Linux accesses OmniOS share as appropriate domain user, Windows does not?!


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Mar 17, 2017
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[edit: I 'solved' this, it's not solved but it's working again - the secondary domain controller was turned off. However, that doesn't account for why the primary domain controller can't authenticate users properly by itself]

I've got the weirdest issue that just cropped up and I have no idea why. It's really pissing me off because I need write access to my files on my Windows desktop

I have 2012r2 domain with IDMU. Usually my ID shows 10000/10001 across all my machines. Example:


Here's an example of a Linux computer connected to the same domain:


Now when my Windows desktop logs on to the domain it is showing a different ID. Example:


I can write to the share directly while in git bash:


That's fine, but I can't save any files in VS Code:


Can't set permissions to 777:


Settings permissions in OmniOS makes no difference:


Still looks like this:


It is so weird, but it's preventing me from doing my work (!) So frustrated...

Does anyone have any idea why my share is acting like this? It's never been a problem in the past.


So thankfully it was easy to get it working again, I hadn't noticed my secondary domain controller was turned off. I had been trying to leave and re-join the domain in OmniOS and it wasn't working until I realized the secondary DC was off. Once I turned it on it started working again.

It doesn't really make any sense given the secondary DC replicates the primary. Has anyone ever seen this before? Totally bizarre.

Moreover, I have to fix it because the whole reason for running two DCs is so if one dies or needs to be taken down the AD infrastructure still works.
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