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    SAS, SATA, U.2, NVME, MiniSAS, HBA or RAID, OcuLink?? - Lost in Diversity

    So, I think I need to ask you all for some help because being an old-timer from the 2010's and now looking to enhance my storage and disk systems... I am bedazzled by the enormous amount of various options currently available... in such a variety it makes SCSI standards look like a walk in the...
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    Adding 12gb/s SAS and Drive Cage to an Older Quanta Server

    This isn't really a 'guide' but more 'how I did it.' Hardware: For starters, I'm working on a Quanta S210-X22RQ 2U LGA2011 (some fellow strugglers). Mine came with 2 SAS controllers, the LSI MegaRAID SAS 9261-8i 6gb/s for the front bays and LSI 2008 mezzanine 6gb/s (DA0S2GTH8B0) (no battery) I...
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    SOLD [FS] [US-MN] 3.84TB SAS (6gbps) SSD 95%+ Endurance Remaining / HP 3PAR Drives

    SOLD I originally bought 19 of these, but only needed 11, so if anyone wants to buy the last 8 off of me I'm putting them up for sale here. Sale is through paypal invoice unless you are local to MN (55330) and want to do cash with discount. SMART data and pictures below. I have low level...
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    Dell T620 12 LFF Backplane Signal Cable Pinout

    Howdo, First of all, yes, I'm a massive sucker for punishment so remember that and bare with me I got an amazing deal on a Dell T620 recently from a scrap merchant of all places. It has a 12 bay 3.5" SAS setup that came full of 600GB SAS drives (two failed), single Xeon cpu but the 8 core...
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    Proxmox Setup in Dell R610

    Hi All I have three Dell R610 Servers with me and was thinking of setting up a home lab with Proxmox. These servers come with Perc 6i RAID controllers and I understand that there is no way for me to configure the drives as JBOD for Ceph Storage. I am looking at replacing the Perc 6i with SAS...
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    [Help Request] LSI 9211-8i Sas Card

    I have a LSI 9211-8i sas card, only one port seems to work out of the two. I tested the cables and the drives and there does not seem to be an issue there. I am not too familiar with SAS cards and I am hoping someone here may know the command or way to check to see if that port has been TURN off...
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    Canada FOUND - WTB: 4Tb 3.5" SAS 6Gbs Drives

    Looking for the above, qty 6 or more would be best depending on mileage and price. In Canada so if anyone has any available please contact.
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    SAS controller for LTFS in Windows 10

    Hi, i have a windows 10 pc with DELL perc H200 and an IBM Lto6 drive It works but i suspect the controller is a bottleneck, i only transfer zip/tar files (quite big) but sometimes the copy slows down, and almost never exceeds 150/180 mb/s I bought an used Dell Adaptec PCI-E 12Gb SAS Controller...
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    HP Q6Q68A LTO-8 30750 MSL SAS Drive Firmware

    Hi team, anyone can share the latest (last??) HP Q6Q68A LTO-8 SAS Drive Firmware? More specifically "LTO_30750_SAS_P381_MSL.frm" Thanks! PS: This is a good reason to move away from HPE to others like IBM => HPE paywalls firmware while others remain open
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    [FS] SAS SSDs 1.6TB, DDR3, DDR2

    SAS SSDs 12x 1.6TB - Micron S630DC-1600 - $120 12x 800GB - Micron S630DC-800 - $80 SMART: endurance (Used) 5%-7% Mfg date: mid 2016 PowerOn: 6 years Will figure out shipping as we go PM me if you are interested Bunch of DDR3, DDR2 from $5 to $10 a piece 128GB+ Samsung 16GB DIMMs RAM...
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    ESXI TrueNAS Core 13 VM, at my whit's end

    Hi all, I will try to keep this brief so you don't get bored but get all the info you need in here Hardware Server: Dell T410 CPU: 2x E5-2450 v2 (8C 16T 2.5GHz) Memory: 192GB DDR3 1600 MHz (12 x 16GB) RAID Controller: Dell PERC H710P (used for VM Storage, truenas OS drive is stored...
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    SAS3008-based HBA (LSI SAS 9305-16i) and U.2 (2.5" NVME) SSD compatibility

    Hello everyone, Am I right that U.2 (2.5" NVME) SSD can NOT be connected to SAS3008-based HBA (LSI SAS 9305-16i) through any cable (for example, this one or this)? I'm fine that I don't get a full NVME speed, I just see that U.2 (2.5" NVME) SSD are cheaper than SAS SSD. Also, the only way to...
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    IBM H1110 SAS Flashing Question

    Hi, I wanted to know how can I tell the firmware version of my IBM H1110, ( IBM 81Y4494 H1110 SAS-2 6Gbps HBA LSI 9211-4i P20 IT Mode ) I believe it is in IT mode per the seller on ebay and I wanted to make sure it is flashed correctly. I am very new to the SAS controller world but...
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    AU WTB: SAS2 4tb+ 2.5" SSDs - no rush though

    My array has now hit 50% capacity so I'm starting to look for the next set of drives to add into it. I have 6 bays that can take SAS 12Gbs drives, so if you have drives over 4TB you're looking to rehome hit me up. I don't really have any particular models in mind, will briefly research any that...
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    Backplane with 4x SFF-8643 how to connect?

    Considering a 3U case that has a backplane for SAS/SATA that comes with 4x SFF-8643 connectors on it. 16 ports total. Going to use SAS drives that are 12gbps. Planning on connecting it to a raid card but for the life of me can't tell what kind of cables I need. Haven't figured out the raid...
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    EU [FS] SAS SATA NVMe SSDs, Servers, FC storages Promise VTRAK , Drobo

    Selling out my lab. Even thougn Apple XSAN died long ago until now I used it successfully with this setup. HPE SAS 12G 15.36TB(aka Samsung PM1643) 6x 1500€ have HPE caddies, firmware HPD8, 512B Huawei SAS 12G 7.68TB 12x 700€ 512B Samsung SATA 6G 845DC PRO 8x 150€ 10TBW 5Y Dell SATA 6G...
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    Which SAS Controller should I buy

    Right now I’m trying to erase 2 SAS drives but I came to the problem that I can’t just use a adaptor from SATA to SAS and plug it into my pc. So now I’m trying to find a SAS controller so I can plug it in to my pc and erase them. I’m new to server so I don’t know what type of controller I need...
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    HBA newbie here with an LSI card and have a couple of basic questions (6pin power/verifying genuine card)

    Just bought a lsi 9300-16i. Price seemed pretty cheap for this and I want to make sure I've got a genuine card. I've read that people verify their serial numbers with LSI to make sure they didn't buy a "counterfeit". Has anybody here done that? If so, could you be kind to point me in the...
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    Question on SuperMicro H11SSW-iN and BPN-SAS3-826EL1 expander

    here's the question, and maybe it's obvious to some of you. i've got a 2U SuperMicro server with their SAS3 expander built-in. i installed an old stinky H11SSW-iN from ebay on it. (if you sold it to me, thanks!). no matter how I connect the cables, the motherboard (running a stinky old 7551P)...
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    Need SAS HBA/Raid Controller Recommendation

    I need to connect 4 SED Ultrastar HC550 hard drives somehow, but I don't know what to look for other than low price and number of ports. The drives are less than 285 MB/s each, so I doubt there would be bandwidth limitations. Does the HBA affect use of TCG Enterprise encryption? I was looking at...