Can the S3 disk be read/write?

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    I think it is great that there is an S3 target in FreeNAS. It's a Minio server as we know it.

    I configured the S3 service using /mnt/pool1/folder1 as disk. This is where I can create buckets and upload files from the Minio browser port 9000.

    Then I shared the /mnt/pool1/folder1 (which the active S3 disk) via SMB to a Windows client. I can map the SMB share (which is the S3 disk) to a network drive, and I can see the buckets and the files/folders I have uploaded earlier via the browser client. Unfortunately, all the files/folders are *READ-ONLY*. From the mapped drive, I also CANNOT create any new files/folders.

    I have checked that the dataset /mnt/pool1/folder1's owner/group changed to minio/minio after I created the S3 disk with the path. I changed the owner/group to the /mnt/pool1/folder1 dataset but then the Minio browser cannot create the buckets or allow upload of files/folders, but the NAS on Windows worked

    I can't get the both worlds where I can create buckets or upload files via the browser, and I can also edit the files/folders uploaded.

    Anyone encountered this issue? Looking for good pointers to fix this issue. Thanks in advance

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