1. M

    Supermicro H12SSL and SAS storage options

    Hi all Let me start out be saying that this is my first server build and I'm pretty overwhelmed by the storage options available on these boards. I guess I'm more of a software guy and could use some help. :) I'm building an AMD EPYC server for homelab use. It'll be running Proxmox so its...
  2. L

    EU [UK] FS: Supermicro SC836 SuperQuiet Server / X9SCL+-F / 32GB DDR3 ECC [SOLD]

    Looking to get rid of this soon as. This is pretty much a perfect FreeNAS file server and has been serving as such reliably in my homelab. Consists of a SC836 case from circa 2008 or so which had everything overhauled a few years back with 4 PIN PWM SuperQuiet fans (FAN-0104L4), a SuperQuiet...
  3. A

    HGST Niagara v4.3

    Anyone on the boards that knows how to use this software? Looking to change SAS speeds on some SAS3 SSDs. Your help will be much appreciated!! I will send you some beer $$
  4. D

    Internal RAID card for Freenas, 8-ports

    I have an LSI 9211-8i. I just added another (8)-bay SAS internal cage to my HP DL380 G7. The upgraded internal bay requires (2) more SAS ports. The 9211-8i only has 2 ports. I went through some trouble when I set it up originally 1 or 2 other SAS cards did not play nice with Freenas, and...
  5. G

    [FS] [USA-TX-AUSTIN] Supermicro X9DRi-F, dual Xeon E5-2670 V2, 32GB (4X8GB) ECC SAMSUNG 2Rx4 PC3-10600R

    This was originally posted at r/homelabsales but also posting here I have a Supermicro X9DRi-F board, dual E5-2670 V2's and 32GB RAM for sale. Everything is in good, working condition....just need to clear out excess parts. The board comes with SAS breakout cables, IO shield and one SATA cable...
  6. gb00s

    EU CLOSED - WTB: Looking for 1x 3.2TB+ or 2x 1.6+TB PCIe NVMe/SSD - Price max 350EUR

    I bought a brand new SanDisk ioMemory 3.2TB SX350 on eBay recently for less than 350EUR and had the chance to work with and test it for some time now as storage for VM's and databases. I'm totally happy, if not super happy, with the performance and how it works out in Proxmox and I'm therefore...
  7. S

    HGST 7K4000 HUS724030ALS640 3TB SAS shows errors in Linux

    I am a servethehome noob. I read posts all the time, but have rarely posted before. My setup: SGI Rackable SE3016 bought May-2016 LSI SAS 9200-8e HBA bought May-2016 Brand new SuperMicro CSE-836E16-R92JBD with BPN-SAS2-836EL1 backplane bought May-2020 I have 7 (SATA) disks in my SGI Rackables...
  8. A

    New harddrives for H700 (Dell R710)

    Hi, so I bought an R710 a while back, and for some reason the drives were not recognised by the raid controller. Initially I had an M1015, but swapped it out for an H700 when the drives didn't work. (The seller thought the H700 would work with the drives). The drives are 4Kn (HP...
  9. Bjorn Smith


    Hi, I am considering buying a couple of these (1TB) But am unsure on whether or not its too old tech to be of any...
  10. Sleyk

    The Versatile SAS3008 Chipset: My Vendor Crossflashing Adventures

    Refresher/Primer (You can skip this and go further below for the meat of the stuff if you already know all of this!) To begin, let’s talk about some definitions and applicable terms. This is not meant to be PERFECT. It is only meant to give a basic level of understanding (explained in a very...
  11. D

    new to sas, help requested

    I recently bought a used CSE-826 that came with a BPN-SAS2-826EL1. I have a X11sch-F motherboard in the case, running proxmox, using ZFS on a NVME drive. What do I need to get the front drives going? I would like to start just using this box as a burn-in/test harddrive test station. In other...
  12. F

    Looking for help Ultrastar SSD800MM SAS drive

    I came across an Ultrastar SSD800MM SAS SSD drive manufactured in March 2015. I've tried a few times but I cannot get any of my SAS controllers to find the drive. In each case there appears to be absolutely no indication that the drive is connected to the controllers. Other drives show-up just...
  13. C

    How to update the firmware for IBM SATA&SAS drives

    Hi, I've been googling this question for a few hours now...and just can't seem to find a straightforward answer. I have several IBM branded drives... I believe they're all Seagates... ST3000NM0033 - SATA ST4000NM0033 x 2 - SATA ST6000NM0014 - SAS All running on a Supermicro server. Does...
  14. L

    SAS HDD-s won't spin up

    Hy! I bought this cable and i connected to my Supermicro X9DRi-LN4F+ SFF8087 port. I plugged the cable other end to the HDD-s and they won't spin up. I tried to cover PIN3 on the hdd, still the same...
  15. Sleyk

    Seagate ST91000640SS 1TB 2.5" 6Gbps SAS Drives

    Alrighty fellas, Time for another deal. This one is not as big as the 6TB deal, its definitely smaller, and not as hot, but I negotiated the seller down :.) This is for 1TB 2.5 SAS drives: Seagate model number ST91000640SS. Can be used for Dell servers like the R710/R720/R720xd etc. Seller...
  16. Z

    Finishing New Server Build : Time for SAS HBA IT mode card

    Hi, I'm in the process of finishing a new server build for proxmox virtualization. The system is running memtest to check if I'm safe with those memory sticks, and so far so good, finishing 7th pass with 0 errors so far. At the moment, my new server build goes like this: - motherboard...
  17. Sleyk

    Seagate ST6000NM0074 6TB 7.2k 12Gb/s SAS SED Internal Hard Drive HOT DEAL!

    Alrighty fellas. I got a treat for you my peeps. However, this is only if you have the use case/need. Please read this whole before you do anything. So I normally browse through eBay looking for cheap deals on the things I want, and after a while, this gets boring. Or...
  18. R

    SAS Expander

    Hey guys, I'm in the process of upgrading my server (mostly runs PLEX & additional related services). I just picked up an LSI 9211 8i HBA which is running the 8 drives I currently have perfectly. I have it all in a coolermaster trooper case and don't plan to replace it (so no backplane with...
  19. C

    Which SAS3 drives to avoid for connecting to a SAS2 controller and backplane?

    For an older server (sandy/ivy generation) that has a SAS2 backplane I've added a LSI2008-based card (flashed to IT-mode), but procuring drives from that era is getting harder. There are plenty of SAS3 drives available though, new and used. So the question is: which SAS3 drives are to be...
  20. M

    500GB SAS SSD is only 200GB

    Its a Toshiba PX05SRB050 listed in spec sheet with 500GB, but the divice size is only 200GB. Any idea how to resize it back to the maximum of 500GB?