Which SAS Controller should I buy

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Aug 2, 2022
Right now I’m trying to erase 2 SAS drives but I came to the problem that I can’t just use a adaptor from SATA to SAS and plug it into my pc. So now I’m trying to find a SAS controller so I can plug it in to my pc and erase them. I’m new to server so I don’t know what type of controller I need. also the cable u need?

the drives I’m trying to erase are 2
Dell ST300MM0078

also the cable u need?


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Jul 7, 2016
If you want the SAS drives to just appear as individual drives, you'll want an HBA SAS controller. If you want to use them in a hardware RAID array, you'll need a RAID SAS controller.

If you want an HBA SAS controller, watch this video for a comparison of options:

If you need SAS/SATA cables to go with the HBA card, watch SAS cable guide video here:

Hope that helps!