Canada Go Big or Go Home: 144 GB Ram, 16 threads @ 3Ghz ESXI / Hyper-V Monster Server - $445 US/ $595 Can

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Dec 2, 2015
Great Home Lab / VM Server - Dell R710 Dual X5570 (16 Threads @ 3 Ghz each! ), 144 GB Ram, $595

I would say the Dell R710 is the most compatible / supported Server available. i.e. it is supported by just about every OS (including ESXI 5-6, Windows Server OS's 2003 to 2016 and Windows Desktop OS's) out there!

Dell R710 with a 8 x 2.5" drive bay chassis configuration:

Dual Xeon X5570 cpu's (these are Quad Core with Hyper Threading and have a base speed of 2.93 Ghz and Turbo speed of 3.33 Ghz so you get 8 cores / 16 threads total !)

144 GB of Ram (with 18 x 8GB ECC dimms) .... That could be over 8 GB per vm for 16 vms !!! (i.e. at 1 thread per vm) or over 16GB per vm for 8 vm (i.e. at 2 Threads per vms)

870 Watt Power Supply

PERC6i Raid Controller and battery backup

2xPCI-E x8 and 2xPCI-E x4 slots

Onboard Ports 4xUSB (2 Front), 1xSerial, 2xVGA (1 Front), Four 1 GB Ethernet Ports

All Firmware has been updated to the most recent. It is ready to go!


all for Just $595

I can adjust Hard Drive and accessories to suit your needs.

I also have a two Hex core cpus (X5675) that could be swapped in if that interests you. (24 Threads at 3.46 Ghz!! )

This Server is very quiet and I run one just a few feet from me without issue (the fans are a little loud for a few seconds at startup but quiet right down quickly).

What is NOT included: Rails, Hard Drives and Drive Caddys, iDrac, rails, power cord, keyboard, monitor, operating system. These options and others are available but are extra.

I can offer assistance to help you get going on this if you feel intimidated by jumping into the Enterprise Hardware pool... I have worked with these quite a bit and have identified many links and resources etc.

Local pickup in London where i live but I travel to Toronto on a regular basis so pickup is available there as well (next Trip April 8-9)

Shipping is an option and is pretty reasonable considering the size and weight (ask for a quote)

Officially Supported Operating Systems:

Supported Operating Systems

Drivers, Firmware, etc. can be found here:

Support for PowerEdge R710 | Dell US

Windows Server 2016 Drivers can be found here:

Dell Driver Pack For Windows OS, v.16.12.00 Driver Details | Dell US

Dell R710 Guidebook:


Buy Sell Trade Feedback:

RedFlagDeals: 151-0-0

Heatware: 54-0-0

HardwareCanucks: 9-0-0

Ebay: 450-0-0

Look at all those shiny 8GB RDimms ....20170406_124126-m.jpg
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Mar 26, 2013
What? you can't make a trip to Vancouver? ;):):D

I am still unpacking boxes... I would love to have this... but I have other priorities...



Dec 2, 2015
I have a cousin in Victoria I may visit this summer.... I wonder what Air Canad will say when try to bring a server as a carry on bag !


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Nov 10, 2015
Forgot about the "your 2 minutes late because the line at the check-in desk was so long, but for $160 we can get you on the next flight" fee :)