1. M

    1x P3600/3700 or 4x S3500 for VM Storage

    Hi, After swapping out my data storage disks, I'm swapping out my VM storage for something quicker. Currently debating between: 480GB Dell S3500 for ~ $200 (Intel lists warranty till 2019) Samsung PM853T 960GB ~$330 ( can't find the warranty check tool lol) Intel DC P3605 1.6TB $850,- (no...
  2. M

    Tower to Rack Conversion recommendations

    Hello, I'm a new member here... but man oh man... this forum increases my expenses.. i keep buying stuff xD So my current server exists of: 2x E5-2650v3 128GB DDR4 ECC Registered Ram (2133Mhz) Windows 2012 R2 Datacenter 64bit (Being a student gives nice discounts) | Hyper-V 6x WD Red 3TB...
  3. altano

    Hyper-V and CPU Power Management

    Hey All, I have a dual E3-2670 v1 machine at home on a SuperMicro X9DRD-if. It is a file server, video transcoder, and also hosts the VM I do most of my work on (I work at home). It's running Windows Server 2012 R2. The VM is currently configured to use 16 virtual CPUs and I recently noticed...
  4. C

    Windows 10 Insider Build - Crash on RDP

    After my hard drive died on my workstation at work I took the opportunity to install Windows 10 to an Intel S3500 80GB. I also installed the Hyper-V role. Everything works fine until I enable the Insider builds. I first tried to Fast Ring and it goes into a reboot loop after I RDP into the...
  5. T

    Hyper-V replication server precent from cryptolocker virus

    Hello, In my company we use Hyper-V failover cluster (4 HP servers). All servers are in domain. Also we use additional replication server (domain). Replicating all VM`s. At nowadays cryptolocker virus is very dangerous, so its possible to have replication server not in domain ? I mean all...
  6. A

    Hyper-V does not start after losing additional VHD

    Hello everybody, I seem to be having trouble starting a virtual computer in Hyper-V after losing/renaming an additional drive added to the virtual System. How can I set it up in order to still boot even when the additional VHD is removed or renamed? Any help is greately appreciated.
  7. J

    Windows 2012 product key use in virtual machine

    Dear Friends, Microsoft announced, Windows 2012 R2 product key has ability to use in one physical machine and two virtual machines. My doubt is, Is that virtual machine will be in the particular physical machine or it can be in any other machines? please share your knowledge guys. Thanks...
  8. A

    [Solved] DHCP in VM - No leases to PMs

    Hi, I am new here, so please be gentle. I have a little problem. My DHCP is not offering leases to physical machines. I hope that someone can help me work out what I am doing wrong. I have spend some time trying to get this to work, but I am a bit stumped and drained. Here is a brief and...
  9. SCCMguy

    Hyper-v SCCM lab

    Looking to build a Hyper-V workstation that could handle: a domain controller (2Gb ram) Primary site and sql server (24GB) 2 window 7 machines (2gb ram) I'm needing help on the cpu,motherboard, and ram selection. Trying to stay under $550 for the before mentioned. I'm all for buying parts from...