). It just happens once in a while, and as far as I can see the files have the correct permissions...
  11. Z

    Software Basics of SMB Multichannel and Samba 4.6.x

    I am having a very difficult time finding examples and the Samba documentation seems to be out of date or I'm not finding what I need. I do not have any question related to hardware I am fully aware of the hardware requirements my focus is on software only please. My current setup is on RHEL...
  12. TheBloke

    Diskless Windows 10 workstation booted from NAS - possible? iSCSI? SMB?

    Hi all I'm in the process of a major upgrade to my home NAS. The server runs Solaris 11.3, with hardware of: 2 x 2.93GHz hex-core LGA1366 CPUs, 72GB RAM (considering upgrading to 120GB) and 32 ports of LSI 6GB SAS/SATA (2 x 2008, 2 x 2308). I currently have 27 x 2TB 7.2k SATA drives...
  13. K

    Need help with slow samba file copy speeds

    I have low windows-to-linux samba file copy speeds and I can't figure out why. I have 2 machines that I can dual boot windows and linux. Windows-to-Windows file copy has no problem maxing out gigabit ethernet at 110+ MB/s. But when I reboot one machine into linux, it can barely hit 60-65 MB/s...
  14. P

    Napp-it Issue with multiple Active Directory

    I have a setup where there are 4 remote sites and a primary site. Each have their own Windows 2012 server running DNS and AD. The networks are meshed so everybody can see everybody. Recently I have been replacing our old servers with new ones with similar setup. Everybody has the same hardware...
  15. N

    Always lowercase SMB sharename? [Napp-It – OmniOS v11 r151018]

    Hi all (and mostly @gea), I have a question regarding share names. How come the SMB share is lower case? Even if the directory is named "This Is A Directory" the share becomes "this is a directory". Is it possible to get it to respect the way it is named? Thanks! :)